2nd Test, Port Elizabeth, Jan 11-14 2013, New Zealand tour of South Africa
121 & 211 (86.4 ov)
South Africa won by an innings and 193 runs
Player Of The Match
South Africa
NZ 2nd Innings
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It is the end of the coverage from us. Thanks for all your feedback and comments. Devashish Fuloria signing off. Ciao ciao. ODIs starting this Saturday.


Graeme Smith: "We had to work hard to get into that position to notch these wins up. We have been very professional. Barring couple of dropped catches, our cricket has been of a high standard. We have new players who come in and chip in straightaway. for someone like Dean, it is great to come in and contribute, exciting times for the team. I have never thought of coming close to 100 Tests as a captain, but I am really looking forward to it. AB will have to take the role for the ODIs and hopefully he will continue well."

Brendon McCullum: "Very tough Test matches, we were well short of the mark against the no. 1 side. We were really exposed. It is hard to point finger at anything at the moment, but we were outplayed in all departments by SA. We wanted to come here and compete, we showed glimpses at time. We had high hopes, maybe to win a sneak a win or two. Unfortunately we were exposed. The guys in the team fronted up well against SA, can't fault their attitude. ODI cricket is to a little to our liking as per our cricketing abilities. Hopefully we will be able to play well."

Man-of-the-Match: Dale Steyn beats three of his team-mates to win the Man-of the Match Dean Elgar, Hashim Amla and Faf.

Steyn: "We got the bowl to swing in both these Tests. Rory stepped up, Robin played well too. Morne bowled well but didn't get the wickets he deserved. I try to bowl quick all the time, it goes up after a couple of wickets. I try to do that all the time. I am level with Hashim Amla in terms of wicketswith 19 five-fors"

And would you believe it, SA's ODI bowlers are already out practicing with Kirsten and Domingo. Kirsten didn't even go the changing room.

Craig: "These mismatches should not be allowed by the ICC, all test playing nations must be forced to pick their best available squad or cancel the tour."

Anay: "Its too early to say yet, but this South African side for the first time in their history are showing signs of ruthlessness and an ability to overcome pressure, which is the sign of great teams"

Meanwhile, Andrew McGlashan's match report is already up.

Amjad: "So at least, Andrew McGlashan has secured his dinner."

Nishant: "Kudos to Gary Kirsten ! what he could not achieve while he played, he is able to make his teams deliver it. First India, now South Africa."

Mayur: "I am relieved (and so will be many Indian Test Cric Fans).. Relativity is the best dose in desparate times ;)"

Eight wickets for Steyn and the band at the ground is playing "bye bye black caps." In the end, New Zealand's challenge lasted as long as the old ball did. The new ball was too hot to handle for the kiwis. Omnishambles.

Handshakes all around, Smith looked chuffed. It is SA's first series whitewash after they cleaned out Bangladesh in 2008.

chris: "Do you guys get paid by the test match, the day or the over? If the last two, how are you supllmenting your income during this series to manage to feed your families?" The only thing I know Chris is that I won't be able to afford dinner tonight. Poor Alan Gardener, he was supposed to handle the next two sessions, it is going to be hard week for him.

Mark: "I know people go on about Chris Martins lack of batting ability but, aside from the general capitulation of the top order, one of the disappointments of the series has been the way nobody in the lower order has taken the opportunity to show some grit and ability with the bat. At least Martin tries. The rest of the tail just seem to step away and swing wildly and hope."

Sriram: "Take a bow Gary Kirsten!! You beauty"

Dera: "I've been a keen follower of New Zealand Cricket since 1991 (was a seven year old back then); and I've not seen them play this bad ever, not even during the reign of Ken Rutherford; pathetic."

Feliciano: "How does this effect the test rankings?" Haha. Good joke.

