Player of the Match
Player of the Match

Thanks everyone for sticking around. I just hope the pitch has not dropped. Firdose Moonda's report is being updated as I type. Thanks to Mazher, our statsman as well. This is Devashish Fuloria signing off. Ciao ciao.


Faf du Plessis: "Nothing went to plan. Mainly because of two things - Hafeez played a brilliant innings and our bowling didn't work to a plan. But our bowling did well in the last five overs to keep Pakistan to what we thought was a manageable total. But a five-for and an 80-odd completely changes the game. Pakistan are a dangerous team."

Man of the Match is Mohammad Hafeez: "The credit goes to the coaches, they really worked hard with me. I knew I was only one knock away. The mindset was clear and it was to play positive cricket. Everything I did, it worked for me today. The team was eager to perform as we didn't have a good time in Tests. Umar showed the way with brilliant bowling as he is the senior bowler. We were very happy with the crowd support. We showed character, we wanted to do well and it is a special occasion for everyone in the team. The win will help us going into the ODIs"

What a funny game that was! Pakistan, especially, Hafeez batted like there was no tomorrow and it all worked perfectly as they put up a mammoth total. Then South Africa started well, but probably were too dependent on AB. Once he went, Umar Gul and Hafeez again just blew away the South African batting like it was some club side. They fall to their lowest T20 total. Classic Pakistan today. Now they would go into the ODI series with rejuvenated confidence.

luke: "SA should be just a little careful in their general approach to cricket. IMO England took as long as it did to playing top level stuff partly due to their light-hearted approach to non-Test forms of cricket. SA have the long form sussed but ODIs and T20s are a mystery to them still. Kirsten was brought in to address that (and possibly their mental strength) and we can say he's so far failed in one of those areas."

Fida Khattak: "There were three "on hat-trick" occasions in one innings. (twice on umar gul's bowling and once on hafeez's). Has that ever happened before in any form of the game?"

Nisar Ahmed: "Remember Faf saying "We would bowl first anyway"; for this?? Cricket is cruel but We Love it."

Shamayel: "Umar Gul gets exactly the same figures again what an upredictable and weird this T20I format is and also how unpredictable Pakistan is."

Umar Gul to Abbott, OUT, short ball on the body, the batsman gets a top-edge, the ball lobs up for Kamran Akmal to take an easy catch. Gul gets his five-for

KJ Abbott c †Kamran Akmal b Umar Gul 2 (5m 2b 0x4 0x6) SR: 100.00

Umar Gul to Abbott, 2 runs, he bowls length and the batsman manages to chip it over extra cover for a couple of runs

12 | 14 Runs 2 Wkts | SA: 98/9 (98 runs required from 48 balls, RR: 8.16, RRR: 12.25)

  • Lonwabo Tsotsobe0 (1b)
  • Kyle Abbott0 (0b)
  • Mohammad Hafeez3-0-25-3
  • Saeed Ajmal2-0-19-0
Mohammad Hafeez to Tsotsobe, no run, misses the hat-trick! It was tossed up delivery on the middle, and Tsotsobe was not holding bat, he went for a slog. Just missed it completely and the ball hit him on the pads

Cricketlover: "Hafeez is making sure he gets the MoM by keeping Gul out of attack! :P"

  • SA seek root of T20 toil

    The lack of a major franchise tournament capable of attracting the best players in the world could be undermining the international side

  • Criticism of Whatmore was unfair - Hafeez

    Mohammad Hafeez animatedly defended everyone in the Pakistan setup, specifically the coach Dav Whatmore, with even more gusto than he celebrated their 95-run victory

  • We were outplayed in the field - du Plessis

    Before the Powerplay had ended, South Africa knew they had lost the match. Focusing on that would not give proper attention to where they were actually defeated and du Plessis believed that was on the field

  • Hafeez, Gul demolish South Africa

    Mohammed Hafeez and Umar Gul turned their tour around to take Pakistan to an emphatic victory and leapfrog three places on the ICC rankings to No.3

South Africa 2nd innings Partnerships

1st20H DavidsAB de Villiers
2nd30AB de VilliersF du Plessis
3rd0AB de VilliersCH Morris
4th1JL OntongAB de Villiers
5th2AB de VilliersF Behardien
6th0F BehardienDA Miller
7th14RJ PetersonDA Miller
8th31RJ PetersonRK Kleinveldt
9th0RJ PetersonKJ Abbott
10th2LL TsotsobeKJ Abbott