Player of the Match
Player of the Match

6.20pm: Before you go and pour that drink to steady your frayed nerves, it's time for the presentations ...

Darren Sammy is named Man of the Match: "As a team we decided to bowl first. We weren't at our best, at one time it looked like we would be chasing 330 but we pulled it back. Against the world No. 1, with our backs against the wall, it was fantastic effort from the team. Today again the top order didn't click but we can still put runs on the board. It's about getting the top six to click. We have a 'never say die' attitude, everyone played their part, as a captain I was well supported and it's good to see us getting results ... I think we should have won the series, looking back at that third game. The Lord works in mysterious ways. I just want to thank the crowds for coming out and supporting us."

Australia captain Shane Watson: "It was good for us in the end, to close off the game, even though a fantastic innings from Darren Sammy ran us close. We hoped to get up around 300 but thought we done enough. Brett Lee is a high-class one-day bowler and that showed for us today ... We are in a bit of a transition phase, it's been a pleasing series, there are a few things we have to work on but we're going the right way."

Kieron Pollard is named Man of the Series: "Obviously I'm pleased but I think we should have won the series. Both teams played well but I think we have won back some of the hearts of the people of the West Indies. I've worked hard and hopefully one day I'll play a Test match against these guys as well."

That, folks, is a wrap. Cheers for your comments, we'll be back for more of the same for the first of two T20 internationals on Tuesday.

6.10pm: Victory by 30 runs means Australia level the series at 2-2. Sammy resurrected his side with a scintillating knock but the deficiencies at the top of the order meant his efforts were in vain. Two questions spring immediately to mind, though: why did Sammy not come in higher up the order (above Baugh, for instance); and why did he choose to bowl in the first place?

Minor quibbles aside, it's been a terrific series, closely fought (all but one match went down to the final few overs) and with some cracking individual contributions. Australia have underwhelmed slightly but salvaged some pride at the end; their 17-year unbeaten record in ODI series against West Indies remains intact. In the performances of Kieron Pollard, Sunil Narine and Sammy, West Indies fans have reasons to be cheerful.

Hilfenhaus to Sammy, OUT, full, heaved away into the leg side once again ... but this time he finds a fielder. Sammy perishes in the deep and West Indies suffer heroic defeat! He swung hard but this time without quite the same venom, looping a high catch to Mike Hussey at deep square leg. A valiant innings from the captain but his side fall short

DJG Sammy c MEK Hussey b Hilfenhaus 84 (79m 50b 6x4 6x6) SR: 168.00

Hilfenhaus to Sammy, no run, full, right in the blockhole, Sammy digs it out, it squirms past the bowler but they decide not to take a single

31 required from 18. The crowd at the Beausejour is buzzing, as Hilfenhaus is handed a death sentence the ball ..

47 | 9 Runs | WI: 251/9 (31 runs required from 18 balls, RR: 5.34, RRR: 10.33)

  • Darren Sammy84 (48b)
  • Kemar Roach2 (7b)
  • Brett Lee9-3-42-3
  • Shane Watson10-0-44-2
Lee to Sammy, 1 run, full, almost yorker-length, slanted into the batsman, dug out towards deep midwicket and a superb stop prevents it going for four ... Sammy keeps the strike, though
Lee to Sammy, no run, pitched up this time and Sammy gets right behind it to block
Lee to Sammy, SIX runs, he goes again, another six! Play it again, Sammy! Lee sent down a slow bouncer but Sammy read it, stayed back in the crease and hoicked the ball over deep square leg
Lee to Roach, 1 run, length, targeting the stumps, Roach gets across and nudges into the leg side
Lee to Sammy, 1 run, pitched up and shovelled out to deep midwicket but there's a man there and they can only take one
Lee to Sammy, no run, length ball, goes for a big ole swing of the arms but fails to connect

46 | 6 Runs | WI: 242/9 (40 runs required from 24 balls, RR: 5.26, RRR: 10.00)

  • Kemar Roach1 (6b)
  • Darren Sammy76 (43b)
  • Shane Watson10-0-44-2
  • Brett Lee8-3-33-3

The asking rate is back up to 10 an over ...

Watson to Roach, no run, outside off, defended back to the bowler
Watson to Roach, 1 wide, slings one down the leg side - a freebie for West Indies
Watson to Roach, no run, draws Roach outside off, length ball pushed square on the off side. 'No!' yells Sammy
Watson to Roach, no run, line and length from Watson, Roach gets behind the ball and defends to cover
Watson to Sammy, 1 run, length ball, clipped through the infield to the cover boundary
Watson to Sammy, FOUR runs, drifts on to the legs and Sammy times the ball to the deep backward square boundary. The flame flickers
Watson to Sammy, no run, slower ball, on the stumps and dinked back to the bowler, unable to make anything of it

Watson back on. Can Sammy retune his boundary radar?

West Indies 2nd innings Partnerships

1st0AB BarathJ Charles
2nd5MN SamuelsAB Barath
3rd32AB BarathDM Bravo
4th26DJ BravoAB Barath
5th13KA PollardAB Barath
6th35CS BaughKA Pollard
7th7KA PollardAD Russell
8th101DJG SammyAD Russell
9th13DJG SammySP Narine
10th19DJG SammyKAJ Roach