1st ODI, Kingstown, Mar 16 2012, Australia tour of West Indies
(32.2/50 ov, target 205)
Australia won by 64 runs
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So Australia win by a comfortable 64 runs after a pretty miserable batting performance from West Indies who gifted most of their wickets. Marlon Samuels and Dwayne Bravo had laid a platform but it disintegrated in the blink of an eye. It raises familiar questions about West Indies' batting stocks and there is plenty of work to do ahead of the second match on Sunday.

Australia, though, will be delighted with the winning start on a tricky surface. The batting wasn't and its best but they mustered a decent total. Early wickets then gave them a lift then Doherty responded superbly from a tough first over that cost 18.

I'll bring you the presentation shortly, and Brydon's match report will be here.

Darren Sammy "We are very disappointed," he starts before the master of understatements. "Losing six wickets for seven runs set us back a little bit."

Then he looks ahead. "Hopefully we can bounce back in the second match. We have two more games here, we have a history of getting better as a series goes on."

George Bailey is the Man of the Match. "We didn't get as many as we would have liked but I thought if Mike Hussey was finding it tough it must have been tough and we just wanted to give the lower order a chance to have swing at the end."

Shane Watson "We knew it was an average score and knew it should be enough if we bowled well. Dwayne Bravo was batting very nicely so we knew we needed a breakthrough but the surface was offering help to the quicks and spinners. Xavier Doherty came back really nicely when he changed ends. All the bowlers were good today."

So that just about wraps things up for today. The second match is on Sunday and we'll see if West Indies can bounce back. But don't forget the third day of New Zealand-South Africa starts shortly and we'll have full coverage on ESPNcricinfo. For now, though, it's goodbye from Andrew McGlashan and George Binoy.

McKay to Sammy, OUT
all over, Sammy's late flourish is ended and so is the match. He tries to try over the off side and only picks out cover
DJG Sammy c Christian b McKay 35 (28m 20b 3x4 3x6) SR: 175.00
McKay to Sammy, SIX runs
he has plenty of power and picks this up from a good length outside off, sending it over the midwicket boundary again
McKay to Sammy, 1 wide
starts with a slower-ball gone wrong that loops out well wide of off stump

Another change of bowling as Clint McKay is recalled to try and end this partnership

end of over 325 runs
WI: 133/9CRR: 4.15 • RRR: 4.00 • Need 72 runs from 17 overs
Kemar Roach1 (7)
Daren Sammy29 (18)
Brett Lee7-1-25-1
Xavier Doherty8-2-49-4

Sam: "Many question Sammy's place in the team, he might not be a naturally gifted batsman or a bowler, but he is a fighter. Something this WI team needs badly."

Lee to Roach, no run
strikes Roach with a well-directed short ball. Not very well played as he took his eye off it and takes a blow on the shoulder
Lee to Roach, no run
on off stump, solidly defended to the covers...Roach has shown batting ability in the past
Lee to Roach, no run
back in the crease and defends
Lee to Sammy, 1 run
missed chance, he gets away with a big top edge this time...another good bouncer that cramps him for room, Sammy goes for the pull and Doherty from short fine-leg can't steady himself under the chance and doesn't even get a hand on it
Lee to Sammy, FOUR runs
a good short ball and it costs Lee four...bounced and nipped into Sammy then took the inside edge which flew past Wade
Lee to Sammy, no run
aims for a full, swinging yorker which is dug out to the leg side
end of over 3115 runs
WI: 128/9CRR: 4.12 • RRR: 4.05 • Need 77 runs from 17 overs
Daren Sammy24 (15)
Kemar Roach1 (4)
Xavier Doherty8-2-49-4
Brett Lee6-1-20-1
Doherty to Sammy, 1 run
he manages to keep the strike again by working this away
Doherty to Sammy, no run
pushed into the off side
Doherty to Sammy, FOUR runs
uses his feet, doesn't quite get it out of the middle but it's struck well enough wide of mid-on...late counter-attack from Sammy
Doherty to Sammy, no run
quicker and flatter, tucked into the leg side
Doherty to Sammy, FOUR runs
well struck again by Sammy - a hint of anger in these shots - as he goes down on one knee and slog-sweeps it flat through midwicket
Doherty to Sammy, SIX runs
and the first ball is dispatched into the stands. Dragged down very short by Doherty and Sammy pulls it high over deep midwicket

The batting Powerplay has been taken.

end of over 303 runs
WI: 113/9CRR: 3.76 • RRR: 4.60 • Need 92 runs from 17 overs
Daren Sammy9 (9)
Kemar Roach1 (4)
Brett Lee6-1-20-1
Xavier Doherty7-2-34-4

"I understand West indies have High performance centre for polishing batting & bowling skills," says someone tagged only as 'Long time West Indies fan'. "Do they have any centre to put some thoughtful stuff in their mind because they do not learn from experience and lack common sense."

Lee to Sammy, 1 run
inside edge past leg stump means he keeps the strike
Lee to Sammy, no run
aims for the yorker and it comes out as a low full toss which is clipped to mid-on
Lee to Roach, 1 run
nicely played off the back foot with an open face and soft hands towards backward point
Lee to Roach, no run
back over the wicket, short of a length on off stump and defended to the covers
Lee to Roach, 1 wide
pushed too far outside leg stump and an easy call for a wide

Clear tactic from Lee with a leg slip and short leg in place

Lee to Roach, no run
banged in short again, Roach goes onto the back foot and defends down in front of short leg
Lee to Roach, no run
round the wicket, starts with a bouncer that sails over Roach's back

Brett Lee comes back to try and get the last wicket