1st ODI, Paarl, Jan 19 2013, New Zealand tour of South Africa
(45.4/50 ov, target 209)
New Zealand won by 1 wicket (with 26 balls remaining)
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New Zealand
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Ashish: "So it has come down to this...Franklin and Sir Ravindra Jadeja....two most criticized "all-rounders" in the history of the game....are winning games for their countries!!"

Ross Taylor tweets. "That was close, Good win BLACKCAPS."

Shams: "My hero/MOM is that DEBUTANT who sets this up by grabbing 4 wkts for NZ who messed it up almost on their own. plus he escorted the win in the last wicket partnership valiantly defending 6 precious balls!!"

Raghav Jain: "Are we allowed to use the "C" word that rhymes with poke?"

Also, New Zealand's victory means India are now No.1 on the ODI rankings. That spot has changed hands quite often though, with England and South Africa having occupied it in recent times.

Dave: "James Franklin! Extinguishes the ghost of four sixes off four balls of his bowling by Shaun Pollock early in his career in the VB series in australia by steering nz home here. Brilliant batting and he has been our best ODI player over the last 12 months."

Pratik Darji: "I think Franklin should dedicate this to all his haters fans."

Simon Doull tweets: "Great composure from Franklin today. M M, BJ and K M excellent in support as well. Finally a smile on my face for the tour."

Sundeep: "What a debut for McClenaghan! Best ODI figures on debut for NZ and finishing it off with highest 10th wkt partnership while chasing for NZ! Should top it up with MoM :) -Sundeep"

Presentation ceremony:

AB de Villiers: "Definitely not at our best today, hopefully we'll play better in the next ODI. We were about 80% today. Well done to New Zealand, they deserved to win. Much better (without the gloves) we were down on the over rate, which is not good. McLaren has been a consistent performer, especially in the domestic level, great to see him put his hand up at the international level."

Brendon McCullum: "Incredibly satisfying to come up against the No. 1 side, be under pressure for most of the game and come through. (On top order batting) We have a couple of areas to improve on, in the field. McClaghan has shown he is an uncompromising sort of character, he was outstanding today. I think we are a more confident ODI side at the moment, we know we are capable of competing with these guys at the shorter formats."

Man of the Match is James Franklin: "It's a nice way to come back in, disappointed to miss out on that second Test. we are under no illusions that the next couple of games aren't going to be hard. It was a case of just batting as deep as we could, and of whittling down the runs required. Mills has always been a clean-striker of the ball, he's a lusty hitter and he did a great job today."

That has been much fun, and Andrew McGlashan has wrapped it up here.

Thanks for all the mails today. See you all for the Kimberley game. Cheers!

McLaren to Franklin, FOUR runs
Franklin has done it! sensational stuff in Paarl, he has thrashed that through point for four, South Africa can't believe it, the New Zealand dressing room is jubilant, south Africa looked in control for much of the chase but the final few wickets just didn't arrive, Franklin remained incredibly calm all through the chase, didn't attempt any big strokes through much of his innings, sticking to the drives down the ground and nudges around for single
McLaren to Franklin, no run
low full toss on off stump, thumped back to the bowler, McLaren bends low to collect that
McLaren to Franklin, 2 leg byes
off the pads and down to fine leg for two leg byes, one boundary away now New Zealand!

in the background of the TV commentary box, a discussion is going on whether Franklin should be Man of the Match or not

McLaren to Franklin, FOUR runs
what. a. shot. James Franklin take a bow, a short ball just outside off, Franklin chips it over the keeper, no force at all in that shot, all finesse as he picks up four more

10 runs to win for NZ. this is the best sort of ODI, a low-scoring thriller

end of over 4511 runs
NZ: 199/9CRR: 4.42 • RRR: 2.00 • Need 10 runs from 30b
Mitchell McClenaghan0 (6)
James Franklin39 (57)
Dale Steyn10-3-33-0
Ryan McLaren8-0-38-4
Steyn to McClenaghan, no run
short of length ball outside off, the outside edge is tantalisingly close but the No. 11 survives again, Steyn's 10 are done

Jim M.: "Maybe the earlier question to which "Franklin" was the answer is, "Who can win this game for New Zealand"?"

Steyn to Franklin, 1 run
length ball on off stump, eased towards long-on for a single
Steyn to Franklin, no run
length ball just outside off, defended to the of side by Franklin
Steyn to Franklin, 2 runs
guides this towards deep backward point for two more
Steyn to Franklin, FOUR runs
only 13 away now New Zealand, consecutive boundaries for Franklin, thatwas a thick outside -edge from Franklin as he looked to drive a length ball outside off, de Kock dives but it is beyond him and away to the third man boundary

shams: "Thats the final twist in the game. NZ with their to be the new hero coming to carve the victory from the grasp of SA. Here we go the DEBUTANT.."

Steyn to Franklin, FOUR runs
superb shot from Franlin, a pitched up delivery and that is thumped back past Steyn for four, to the left of the bowler, and wide enough of mid-on to get four

Steyn's final over coming up

end of over 441 runs • 1 wicket
NZ: 188/9CRR: 4.27 • RRR: 3.50 • Need 21 runs from 36b
Mitchell McClenaghan0 (5)
James Franklin28 (52)
Ryan McLaren8-0-38-4
Robin Peterson10-0-37-0

Gonzo: "Have to admit, I've never been a huge McLaren fan at international level, but this is a decent performance with bat and ball. More reverse swing than I've seen him get before too."

McLaren to McClenaghan, no run
more forward defence from McClanaghan, over to Franklin now
McLaren to McClenaghan, no run
pitched up and that is defended towards the off side, well done by the No. 11
McLaren to McClenaghan, 1 wide
sprays that down the leg side
McLaren to McClenaghan, no run
again the ball leaves McClenaghan and he pokes at it, again beaten
McLaren to McClenaghan, no run
almost the outside edge there, McClenaghan is searching for that one outside off, McLaren has the ball jagging around, too good for the No. 11
McLaren to McClenaghan, no run
a full ball just outside off, defended from the crease to the off side

Part-time model McClenaghan has already done a terrific job with the ball on debut. Can he do the job with the bat?