Player of the Match
Player of the Match

That brings an end to the proceedings for today. Thanks for joining us. Cheers

Sunil Narine is MoM. He says: "It shows in the depth in our batting. The lower order giving us a total to bowl at, and then Best running in hard. We have a long season, hopefully I will get a chance in Tests again."

"A good feeling indeed," says Darren Sammy. "It looked a 200 wicket in the morning. Then the partnership between Pollard and Thomas turned it around. You have go commend Narine for another man of the Match today. Tino didn't start too well, but the way he came back and picked up wicket was great. The good thing for us today was that the lower order came through. NZ improved as the series went on, but it was good to see we kept our cool. As he said, 4-1 is much better than 3-2 so we will come out trying to win."

Ian Bishop hosts the presentation ceremony. "You have got to give credit to Wst Indies," says Ross Taylor. "They were under pressure. Their middle order batted well, and the cameos from Sammy and my Delhi team-mate Russell. We would have liked to put the foot down on the throat, but we didn't execute well. You have got to back yourself to get 79 off the last 10, but you have to give credit to Narine. We are slowly improving in a lot of areas, but 2-3 looks much better than 1-4, so we need to come back."

Time for some reaction from readers. Mike is gutted: "Absolutely disgusted - disgusted with Oram and Bracewell, disgusted with the on-field umpires for the inconsistent wide calling, disgusted with the third umpire for completely ignoring a no-ball, and disgusted with the NZ bowlers for relaxing. Feel so sorry for Taylor he tried but everyone around him was pathetic!"

Calvin has a salute for Sammy detractors: "So Sammy hit a crucial 26, took 4 catches, took 1 wicket and took some brave decisions as captain. He is the unsung hero of this match. And people still question his place in the team. What's up with that???"

What scenes of joy between the players and inside the crowd too. They have got this series win the hard way. After the collapse three days ago, they were five down for 100 and change today, and it seemed like we were headed for an equaliser. Kieron Pollard, though, played one of his best innings of all time, restraining himself, scoring a matured fifty to set up, what he called, "a fighting" total. Best then started with pace and fire, and Sammy and Narine followed it up with acts of discipline. Rpss Taylor came back to ODI cricket with a top century, giving WI a right fright, but Narine kept the pressure one, bowling overs 41, 43, 45 and 47 for just 12 runs. That pressure proved too much, and wickets kept falling at the other end. Finally Taylor fell in the 49th over, and it was all over. And how crucial was that no-ball not given in the 48th over? We will never know

Tino Best says, "My son says, 'Dad go and bowl fast.' Any time a 12-year-old tells you that, you'll go out and do it."

Bravo to Southee, OUT, West Indies have won their first ODI series against a side other than Bangladesh or Zimbabwe in more than four years. Slower ball, beats the bat, and the keeper completes the run-put after the New Zealand Nos 10 and 11 are confused and both in the middle of the pitch

TG Southee run out (†Thomas) 3 (15m 8b 0x4 0x6) SR: 37.50

Bravo to Southee, no run, full, angling in, beats the huge swing. Beaten
Bravo to Southee, no run, full, on off, driven down the ground, turns down the single

Bravo to bowl the last over, which should only be a celebratory home run for them

49 | 3 Runs 1 Wkt | NZ: 240/9 (25 runs required from 6 balls, RR: 4.89, RRR: 25.00)

  • Trent Boult1 (2b)
  • Tim Southee3 (5b)
  • Tino Best10-1-46-4
  • Sunil Narine10-1-20-2
Best to Boult, no run, Best won't get five, but he has sealed the match for sure. length ball outside off, Boult is not keen to get in line as it is bowled at 144ks. Beaten

One more ball to get five for Best. "Ti-no, Ti-no," goes the crowd

Best to Southee, 1 run, full, on leg, driven to long-on for one

"What is the use of having a TV umpire look for a no ball if they then don't know the rules?! They could easily look them up on Cricinfo..." Or, Matthew, they could read the commentary here. Meanwhile, Best looking for a well-earned five-for

  • Southee rues loss of key moments

    New Zealand fast bowler Tim Southee, who took 3 for 53 on Saturday, has said the loss of wickets "at the wrong time" cost his side the match in St Kitts

  • I bowled quick and I got wickets - Best

    Two West Indian bowlers spearheaded the successful defence of 264 in the fourth ODI in St Kitts, allowing the home side to clinch the series with a game to spare

  • West Indies take series despite Taylor ton

    West Indies sealed their first ODI series win over a Test nation other than Zimbabwe and Bangladesh since April 2008, overcoming a heroic century from Ross Taylor

New Zealand 2nd innings Partnerships

1st8RJ NicolMJ Guptill
2nd42BB McCullumRJ Nicol
3rd13RJ NicolLRPL Taylor
4th12LRPL TaylorKS Williamson
5th71LRPL TaylorTWM Latham
6th24NL McCullumLRPL Taylor
7th49JDP OramLRPL Taylor
8th15LRPL TaylorDAJ Bracewell
9th3LRPL TaylorTG Southee
10th3TG SoutheeTA Boult