Steyn to Wagner, OUT
and it is all over! Finito! It was a quick short ball on the middle, Wagner goes for a mighty pull but the ball takes an edge and goes to the keeper.
N Wagner c †de Villiers b Steyn 4 (20m 13b 1x4 0x6) SR: 30.76
Steyn to Wagner, no run
gets that movement now with a fuller length in to the left hander. Wagner defends from the crease
Steyn to Wagner, FOUR runs
fuller delivery wide outside off, Wagner bends his knees and crunches that through cover
Steyn to Wagner, no run
short of length delivery on off, punched back to the bowler off the back foot

Dan the Man: "Patel trying to answer the age-old question...can one gangnam style with full batting gear on, bat in hand..."

end of over 86Wicket maiden
NZ: 207/9CRR: 2.4 
Jeetan Patel0 (3)
Neil Wagner0 (9)
Morne Morkel16-6-36-2
Dale Steyn15-2-44-2
Morkel to Patel, no run
short of length outside off, bounces extra and beats the batsman's bat. He is stuck to the crease today
Morkel to Patel, no run
fuller length delivery, Jeetan not moving today at all, plays that from the crease and the outside edge goes to gully, off the bounce obviously
Morkel to Patel, no run
back of length, Jeetan stays rooted on the crease, and defends. Entertainment

Jee-Tan walks in. I love the way he dances about on the crease.

Morkel to Boult, OUT
caught at point! There goes another one. It was a short delivery on off stump and the batsman tries to play a cute upper cut (there was a third man there), but he manages to just pop it up tamely around point where the dolly is taken
TA Boult c Peterson b Morkel 3 (5m 5b 0x4 0x6) SR: 60.00
Morkel to Boult, no run
bowls it short of length just outside off, it cuts away after pitching and beats the outside edge
Morkel to Boult, no run
length ball wide outside off, the batsman tries to slam it through cover from the crease, gets beaten

Nico: "Second follow on finally avoided"

MrGarreth: "Limited Technique?? Michael Vaughan, Michael Clarke and SRT have been out to that delivery sir!" .. .and the point being? Haha. Sorry point taken

end of over 853 runs • 1 wicket
NZ: 207/8CRR: 2.43 
Neil Wagner0 (9)
Trent Boult3 (2)
Dale Steyn15-2-44-2
Morne Morkel15-5-36-1
Steyn to Wagner, no run
back of length on off, punched to short cover off the back foot
Steyn to Wagner, no run
short ball on the leg side, the batsman tries to pull it but makes no contact
Steyn to Boult, 1 run
hangs his bat at this one outside off and gets an outside edge to third man

Manik: "And also lets discuss who climbed Mount Everest first...who owns the Hobbits, who wears the Ring!!!!"

Steyn to Boult, 2 runs
full on the pads, this one doesn't swing much and the batsman flicks it deep backward square
Steyn to Bracewell, OUT
caught at third slip! And he gets another corker. It pitches on the middle and it's full too. For batsmen with limited techniques, that means you have to play it on the on side, but it swings away from there and takes an outside edge that flies low to third slip. Alviro completes a diving catch
DAJ Bracewell c Petersen b Steyn 0 (15m 4b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0.00
Steyn to Bracewell, no run
how do you play a ball like that if you are in the bottom half! It comes in and then leaves at speed. The batsman manages to get beaten

dominic: "Let's not stop at Cricket and Rugby. How about NZ vs SA in football, netball, tiddlywinks, Nobel Prize, Booker Prize, Fields Medal, GDP per capita and best university rankings?" Lovely..

end of over 84Maiden
NZ: 204/7CRR: 2.42 
Neil Wagner0 (7)
Doug Bracewell0 (2)
Morne Morkel15-5-36-1
Dale Steyn14-2-41-1
Morkel to Wagner, no run
short ball down the leg side, the batsman tries to pull but doesn't make contact
Morkel to Wagner, no run
this one is slightly fuller, but cuts away a touch, just enough to beat batsman who was playing from the crease
Morkel to Wagner, no run
it angles in, pitches short of length, bounces a lot and leaves the batsman who gets out if the way somehow

Muzammil: "Stop this rugby nonsense right now!!!...Its a cricket match!" For his sake, please

Morkel to Wagner, no run
back of length outside off, it leaves the batsman after pitching, left alone
Morkel to Wagner, no run
bowls length, it comes in with the angle, defended off the back foot to off

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