2nd T20I (N), Chennai, Sep 11 2012, New Zealand tour of India
(20 ov, target 168)
New Zealand won by 1 run
Player Of The Match
New Zealand
• The Report by Abhishek Purohit

NZ come back to steal one-run win

MS Dhoni asked New Zealand to bat as the expected rains stayed away in Chennai for the second Twenty20 international after the first one was washed out in Visakhapatnam

Match centre 
Scorer: Sanjay Murari
Commentator: Kanishkaa Balachandran
Scorecard summary
New Zealand167/5(20 overs)
India166/4(20 overs)
end of over 2011 runs • 1 wicket
INDIA: 166/4CRR: 8.3 
Rohit Sharma4 (2)
MS Dhoni22 (23)
James Franklin4-0-26-2
Jacob Oram4-0-27-0


Dhoni: The wicket slowed down and it was difficult to hit. But we should have won. Virat gave us a very good start. Our worry was how the wicket would behave in the second half. After the 10th or 12th over it got tough. It was good to see the approach in the start of the innings. It's good for us going into the World Cup.

McCullum is the Man of the Match and Series (!): "My head's ok. Kyle's a bit dazed at the moment. Pitch was really good for 20 overs. A lot of our guys are getting more worldly when it comes to these conditions. The collision was probably my fault."

Taylor: "Franklin needs a big pat on the back. Kohli could have taken it away from us and good catch by Southee. Hopefully we can take this confidence through."

It's the end of a very tough tour for New Zealand. This win will come as some relief.

Saurabh: "Trust Dhoni to bungle up the chase and put breaks on a rapidly accelerating train. This game was India's to lose and Dhoni ensured that it happened by his go slow approach. I am surprised to see no one raising this in the TV commentary box. Dhoni's go slow approach at the start of innings in T20s has put his teams ( CSK and India) at risk a number of times and today India paid the price."

That's it from us here. Thanks for your mails and company. I will now resume my dinner, which has gone as cold as ice. Cheers!

End of match: Ross Taylor does his best to lift Franklin who has his arms outstretched. NZ leave India with a win, finally and stretch their record against India in T20s to 4 out of 4.

India somehow lost their way towards the end, between overs 14 and 18. New Zealand did well to pull it back. Franklin, like Irfan, made things difficult with the back-of-the-hand slower balls. Yuvraj did more than what was expected of him but more dominance from the other end would have helped.

I was a bit surprised to see Rohit coming in at the climax. Is sending an out of form player the best thing for that situation? I don't think it was fair on Rohit to be honest. Irfan would have been a better option.

Skimming through the mails, plenty blaming Dhoni for this defeat.

Franklin to Sharma, 2 runs
New Zealand win by one run! Rohit fetches that from the off stump and clubs it down the ground, long-on calmly jogs to his left and ensures he gets behind the line of the ball, flings it to the keeper and India can pick up only two
Franklin to Sharma, 2 runs
that's not a bad shot, picks it on off and middle and he smashes it down to long-on, the fielder just manages to pick it

Rohit Sharma, of last-ball six fame in the IPL, walks in

Ends a valiant effort from Yuvraj. Hats off to him despite not being there to the end

Franklin to Yuvraj Singh, OUT
Yuvraj swings and misses! Relief for Franklin, it was a slower delivery from the back of the hand, Yuvraj was at the crease to smash that over the on side and he swung too early and the ball crashed on middle and off
Yuvraj Singh b Franklin 34 (49m 26b 1x4 2x6) SR: 130.76
Franklin to Dhoni, 1 run
full on the pads and he drills it down to long-on, they settle for the single only
Franklin to Dhoni, 1 wide
Franklin makes the mistake by bowling it too wide outside the off stump, Dhoni wisely leaves it alone
Franklin to Dhoni, FOUR runs
that siphons off four off the total! Franklin errs by bowling it too short, Dhoni was at the crease to size him up, one flat pull and it was scorching to deep square leg
Franklin to Yuvraj Singh, 1 leg bye
Franklin fires it on the pads on seeing Yuvraj making room, the ball hits the pads and rolls to the off side

13 needed off the last over. Dhoni's been down this road before so many times

end of over 1912 runs
INDIA: 155/3CRR: 8.15 • RRR: 13.00
Yuvraj Singh34 (24)
MS Dhoni17 (21)
Jacob Oram4-0-27-0
James Franklin3-0-16-1
Oram to Yuvraj Singh, 1 leg bye
good slower ball, Yuvraj targets the on side again and the ball clips his body and rolls to the off side
Oram to Yuvraj Singh, SIX runs
trust Yuvraj to come up with the big one when it mattered! Fuller delivery and he gets across and swings and connects really well, goes long and high over deep midwicket
Oram to Dhoni, 1 leg bye
good slower ball from Oram, Dhoni goes for the pull and swings it too early and the ball clips his body and rolls away
Oram to Yuvraj Singh, 1 run
Yuvraj goes for a tired slog but fails to make proper contact and gets an inside edge to short fine leg, India need boundaries
Oram to Dhoni, 1 run
bowls it shorter and he pulls it down to long-on and they don't risk a second run
Oram to Dhoni, 2 runs
pulls this one in front of square and really pushes Yuvraj for the second run but he makes it

Equation getting tougher for India

end of over 187 runs
INDIA: 143/3CRR: 7.94 • RRR: 12.50
Yuvraj Singh27 (21)
MS Dhoni14 (18)
James Franklin3-0-16-1
Jacob Oram3-0-17-0
Franklin to Yuvraj Singh, no run
drills it down the pitch and Franklin appears to get a finger to it before hitting the stumps, Dhoni was home
Franklin to Yuvraj Singh, 2 runs
slower ball and slightly short and he swivels and pulls down to deep square leg, pick up a couple
Franklin to Yuvraj Singh, no run
Yuvraj goes for the big swing and misses it completely, good slower ball from Franklin
Franklin to Dhoni, 1 run
slogs and gets an inside edge to the on side and they can only take a single
Franklin to Dhoni, FOUR runs
just wide of long-on, Dhoni went for the pull and Guptill at long-on ran to his right and the ball evaded him and rolled over to the rope
Best performances - batsmen
BB McCullum
91 runs (55)
11 fours
3 sixes
Productive shot
off side drive on front foot
38 runs
7 fours
0 sixes
V Kohli
70 runs (41)
10 fours
1 sixes
Productive shot
off side drive on front foot
33 runs
5 fours
1 sixes
Best performances - bowlers
IK Pathan
KD Mills
Match details
MA Chidambaram Stadium, Chepauk, Chennai
TossIndia , elected to field first
SeriesNew Zealand tour of India
Player Of The Match
Brendon McCullum
Player Of The Series
Brendon McCullum
Series resultNew Zealand won the 2-match series 1-0
Match numberT20I no. 261
Hours of play (local time)19.00 start, First Session 19.00-20.20, Interval 20.20-20.40, Second Session 20.40-22.00
Match days11 September 2012 - night match (20-over match)
T20I debut
Lakshmipathy Balaji
Vineet Kulkarni
Sundaram Ravi
TV Umpire
Sudhir Asnani
Reserve Umpire
Chettithody Shamshuddin
Match Referee
Chris Broad