5 | 9 Runs | SL: 33/0 | RR: 6.60

  • Kusal Perera18 (21b)
  • Tillakaratne Dilshan10 (9b)
  • Rubel Hossain3-0-20-0
  • Ziaur Rahman2-0-9-0

6.45pm Unfortunate news, folks, the match has been officially called off. Thanks a lot for your patience, but the rain has refused to relent in Hambantota. It's been raining consistently for almost four hours now and even if it were to stop now, there's enough damage to prevent the game from starting before the cut-off time. So Sri Lanka lead 1-0, and the series will be decided in the final game in Pallekele on March 28. Hopefully the rain stays away then. Sorry it has to end this way here, Sri Lanka had set up an exciting start in those first five overs. Do join us again in three days' time for the next match; let's just hope that's a full 50-over fixture. Thanks for tuning in, and see you again soon. Cheers.

hasanzi: "Steady drizzle in Hambantota, Lanka... Steady eye to screen in Beppu, Oita, Japan. wish a steady blow of wind could send from here to remove the steady clouds.."

6.35pm There's no reserve day for this game.

6.30pm The rain has not abated in Hambantota, prospects not too bright for a resumption. A steady drizzle, this, but it has remained steady for a while.

Abrar: "Ummm, gathering all the information on weather reports and so on, seems there will be no game for tonight at least, moments later umpires will inspect the ground and shall called off the game. what a sad news might waiting."

Russell: "What a clear sky here in Sydney today, I wish this game happening here....doesn't matter day or night."

MD MOSHARROF HOSSAIN: "It's snowing here in D.C. It's gonna be snow all day. Woke up early to watch the game and totally disapointed. just check the weather channel, It says till 10pm, Chance of rain 78% with T-storms."

6.10pm Even if the rain stops now, it might take about an hour to clear the ground. 8.39pm is the cut-off, so that's the latest we can start a 20-over game.

Prabhash Miri: "Sri Lanka do have good weather (rain) pattern around the country and there are 5-6 international cricket grounds distributed among them. May-September period is ideal for Dambulla and Hambantota but they have games in Galle and Colombo, December-February good in Colombo and Galle but they schedule games in Pallekale - Dambulla, March-April good in Pallekale and Dambulla but used Hambantota and Colombo that is how it works."

6.00pm Light rain now in Hambantota. Hard to say if it's clearing, but it's definitely subsided a fair amount.

5.40pm Slightly better news, the rain isn't as heavy as it was a short while back, but still quite steady.

roshan: "Very frustrating..! Stayed at home to watch live cricket...! Watching live rain...!"

5.25pm The rain is still reasonably heavy. No signs of stopping anytime soon.

Raisul: "The weather channel says that chances of Rain is 70% till 7 PM and 60% till 9 PM. Really frustrating..."

Karnain: "SL not badly poised for a 20 over contest. Good run rate. Dashing openers still in, Thisara Perera & Mathews to follow. Ohh I better switch in to another dream. A realistic one."

5.05pm Heavy rain lashing Hambantota, the heaviest it's been thus far today. Horrible.

4.50pm The drainage system in Hambantota is apparently very good. Just as I type, Mohammad Isam, our Bangladesh correspondent watching this game in Hambantota, says: "A massive black cloud is passing over our heads, looks horrible."

4.40pm More rain in Hambantota, remember it'll also take a while for the ground to dry up once the rain stops. Looks like we're in for a long delay. Bummer.

4.35pm The cut-off time for the game to be called off is a long way away, 8.39pm.

Niaz Morshed: "Cricket in Sri Lanka and the Weather of Sri Lanka...still a better love story than Twilight!"

4.30pm The deduction of overs would have already come into effect by now.

Johann J: "The rain in Hambanthotra is different to other parts of Sri Lanka. It does not rain much but when its rain it stays for some time. Slow and Steady."

4.10pm Sorry to say folks that the rain has got heavier now and there are people running for cover at the ground.

3.55pm Bad news still, the drizzle hasn't stopped.

Raji: "Still no talk of putting a roof on cricket grounds.. a retractable one perhaps..??"

3.40pm This is incredibly frustrating. The rain, or rather the drizzle, has returned and the tyres that were taken off the covers are now back in place.

Tehsin: "These delays are very disturbing.They take away the momentum and the real spice out of the crucial matches.

3.30pm The groundstaff are taking their positions now, very light rain.

3.20pm An update from Andrew Fernando, our Sri Lanka correspondent: "Direction the weather is coming from seems to be clearing up. Just a very light drizzle now."

Karnain: "Sangakkara stated before the match today that Kushal Perera currently having the best timing among his team mates. That's some comment considering the form Sanga is in. Seems he is correct again as often he is"

Manoj: "OMG.... hambantota is in dry area in Sri Lanka and its raining and its raining in UAE also....."

Saimon Imtiaz: "I'm glad Bangladesh dropped Abul. With the ineffectiveness of the pacers, playing an extra allrounder in the form of Mominul is the wisest move. He's our Joe Root of the future!"

3.15pm Steady rain, still. But no movement from the groundstaff. No issues with the lights today, by the way.

3.05pm More covers have been brought in. The rain hasn't really intensified, but it hasn't lessened either.

2.52pm The players are walking off the field, it's raining in Hambantota. Not heavy, but enough to get the umpires to ask the players to leave the field. There was some rain yesterday. The umpires don't want to take a chance.

Rubel Hossain to MDKJ Perera, FOUR runs, back of a length and that's been punished, moved back and thrashed it through midwicket for a boundary
Rubel Hossain to MDKJ Perera, no run, short of a good length, pushed into the off side off the back foot, calls for a run, is sent back
Rubel Hossain to MDKJ Perera, no run, short of a good length on middle, gets on the back foot and turns it towards midwicket, was Dilshan out of his crease when Nasir Hossain threw down the stumps at the non-striker's end? No, he was well in, an appeal for a run out has been turned down by the third umpire
Rubel Hossain to MDKJ Perera, no run, shortish on leg stump, tries to flick it fine, strikes him high on the pads
Rubel Hossain to MDKJ Perera, 4 leg byes, shortish on leg stump, easy pickings, tries to flick it fine, clips the thighs on the way to the fine-leg boundary
Rubel Hossain to Dilshan, 1 run, Is that dropped? Shortish outside off, went for the pull, appeared to get an under-edge and Mushfiqur, diving to his left, could not hold on, had to dive low but was unable to grasp it