Player of the Match
Player of the Match

What a change of fortunes for these two teams. India have shown just how potent they can be in their own conditions, charging to a 126-run win. Yes, conditions are foreign for England, but you can't blame the pitch - India scored 300 on it! Just as England's seamers profited at home this summer, so India's spinners have put their team in the ascendancy. After Raina and Dhoni had carried their team to a daunting 300 for 7, Ravindra Jadeja and R Ashwin shared six wickets, for just 69 runs, and England collapsed from 111 for 2 to 174 all out. Read all about their win in Andrew Miller's report, and stick with us to find out what the captains and Man of the Match have to say for themselves.

"Did someone say that India's attack is even more popgun than it was in England?" asks Mark Kidger. "Sometimes that kind of attack can be harder to score off than a team of quicks (remember the 1983 World Cup final where India's "terrifying" dibby-dobbers destroyed the mighty West Indians?)"

"Whomping ... what kind of word is that?" Quite possibly a made up one, Peter Cole, but I think you'll agree it conveys the message.

Our feedbackers have offered a collective "welcome to India, it's payback time", in their thousands. Well, quite.

"@Peter Cole - A quick google search reveals: "whomping: Strike heavily; thump. Defeat decisively: "I whomped him good" Thanks for that, Durgaprasad Sundaramurthy. I knew that English major would come in handy some day.

"It was an important toss to win, we saw at the end that the ball kept low," says England captain Alastair Cook. "But India out-performed us today. We're going to have to learn from this, and that's the beauty of a five-match series. We know that [playing spin] is an issue, and that's a skill thing. We're going to work hard on that in the next couple of days."

MS Dhoni is Man of the Match. "We were a bit speculative about the dew, and there was a fair amount the last few nights, so that's why we played three seamers and two spinners. The new rules made the batting a bit tricky. We batted well, though we lost a few wickets at the wrong time. On wickets like these, if you're batting in the afternoon it can be a bit slow, and at times you have to keep your head down and survive. If you dont make too many runs at first, that's ok because you can make up for it later. I think most of us were looking for a score of about 250 or so, 260 would've been a good score. There was no dew tonight, but if there had been it would have been easier for the batsmen. Jadeja has improved his game a lot, and it was good to see Yadav come in and bowl fast."

And there you have it. Thanks for joining us today, there's been a mountain of feedback and we've tried to include as much as possible. Before you go, don't forget that there's always the match gallery to look at, and be sure to check in later for some post-match analysis. Until next time, goodbye.

Ashwin to Dernbach, OUT, all over! Dernbach has a massive mow across the line, is beaten by an offspinner and loses his leg bail. Ashwin ends the game with his third wicket, and this was a real whomping

JW Dernbach b Ashwin 2 (9m 5b 0x4 0x6) SR: 40.00

36 | 8 Runs | ENG: 174/9 (127 runs required from 13.5 overs, RR: 4.83, RRR: 9.07)

  • Jade Dernbach2 (4b)
  • Steven Finn18 (18b)
  • Ravindra Jadeja7-0-34-3
  • Ravichandran Ashwin8-0-35-2
Jadeja to Dernbach, 1 run, driven just wide of mid off, and they scamper through for a quick single
Jadeja to Finn, 1 run, again Finn uses his feet, but this time he checks his shot and picks up a single through point
Jadeja to Finn, SIX runs, that's anything but tame! Finn jumps out like Trumper to slam Jadeja high over long on. It's all a bit pointless now, but at least he's having fun
Jadeja to Finn, no run, Finn attempts a sweep, managing a tame top edge that is hit so badly that it falls safely mid-pitch. Jadeja sprinted forward but couldn't get to it
Jadeja to Finn, no run, pushed defensively to cover
Jadeja to Finn, no run, an optimistic appeal as ball strikes pad well outside off

Spin from both ends, here's Jadeja. Or, Sir Ravindra Jadeja, as our feedbackers have named him

