Match Centre

20 | 12 Runs 1 Wkt | NL: 131/9 | RR: 6.55

  • Ahsan Malik4 (1b)
  • Pieter Seelaar3 (3b)
  • Abdur Razzak4-1-23-2
  • Shafiul Islam4-0-26-2

A superb match and Netherlands triumph and a huge roar from the Dutch team. Polite applause from the Dutch crowd. What drama here, a last ball victory for the Dutch. A second upset inflicted upon Bangladesh by an associate team in the space of three days. It's been a dangerous afternoon for us up here in the pavilion, Ziaur Rahman nearly taking out the scorers and Mudassar Bukhari coming within inches of demolishing the tv set up. That's it from here, thanks to Bertus de Jong for the commentary. The Dutch are in action again tomorrow in the CB40 against Gloucestershire at Amstelveen.

Abdur Razzak to Ahsan Malik, FOUR runs, cut powerfully behind point and Netherlands win!!!!
Abdur Razzak to van der Gugten, OUT, lbw! Tried to turn it to leg, but through too early.

T van der Gugten lbw b Abdur Razzak 12 (9m 8b 0x4 1x6) SR: 150.00

Conferences on both sides here. Psychological warfare? or merely a sense of drama?

Abdur Razzak to van der Gugten, SIX runs, huge slog over mid-off brings the dutch to their feet. well, some of them.
Abdur Razzak to van der Gugten, no run, Razak fields well off his own bowling.
Abdur Razzak to van der Gugten, 2 runs, a lofted drive and an oddly lazily run two.
Abdur Razzak to van der Gugten, no run, fizzes past the edge.

10 needed off the last over. The crowd has grown considerably in size but diminished in volume, as a tense hush decends.

Netherlands 2nd innings Partnerships

1st24W BarresiMR Swart
2nd1TLW CooperMR Swart
3rd34PW BorrenMR Swart
4th13TN de GroothMR Swart
5th5ES SzwarczynskiMR Swart
6th9Mudassar BukhariMR Swart
7th26MR SwartTGJ Gruijters
8th2PM SeelaarTGJ Gruijters
9th13PM SeelaarT van der Gugten
10th4PM SeelaarAhsan Malik