Player of the Match
Player of the Match

West Indies cruise to a 41-run win, and with it take the Twenty20 series 2-0. With no international matches in over a year, Zimbabwe were always likely to struggle. They had their moments in the one-dayers, but West Indies are twenty20 specialists and they've barely raised a sweat in winning both matches this weekend. Zimbabwe's spin trio picked up five wickets earlier on, but Simmons and Pollard were on hand to make sure their team reached an imposing total. Zimbabwe's chase stuttered, sputtered and then ran out of life as the required rate climbed beyond them. Gabriel's pace rattled them, but it was a remarkably controlled opening spell from Badree that really denied Zimbabwe the chance they needed. He took a career-best 3 for 17, and may well be in line for the Man of the Match award. Stick around to find out, the presentations coming up next.

"Liam, i will be here for every ball. I have not been overly disappointed. I have learnt to temper my expectations and i have seen a few positives ... We are playing a very good side on their patch. Stiff upper lip in place!" Glad to hear it, Luke.

Stark: "Tbh, not many teams contain the WI's powerful batting line up in T20's (barring SL and Pak). So, Zimb fans shouldn't be too negative and have to hope for the best, in the upcoming Test series."

Dylan: "Haha...felt like some melodrama was necessary. Question though, do you think BT should have been playing? Doesn't look like he's at his most athletic, rather get him on the treadmill and in the nets for the tests." He has looked a little short of a gallop, but that's a very tough call to make for a team of Zimbabwe's limited resources.

Alistair Campbell calls upon a frowning Brendan Taylor first. "Today was the best opportunity we had of winning a game, but our batting let us down again. It hurts at the moment, it really does. But this is behind us now. We've got some time off before the Test matches. We've got to try and pick our heads up."

Darren Sammy, on the other hand, has plenty of reason to smile again. "We did what we had to do in this series, which was continue our winning streak. Pollard did well for us today, and Simmons batted well at the top once again. Badree did what we are accustomed to seeing him do. Again, thanks to the Antigua crowd for turning up, we appreciate it."

Samuel Badree is the man of the match. "I've been playing this form of the game for quite some time, so I had a plan and I stuck to it: bowl wicket to wicket. And today it worked for me. There's a standard we have set for ourselves, and as long as we have that drive to succeed we will."

Finally, Lendl Simmons is the man of the series. "I didn't get off today as fluently as I did yesterday ... We have a reputation to maintain in this form of the game, so it's really nice to be able to do that."

West Indies have most certainly upheld their reputation in these Twenty20s, while Zimbabwe have done little to improve theirs. That's all from me today. Zimbabwe have four days off before their warm-up match, and the first Test starts on 12 March. I hope you've enjoyed our commentary, and that you'll join me for those matches as well. Until then, goodbye!

Barnwell to Masakadza, 1 run, Masakadza punts the final ball down the ground for a single to end the match.
Barnwell to Utseya, FOUR runs, a thick edge flies through the vacant slip area and down to third man.
Russell to Masakadza, FOUR runs, and he goes to fifty straight afterwards! A limp length delivery outside off is crunched up and over cover, and bounces away to take Masakadza to his sixth T20I fifty. His team applaud the effort, though the match is gone from them.
Russell to Masakadza, FOUR runs, Masakadza swings hard outside off, bottom edging a yorker straight into the ground and down to third man for four. That also takes his strike rate up to a-run-a-ball.
Narine to Utseya, FOUR runs, Utseya finds the boundary! Narine offered him width outside off, and his cut found the gap behind point. All fairly academic at this point ...
Bravo to Mutombodzi, OUT, Mutombodzi is completely out-foxed by Bravo, who holds a simple catch. It was the slower one, and he was into the shot way too early. He lapped the ball almost straight up, and Bravo was under it.