35 | 3 Runs | ENG: 166/9 (135 runs required from 13.5 overs, RR: 4.74, RRR: 9.00)

  • Jade Dernbach1 (3b)
  • Steven Finn11 (13b)
  • Ravichandran Ashwin8-0-35-2
  • Umesh Yadav5-0-32-2
Ashwin to Dernbach, no run, Dernbach manages to keep the final delivery out, playing deep from the crease in defence
Ashwin to Finn, 1 run, swung away just behind square on the leg side, but just the single
Ashwin to Finn, no run, Finn appears to be attempting to read them off the pitch here. He plays back once again, inside edging onto his pad
Ashwin to Finn, no run, Finn comes nervously forward, and then back, before opting to defend
Ashwin to Dernbach, 1 run, the carrom ball, not picked, but a leading edge falls safely in the covers
Ashwin to Finn, 1 run, an offspinner is swept out to deep backward square

Ashwin comes back to deal with the tail.

34 | 9 Runs 1 Wkt | ENG: 163/9 (138 runs required from 13.5 overs, RR: 4.79, RRR: 8.62)

  • Jade Dernbach0 (1b)
  • Steven Finn9 (9b)
  • Umesh Yadav5-0-32-2
  • Praveen Kumar8-1-38-1
Yadav to Dernbach, no run, Dernbach meets his first ball with a straight bat and a high left elbow, the drive rolling to mid off
Yadav to Patel, OUT, well, that was unnecessary. The last shot was classy, this one was just atrocious. He knows the ball is keeping low, but he swings merrily across the line at a straight length delivery, and is cleaned up. And that's about it for England. Dernbach comes out to face the music, and this shouldn't take long

SR Patel b Yadav 16 (30m 18b 2x4 0x6) SR: 88.88

Yadav to Patel, FOUR runs, Steven Smith won Australia's Twenty20 against South Africa with a shot just like this. Patel clears the left leg, gets down low and slaps a square drive through the field. Shot
Yadav to Finn, 1 run, slogged down to long on, but along the ground. Just the single
Yadav to Finn, FOUR runs, sliced away wide of third man. Yadav offered some width and Finn just flung himself into the shot, the extra pace taking the ball past the third man fielder in a flash
Yadav to Finn, no run, there was some spice in this delivery from Yadav, which rose a little disconcertingly off a length to keep Finn deep in his crease

33 | 4 Runs | ENG: 154/8 (147 runs required from 13.5 overs, RR: 4.66, RRR: 8.64)

  • Steven Finn4 (6b)
  • Samit Patel12 (16b)
  • Praveen Kumar8-1-38-1
  • Umesh Yadav4-0-23-1
Kumar to Finn, 1 run, nudged just to the left of the man at backward square, and Patel calls Finn through for a quick single
  • Losing-streak lasted too long - Dhoni

    MS Dhoni has said India's 126-run victory in Hyderabad was an important one as their losing-streak had lasted a bit too long and they needed to start enjoying the game again

  • Delayed start to India-England broadcast

    Television audiences in India and England were deprived of the first three overs of the opening match of the five-match ODI between India and England in Hyderabad

  • Dhoni and Jadeja crush England

    MS Dhoni marked India's homecoming with a brutal innings of 87 not out from 70 balls, before the left-arm spin of Ravindra Jadeja sparked a dramatic English batting collapse, as the team that failed to win a single international fixture on their recent to

  • New Powerplay conditions 'tricky' - Dhoni

    MS Dhoni, the India captain, has said that adjusting to the ICC's revised playing conditions regarding Powerplays will be "tricky" during the ODI series against England

England 2nd innings Partnerships

7AN CookC Kieswetter
33KP PietersenAN Cook
71IJL TrottAN Cook
9IJL TrottRS Bopara
4RS BoparaJM Bairstow
2SR PatelJM Bairstow
8SR PatelTT Bresnan
14GP SwannSR Patel
15SR PatelST Finn
11JW DernbachST Finn