Player of the Match
Player of the Match

That's all then folks, hope you've enjoyed our coverage of this series. All the usual reaction and analysis to England's 2-0 win coming shortly here on ESPNcricinfo. Looking forward, we have the Friends Life t20 starting tomorrow, so make sure you tune into our daily blog for all the coverage. International coverage returns on Saturday for the first ODI at West End, have a good week and join us then. From Gnasher and myself, Alex Winter, it's goodbye for now...

3.20pm It's now presentation time indoors after the rain today...we have more medals to present here than will be handed out at the whole of the London Olympics...the man of the match is Tino Best for his amazing 95 and two-wickets, silence as he receives his cheque and medal..."The joy of getting 95 is joyful and humbling," says Tino. "You have to enjoy the moment. I'm grateful and honoured. I still feel quick and strong and felt good yesterday."

The England player of the series is Andrew Strauss, oh golly, people bothered to clap there...the West Indies player of the series is Marlon Samuels. Both awards for weight of runs in the series. "I set some goals and I achieved them," says Samuels. "I'm focussing continuing this form. I'm looking to play a big role now."

Medals being handed out to everybody in range now, whether they played or not I think...why does everybody get a medallion!? Here's Darren Sammy: "It was a good end to this series. There's work to do but three times we scored above 300," he says. "We're very excited about the ODI series. Over the years we've had a good dressing rapport so for the guys that are coming in, I don't see any problems."

The victorious captain, Andrew Strauss: "We played some good cricket in this first two games. This game never really got going but I didn't think it had anything to do with the players that were missing. We want to play very near to our best in every game, we weren't at our best here though. I was delighted to see both Finn and Onions back, they both acquitted themselves really well, it shows we have good depth," says Strauss as he picks up both the Investec Trophy and the Wisden Trophy and the 50-50 Salty Snacks special award for most chest hair of the two captains...

3.20pm This match never really got going but West Indies caused a stir with Tino Best's rampage yesterday morning and Denesh Ramdin's note-waving. They will take confidence going into the ODI series starting on Saturday. For England, they proved they have two Test-quality bowlers Graham Onions and Steve Finn waiting in the wings. But maybe they're not quite as good as James Anderson and Stuart Broad - they will like both back for the first Test against South Africa at The Oval on July 19. For West Indies they return to the Test arena on July 25 for a two-Test series against New Zealand.

But the aforementioned ODI series, three matches in total, should be competitive. And Ian Bell has been recalled to England's squad, another chance for him in 50-over cricket, probably at the top of the order. An interesting series awaits, the first match gets underway on Saturday from West End so make sure you're tuned in then.

We also have an T20 after the ODI series, England's squad is unchanged, aside the loss of Pietersen, from that which played against Pakistan in the winter. Looks as if Alex Hales, the Nottinghamshire batsman, will replace Kevin Pietersen as the hard-hitting opening batsman. England also have three T20s against South Africa before they defend their World T20 title at the end of September.

3.10pm Finally, mercifully, this game has been abandoned as a draw meaning England win the series 2-0 and retain the Wisden Trophy. Well done to them. Presentation coming up...

3pm Hello from me again, still no news but surely this game is going to be abandoned. Persistent rain has not left the ground all day and, as linked for you earlier on, the radar has rain staying with us for some time to come. Only a matter of time before we have confirmation and the presentation, where England will be handed the Wisden Trophy once again.

"Has it stopped raining with a chance of play? Or are they just making sure the poor 7 people still there miss the footie this afternoon?" Asks Anthony, we think they're keeping it going for corporate lunches! What lunches they have sold today, can't be too many on Day 5 Monday.

2.45pm I'm still here. Sort of. No news yet. As you were.

"Michael Atherton has appealed against the light," starts Mark Kidger. "This means that the presentations cannot happen until the reading on the lightmeter improves and the safety of players grasping medals and trophies can be ensured."

James Boyle: "Couldn't they just invite the seven spectators inside and out of the rain for the presentation. Would be a kind gesture for all concerned." That would suggest they care about fans.

2.15pm They are still decided quite how wet it is. No idea why it's taking so long.

1.45pm Richard Morris says: "Is the delay because they are still arguing about who the man of the match is? Perhaps the umpires have insisted that they move it to another room because the light is not good enough?"

1.30pm No official word yet but it's very bleak out there. Estimates of the crowd vary from seven to 12.

1.20pm Hello everyone, Gnasher here. We may have some news soon because the word from the ground is that the presentation area is being set up. Might need to be indoors today.

1.00pm Well the rain continues to fall at Edgbaston and there is no prospect of play at all really. Yet to have the official word but it's now lunch so that's where I'm headed. Back for more updates in 45 mins or so, I'll leave you with a pointer towards England's start to Euro 2012 coming up later today at 5pm against France, with live coverage on ESPN's dedicated website and a reminder of our glorious past...

