5th ODI (D/N), Hobart, Jan 23 2013, Sri Lanka tour of Australia
(48.3/50 ov, target 248)
Australia won by 32 runs
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This series is shared, but there's more to come from the tour, when the first of two Twenty20s kicks off on the 26th at the SCG. Join us then for more commentary.

Looks like we can't bring the presentation to you today, but thanks for being with us. If I can hazard a guess I'd say Phil Hughes will win the man of the match, and Nuwan Kulasekara is the player of the series, but Hughes has an outside shot of taking that out too. Those would by my two picks anyway.

Dylan: "If you had to blame a period of Sri Lanka inning for the defeat, blame the 10 over block, the 17th to 26th over. 18 runs for 2 wickets in this section stalled their innings and caused unnecessary pressure to build. An extra 25 runs here would have helped."

So Australia have leveled it up. Mahela may feel he chose wrongly at the toss, given how difficult the pitch became for scoring in the second innings. Not the ideal send-off for him as captain, but he has been a terrific leader for Sri Lanka and he's got the team to a better place than he found it.

McKay to Malinga, OUT
slower again, and gone. Malinga pokes at that one and it lobs off the bat and into the hands of short third man, who takes a good low catch.
SL Malinga c Johnson b McKay 2 (10m 5b 0x4 0x6) SR: 40.00
McKay to Malinga, 1 wide
loses control of that one, down the leg side
McKay to Malinga, no run
slower ball again, bounces just over the stumps. Malinga's cross-bat swipe gets nowhere near it.
McKay to Malinga, no run
a slower ball outside off stump, Malinga can't get bat to it
end of over 4814 runs
SL: 214/9CRR: 4.45 • RRR: 17.00 • Need 34 runs from 12b
Nuwan Kulasekara14 (11)
Lasith Malinga2 (2)
Mitchell Starc9-0-48-0
Clint McKay9-0-50-1
Starc to Kulasekara, FOUR runs
picked off his pads and timed well to the square leg fence. Another good shot, but coming too late for Sri Lanka, you feel
Starc to Kulasekara, 1 wide
Kulasekara moves back, but Starc goes wide of the off stump. Wide is called, but it seems harsh as that was inside the tram lines.
Starc to Kulasekara, FOUR runs
fullish delivery on off stump, carved powerfully over the off side infield for four. Good shot. He's been trying it for a while
Starc to Kulasekara, 2 runs
nicely flicked over short fine leg from Kulasekara, Picked up the short ball from leg stump and sent it high towards the boundary. The sweeper comes around to cut it off.
Starc to Malinga, 1 run
angled into the blockhole. Malinga digs it out and the batsmen take one.
Starc to Kulasekara, 1 run
full and angled in, Kulasekara knocks it down to long on

Malinga seems to be okay.

Starc to Malinga, 1 run
nasty short ball angled into Malinga, and it looks like it's hit him on the glove. They take a run, but the physio is out there immediately.

Mitchell Starc is into the attack.

end of over 472 runs • 1 wicket
SL: 200/9CRR: 4.25 • RRR: 16.00 • Need 48 runs from 18b
Nuwan Kulasekara3 (7)
Lasith Malinga0 (0)
Clint McKay9-0-50-1
Moises Henriques10-1-32-3
McKay to Kulasekara, no run
yet another slower ball, Kulasekara, again, can't connect with a cut shot

The batsman have crossed

McKay to Herath, OUT
swipes across the line and gets a big top edge, which sails to Henriques at deep square leg, who runs in to take it comfortably
HMRKB Herath c Henriques b McKay 2 (6m 5b 0x4 0x6) SR: 40.00
McKay to Herath, no run
slower ball again, angled into the stumps. Herath misses with his swing and the ball shaves the stumps
McKay to Kulasekara, 1 run
angled into the pads and Kulasekara misses again. Appeal from McKay, but the umpire's not interested.
McKay to Kulasekara, no run
107kph, Kualsekara advances but cant time his shot. Goes straight back to the bowler
McKay to Herath, 1 run
Full and on the stumps, Herath hits that back over the bowler's head but doesn't quite time it
end of over 463 runs • 1 wicket
SL: 198/8CRR: 4.3 • RRR: 12.50 • Need 50 runs from 24b
Nuwan Kulasekara2 (4)
Rangana Herath1 (2)
Moises Henriques10-1-32-3
Mitchell Johnson10-0-45-2
Henriques to Kulasekara, no run
slower short ball again, and Kulasekara sways out of the way, having misread the pace initially
Henriques to Kulasekara, no run
slower ball outside off stump, Kulasekara tries to go inside out but misses
Henriques to Herath, 1 run
full and on the stumps, Herath opens the face and sends that to point
Henriques to Kulasekara, 1 run
shortish ball outside off stump, Kulasekara clubs it down the ground
Henriques to Herath, 1 leg bye
length ball on the pads, Herath gets bat to it and they scamper one

Herath comes to the crease.

Henriques to NLTC Perera, OUT
and Perera goes! A fullish ball angled into the stumps and Perera plays all around that one, Crashes into middle stump again.
NLTC Perera b Henriques 7 (8m 6b 1x4 0x6) SR: 116.66