Player of the Match
Player of the Match

That cool interview, kept short by the dreamy-sounding Nicol, ends the proceedings for the day. Do be sure to join us on Saturday. Thanks for being here tonight

Rob Nicol is the Man of he Match. A little surprised with that call. Anyway, says Nicol: "I was pleased. I wanted to carry on with a start, which I did today. It was disappointing to not go and score a three figures."

"It's nice to win the match and keep the series alive," says Kane Williamson. "It was below par, but we thought it was enough for us to show some Kiwi fight. We fielded well, executed better with the ball. We are yet to put a strong batting performance. We have been patchy, the momentum keep shifting. It will be nice to put on a proper batting performance. Bowling is doing fine."

Time for the presentation. "It's disappointing," says Darren Sammy. "but the way the Kiwis fielded was brilliant. Looking back, we probably should have batted first, but we backed ourselves to chase 250. We just kept losing wickets. They fielded well, we had a few run-outs. We also had team plannings, and the team always comes first (in reply to why he didn't bowl his 10 overs)". This not a panic situation. We have been playing well. Today was an off day. It's important we have more good days than off days."

John Wright and New Zealand are pretty chuffed with this effort. They are struggling to put an XI on the field, they further lost their keeper today, and put up a sub-par total on a belter surrounded by short boundaries. Yet they have broken their duck on this tour against a massive run of play. Flashy allrounders - Smith, Pollard and Bravo - offered their wickets on a platter all right, but boy did the New Zealanders field spectacularly today, never mind the two drops by Guptill. His run-out of Samuels is one for the ages. Williamson's run-out of Narine, and McCullum's catch of Smith are not far behind. It's almost their comfort zone when it comes down to defending these inadequate totals through tigerish fielding and with the last ounces of their pride on the line. And they have pulled this one off. "How amusing. I was expecting to wake to the news of a match winning ton from Chris Gayle, and instead find that the Kiwis have won by almost the exact number of runs Gayle was short of said ton." BJ - not Watling - finds this trivia

Boult to Rampaul, OUT, This shall do it for New Zealand. Their first win of the tour. Full ball, Rampaul goes after it, toe-ends it to long-off where Southee completes the catch. West Indies couldn't even take their Batting Powerplay

R Rampaul c Southee b Boult 9 (21m 11b 2x4 0x6) SR: 81.81

Boult to Russell, FOUR runs, poor delivery, pitched outside leg with fine leg inside the circle, and he has glanced it past the man

"Looking at what could certainly be Russell's Man of the Match performance, it rather angers me that he would have to be the one making way for when Roach returns. After all, Bravo and Pollard aren't going to be dropped anytime soon, and Sammy has to play, regardless of performance." Randy, this performance might dare them, though. For me, Pollard has to be the man to go

Mills to Russell, 1 leg bye, Slower ball, and a shout for an lbw.. Not given out. Back of a length, pitches middle and leg, straightens, but doesn't straighten enough for the umpire's liking. They discuss a review, but don't go for it. Replays show it clipping the leg stump
Mills to Russell, SIX runs, Mis-hit for six. Russell looks to go over long-off, but gets too much under it. Long-off is right at the edge, and sees it sail over, but McCullum rushes in from long-on to get a hand to it, but he too has stepped out

"I can see your logical view about change of angle for the free hit. Logic should prevail. The rule should not allow change of angle for the free hit...I'm at a loss to understand why this is allowed..?!" Ben, I am not sure if the umpires were caught napping, but that is highly unlikely. The rule, as I understand from what hapened today, doesn't allow field changes, but has no problem with the change of the angle

Boult to Russell, FOUR runs, goes wide of the crease, bowls a yorker, but the toe edge carries it past short fine leg

Free hit coming up. He is going round the wicket. I must confess I am surprised to see you can change your angle for the free hit

Mills to Rampaul, FOUR runs, Nearly cleaned out Russell there. This is some swat. Length ball, outside off, and he swings hoping for the best. What a lively connection, and Russell is ducking for cover. Four through mid-off

A slip and a short cover-point in

Mills to Rampaul, FOUR runs, length ball, wide outside off, driven through the cover, all along the ground, all the way for four

Time for the final water break of the day

McCullum to Russell, OUT, New Zealand fielders have recovered well from those drops. This time it is Kane Williamson. For any other team, this is driven wide of extra cover, but this team;s captain, Williamson, dives full-length to his right to field this cleanly, and throw this to the bowler while on the ground. Narine has gone through for the single, but Russell hasn't after taking three steps down the wicket. Narine gone. Third run-out of the innings

SP Narine run out (Williamson/McCullum) 10 (14m 12b 2x4 0x6) SR: 83.33

McCullum to Russell, SIX runs, sees a bit of flight, dances down the track, not right to the pitch of the ball but close enough to loft him over long-on. The first man to cross 20 in this innings - 18 of those through three hits
Oram to Narine, FOUR runs, oh these runs have been coming in thick and fast for the last two overs. Thick edge from Narine, Mills puts in the dive at third man, but his left ankle is touching the rope as he pulls this in
Oram to Narine, FOUR runs, short of a length but gives him room, and Narine punches this through cover-point for four
McCullum to Russell, 1 run, Can you believe it? Guptill has dropped a simple catch. Russell top-edges a slog-sweep, and this one kisses some low-flying aircraft and comes back. Guptill has had ages to settle under it, call for it, think about it. He goes with reverse cups, but the ball hits the palms and pops out. Nobody can believe it. Guptill has dropped tow in one day
McCullum to Russell, SIX runs, Russell slog-sweeps now, and connects cleanly again for the 10th six of the day. Over deep midwicket she goes. Can he cause some panic with this?

Over the stumps now

West Indies 2nd innings Partnerships

1st19CH GayleJ Charles
2nd14CH GayleDR Smith
3rd17MN SamuelsDR Smith
4th2MN SamuelsDJ Bravo
5th10MN SamuelsKA Pollard
6th23D RamdinKA Pollard
7th10DJG SammyD Ramdin
8th8D RamdinAD Russell
9th30SP NarineAD Russell
10th28R RampaulAD Russell