12.50pm "Travis continue to plod on but are subject to what Spinal Tap's manager famously described as "increasingly selective appeal". This can be gauged by their 2011 festival appearances: Maxidrom Festival, Isle of Man; Festival Moscow; G! festival, Faroe Island; and the Rock 'n Coke Festival in Istanbul. All the big ones then....." Thanks for that update Paul.

"Alex, I just had a look at Jack Shantry's Cricinfo profile and didn't see what was so bad with it?" Probably should explain Pavi. Jack Shantry has this hilarious army bowling action, sort of off the wrong foot, left-arm seam at a very very modest pace. He doesn't look much at all and gets a bit of stick for it but does, as the stats show, do a job, particularly in one-day cricket.

12.40pm Even more lol! from Joshua..."Come now, Alex, we all know the greatest ever cricketer is Jack Shantry." haha! Terribly disrespectful to Shantry but funny nevertheless, he did actually take 4-for yesterday but couldn't stop Worcestershire being tonked by Gloucestershire at New Road. All yesterday's reports from the CB40, including a 49-ball hundred for Eoin Morgan, on our county homepage.

12.30pm Some appropriate music for you. What ever happened to that band anyway?
Karn's spotted a quite hilarious tweet by ESPNcricinfo's blogger on The Confectionery Stall, Andy Zaltzman: @ZaltzCricket "Ramdin's bit of paper read: 'Yea Viv talk na'. Fair enough. But next time you're out for not much, please hold up: 'Yup, you've got a point'." Lol!

12.15pm "Yesterday Ramdin showed that as a batsman he's improving, but as a cricketer he's all at sea. In saying that, I'm sure the young man has taken a lot from the last 24 hours." Your probably right there GK but I just can't fathom why he would write the note to start with? Why did he ever think it would ever be a good idea? If anything, he's now just brought more pressure on himself.

12pm We're being treated to highlights of Brian Lara's 400 in 2004, one of the best innings of all time from the second best player of all time. (The best, of course, is Wally Hammond). No prospect of any live cricket at the moment and here's why.

11.45am The umpires, Tony Hill and Kumar Dharmasena, have just been shown chatting on TV explaining the bad light decision yesterday. All to do with Best bowling quickly, apparently. They didn't seem to think England scoring at seven-an-over mattered. Wasn't a very convincing explanation. Again, here are George Dobell's thoughts on the score.

11.30am A few thoughts on Ramdin's antics yesterday. Hugh says: "You can understand Ramdin responding to Richards in the heat or emotion of the moment - occasionally you see an extra stare at a media box after a good knock - but to write out a note in the morning, bat for an hour or so, score the century, and then still decide that a note is a good idea? Have to question his intelligence." I quite agree, highly disrespectful for a West Indian great. It was only one innings after all, and in a dead rubber too.

11am Not starting on time today I'm afraid because of drizzle at the ground and my forecast tells me that it's here to stay for a while unfortunately. Cheers yourselves up by watching the Two Chucks unique take on yesterday's action.

10.45am Two "highlights" for West Indies yesterday were Tino Best's smash into the record books, Mark Nicholas discusses his innings. His exploits outshone Denesh Ramdin's century, which also included an outrageous note-brandishing celebration - something which Ramdin said he regrets.

But still plenty of talking points from the two day's play we have had in this game. First of all, George Dobell gets a few thoughts off his chest about providing value for money for spectators. And he analyses Kevin Pietersen's latest comments about his retirement from limited-overs cricket.

10.30am Morning all, a bit damp again today so the prospects of a result - however slim before anyway - are gradually receding towards impossibility.

58 | 1 Run | ENG: 221/5

  • Steven Finn0 (20b)
  • Ian Bell76 (137b)
  • Sunil Narine15-1-70-0
  • Marlon Samuels9-0-29-1

Plenty to discuss and our team are in place to provide you comprehensive analysis and reaction. Mark Nicholas has already penned his thoughts on Tino Best, George Dobell and Nagraj Gallopudi will be mulling over Ramdin's celebration and Jonny Bairstow among other issues and David Hopps has composed the full report of today's play. That's all for now, join us tomorrow for the concluding day of this series...

And so ends the second day's play and what a day it has been, plenty of action today with Tino Best's whirlwind innings this morning, Denesh Ramdin's unique celebration on scoring a hundred and then Kevin Pietersen's lively knock. The final analysis is that West Indies still have a chance to force a win if they can fire off five quick wickets tomorrow and make England follow on but I must say the forecast ain't good and this game may end how it began, with good weather for ducks.

Narine to Finn, no run, much better, floated up and Finn forward to block

England 2nd innings Partnerships

13AJ StraussAN Cook
27AJ StraussIJL Trott
9AJ StraussKP Pietersen
137IR BellKP Pietersen
29IR BellJM Bairstow
6IR BellST Finn