CT Mutombodzi c & b Bravo 1 (4m 3b 0x4 0x6) SR: 33.33

Bravo to Waller, 1 run, OUT, oh dear. Good shot, atrocious running. Waller spanks a handsome drive over extra cover, but turns and takes the second run very slowly ... the throw comes in, and the ambling batsman is caught well short of his crease. I think Waller just lost sight of the ball there. If he'd pushed harder, he'd have been home easily.

MN Waller run out (Simmons/†Ramdin) 7 (14m 10b 0x4 0x6) SR: 70.00

Appreciate your thoughts, Rogan: "Not to make excuses but you have to wonder how much the background distractions with the coaching set up for this tour and undoubted other goings on affect the mindset of the Zim players. It must be hard to perform to your full potential with a cluttered mind - see Brendon Taylor's performances on this tour so far. Just a thought""

Russell to Masakadza, FOUR runs, and another to end the over! It was a slower bouncer, but Masakadza picked it and bludgeoned a pull to wide long on.
Russell to Masakadza, FOUR runs, runs! Masakadza flays a full toss over extra cover for a one-bounce four to take Andre Russell's career T20I bowling average to a cool 200.
Bravo to Ervine, OUT, this went miles in the air! Ervine backed away again, and aimed to hit a full delivery to midwicket. The slog was top-edged, however, going almost straight up. Bravo himself called for it, taking the catch right next to the non-striker's stumps. Barring a miracle, this game surely belongs to West Indies now, with Zimbabwe needing 91 from 43 balls and struggling to reach the boundary.

CR Ervine c & b Bravo 15 (20m 16b 1x4 0x6) SR: 93.75

Narine to Masakadza, FOUR runs, that's one way to play him! Masakadza unfurls a reverse sweep, and finds the third man boundary.
Narine to Masakadza, FOUR runs, edged this time! But through the vacant slip area and down to third man. Zimbabwe will take them any way they can get them.

Sammy immediately switches to round the wicket, hoping to cramp Ervine for room.

Sammy to Ervine, FOUR runs, a cheeky stroke, but an effective one! Ervine has played this shot a couple of times on this tour, opening the face of the blade at the very last moment to run a boundary down to third man. It's a good shot, with Ramdin up to the stumps and unlikely to take a catch.
Badree to Taylor, OUT, a soft dismissal! Did this ball stop on Taylor? He just pushed forward at it, trying to place a drive through the on side but popping a very tame chance straight to Sammy at short extra cover off the leading edge. Zimbabwe slide further ...

BRM Taylor c Sammy b Badree 4 (7m 5b 0x4 0x6) SR: 80.00

sydney chinyadza: "Please please Brendan Taylor stand up and be counted"

Badree to Sibanda, OUT, gone! Sibanda, like Chibhabha before him, perishes trying to cut Badree. Unlike Chibhabha, he gets bat on the cut, but it's uppish and Bravo takes a good, stooping catch at point. He's pretty pleased by his own efforts, immediately setting off on a merry jig, but Sibanda is livid as he trudges off.

V Sibanda c Bravo b Badree 5 (22m 8b 0x4 0x6) SR: 62.50

Badree to Chibhabha, OUT, too much risk! Chibhabha backs away once again, but Badree just fired this flat and straight and the ball rushed on to disturb the timber.

CJ Chibhabha b Badree 13 (13m 15b 2x4 0x6) SR: 86.66

Badree to Chibhabha, FOUR runs, this time he hits it! Again Chibhabha backed away, but the ball was fuller and he laced a drive in the air - but wide of a diving Pollard - and out to the boundary.
Gabriel to Chibhabha, FOUR runs, well-timed! Chibhabha aims a neat little flick off his legs, and hits it well enough to beat Bravo at midwicket. Chibhabha is far more comfortable against spin, so sending him up the order is a good move.

Zimbabwe 2nd innings Partnerships

1st17V SibandaCJ Chibhabha
2nd8H MasakadzaV Sibanda
3rd8H MasakadzaBRM Taylor
4th35H MasakadzaCR Ervine
5th23H MasakadzaMN Waller
6th3H MasakadzaCT Mutombodzi
7th23H MasakadzaP Utseya