2nd ODI, Harare, Sep 11 2011, Pakistan tour of Zimbabwe
(42.1/50 ov, target 226)
Pakistan won by 10 wickets (with 47 balls remaining)
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Brendan Taylor: "Unfortunately I made a bad decision at the toss, we were totally outplayed today. I wanted to put them in to bat, what in god's name made me want to say we want to bat I don't know. I apologise to the boys for that. We are all desperate to get better, and hopefully we can put a good performance together on Wednesday."

Misbah: "This is the way we want to play. Wonderful performance by the team, especially the bowlers at the start. Then both the openers played very well, lot of pressure on Farhat, and Hafeez is turning out to be a match-winner for us. we came here after a lay-off of almost three months, we are just improving with the games. we just want to play a balanced team, we want to give exposure to the youngsters but we also want to keep winning games."

Mohammad Hafeez is, unsurprisingly, the Man of the Match: " The hard work in the last few years is paying off for me. I worked a lot on my fitness. I think really understand the game now as I worked hard with my coach, I worked on my technique as well. The plan today was simple, the ball was not coming on early on, the more we played the more we would get used to wicket, so we just wanted to spend more time on this track."

Imran Farhat:"It was very good stand, Hafeez was playing very well, I was just supporting him, coach said take your time. Definitely I was under pressure (after first game failure) I was trying to cut down the shots, the coach and captain said just take your time, you have the ability. Tremendous performance from Hafeez, I'm learning a lot from him."

That's all we have today. Hop over here if you want to see how the India- England game is going. Thanks for all the mails, clearly everyone needs to work on their jinxing ability. Join us again for the final game on Wednesday. See you then!

Kamran Yousaf: "Misbah ul Haq's Captaincy Record is 100% so far." Five wins in five ODIs so far.

Mune: "Hafeez can have a batting average of 100 for all I care, but I won't forgive him for giving away his wicket in Mohali like that."

Yousuf: "So apparently, through to the semifinal of the world cup is not the cream of the crop."

Mpofu to Mohammad Hafeez, FOUR runs
nope, just a four, it's a trademark Hafeez pull behind square leg for the boundary that seals the series for Pakistan, they are 2-0 up now

Apologies. Hafeez's batting average this year is 43. His strike-rate is 77. Thanks to Priyashrav for pointing that out.

Will Hafeez finish this off with a six?

end of over 427 runs
PAK: 224/0CRR: 5.33 • RRR: 0.25 • Need 2 runs from 48b
Imran Farhat75 (106)
Mohammad Hafeez135 (146)
Ray Price9-0-40-0
Chris Mpofu9-0-48-0

Here's the list for largest partnerships by Pakistan in ODIs.

Price to Imran Farhat, 2 runs
chopped towards deep point for a couple, Pakistan two away now
Price to Mohammad Hafeez, 1 run
length ball is pushed towards mid-off for a single

Tajdar: "Rameez Raja Jr. would surely get a chance in 3rd ODI, as Pakistan would take this series and be keen in experimenting a few other youngsters." Perhaps they should rest Hafeez.

Price to Imran Farhat, 1 run
a full ball is punched down towards long-off
Price to Imran Farhat, 2 runs
played with soft hands wide of mid-on, and the batsmen scramble two
Price to Imran Farhat, no run
down the leg side, looks to sweep, gets it down towards short fine leg
Price to Mohammad Hafeez, 1 run
eased towards long-on for a single
end of over 4112 runs
PAK: 217/0CRR: 5.29 • RRR: 1.00 • Need 9 runs from 54b
Imran Farhat70 (102)
Mohammad Hafeez133 (144)
Chris Mpofu9-0-48-0
Brian Vitori8-0-43-0

Sultan Babar: "They now have the highest opening partnership stand for Pakistan. Way to go Naeem, you jinxed him, lol..."

Gav: "Hafeez's opponents this year? Zimbabwe, Ireland, West Indies, the World cup and New Zealand. Not quite the cream of the crop"

Mpofu to Imran Farhat, FOUR runs
overpitched by Mpofu and that is squeezed out to the backward point boundary, another expensive over this
Mpofu to Mohammad Hafeez, 1 run
once more he tries to get it past short third, takes the single this time

Faisal: "Highest opening stand for Pakistan. Well Done!" Just what the Professor ordered.

Mpofu to Mohammad Hafeez, no run
shortish and just outside off, Hafeez opens the face to dab it to short third
Mpofu to Mohammad Hafeez, 2 runs
a yorker length ball on middle, Hafeez digs it out and manages to send it towards short fine