Player of the Match
Player of the Match

20 | 6 Runs 1 Wkt | AUS: 149/9 (9 runs required, RR: 7.45)

  • Brett Lee4 (3b)
  • John Hastings3 (6b)
  • Thisara Perera2-0-21-1
  • Nuwan Kulasekara3-0-26-0

That's all we have from the T20 series. Do join us for the first ODI on August 10. Until then, this is Sidharth Monga saying goodbye. Cheers

Time for presentation. "Definitely that was a brilliant catch, the turning point," says Tillakaratne Dilshan. "We knew one or two wickets put pressure there. We were hanging in, and waiting for a breakthrough. This series is definitely a big advantage going into the ODI and Test series. I want to thank the fans who have come here and supported the team."

Ajantha Mendis, the Man of the Match, talks to Roshan Abeyasinghe in Sinhalese. And despite my three trips to the beautiful Sri Lanka, I am disppointed to inform you I know no more than a few Sinhalese words. The translation from Roshan: "I came in with a lot of practice behind me, and I am very pleased that Sri Lanka won the match and the series."

Says Cameron White: "Unfortunately not good enough again. Clearly some work to be done. No excuses after the start Shane Watson gave. We just had to find a way, but couldn't. Ajantha Mendis bowled beautifully. The rest of the series will be quite tough, and we will get turning wickets for sure after today."

Shane Watson scored 57 off 24 in a chase of 158. That should be enough to win most Twenty20 games. Not this one, for Mendis turned up with record figures of 4-1-16-6. And what a relay catch by Mathews and Jayawardene at the boundary. Jayawardene followed it up with a super run-out. Not to mention his 86 when batting. Lovely T20 cricket from Sri Lanka. We will have the presentation soon

Sri Lanka are in a huddle. Hastings needs consolation, and gets it from Lee. What a superb show of Twenty20 skill from Sri Lanka to pull this one back. Angelo Mathews on that super catch: "Pure instincts. Just saw Mahela and went for it. I wasn't looking at the boundary, just wanted to take the catch, and relay it to Mahela after I saw it."

NLTC Perera to Lee, 1 run, wide full toss, hit down the ground for one. Sri Lanka have won 2-0. Mendis is overjoyed, and why not
NLTC Perera to Hastings, 1 run, Sri Lanka have won barring extras now. Hastings slogs and gets a single to long-on. The crowd erupts. Ajantha Mendis applauds

A six and a four to tie now!

NLTC Perera to Lee, 1 run, length ball outside off, heaved down to long-on for a single

Australia need three fours now. Or two sixes. Sri Lanka can finish it one ball

NLTC Perera to Lee, 2 runs, gets an inside edge on a length ball, which goes past short fine for a couple

Brett Lee is the last man in. Not a bad No. 11 to have

NLTC Perera to White, OUT, and there's the game for Sri Lanka! This is a low full toss, White makes room and goes for the six, all he manages is an inside edge onto the off stump

CL White b NLTC Perera 39 (49m 32b 1x4 3x6) SR: 121.87

Fourteen off five now. If White connects well thrice, Australia will have won

NLTC Perera to Hastings, 1 run, Hastings does his job by driving this half-volley to long-off. White on strike now

Fifteen require doff the last over. Australia still in the game. How soon can Hastings bring White on strike. Another surprising move to throw the ball to another seamer, Thisara Perera

19 | 11 Runs | AUS: 143/8 (15 runs required from 6 balls, RR: 7.52, RRR: 15.00)

  • Cameron White39 (31b)
  • John Hastings1 (4b)
  • Nuwan Kulasekara3-0-26-0
  • Ajantha Mendis4-1-16-6
Kulasekara to White, SIX runs, but it wouldn't have mattered if there were all 10 of them, White gets under this length ball and muscles it over wide long-on for six

Three fielders on the on-side fence

Kulasekara to White, 2 runs, another full toss, hit powerfully down the ground, but not straight enough of long-on. However, he comes back for two
Kulasekara to Hastings, 1 run, full toss, heaves at it, gets a thick edge for a single to third man
Kulasekara to Hastings, no run, another yorker full and wide, Hastings moves towards off, then backs away, but still doesn't manage contact with the ball

Tushar: "In this match Ajanta's bowling average is less than his economy. We don't see that often ! Do we ..."

Kulasekara to Hastings, no run, another yorker wide of off, Hastings has backed away, which makes it impossible for him to reach this. Smart bowling
Kulasekara to Hastings, no run, yorker outside off, beats his jab, gets a precious dot through
Kulasekara to White, (no ball) 1 run, a gentle full toss, White gives it an almighty heave, gets a thick edge to third man. They don't take the second despite the fumble in the deep. Called no-ball for height. identical height to the Jayawardene faced earlier. At least they are consistent

Interesting! Kulasekara comes back. This has to be the over if Australia are to do it. They are not getting the spinners off the square even

18 | 9 Runs 2 Wkts | AUS: 132/8 (26 runs required from 12 balls, RR: 7.33, RRR: 13.00)

  • Cameron White30 (28b)
  • John Hastings0 (0b)
  • Ajantha Mendis4-1-16-6
  • Jeevan Mendis4-0-23-0
BAW Mendis to White, 1 run, carrom ball again, worked away off the pads for a single. White keeps strike, but what about Mendis? 4-1-16-6, including a double-wicket maiden! best figures in T20Is
BAW Mendis to White, 1 run, OUT, the carrom ball, White comes down the crease, pushes this towards long-on with soft hands, always wants the second, and comes for it. Jayawardene chases from midwicket, puts the slide in, the throw is right beside the stumps, and O'Keefe's dive ends inches short. This is top stuff from Sri Lanka

SNJ O'Keefe run out (Jayawardene/Mendis) 1 (2m 1b 0x4 0x6) SR: 100.00

BAW Mendis to O'Keefe, 1 run, the googly, O'Keefe goes deep into the crease and pushes this down to long-on

Enter O'Keefe. Twenty-nine required off 15

BAW Mendis to Johnson, OUT, Six and out! Mendis becomes the first bowler to take six wickets in a T20I innings. Carrom ball this time, short and asking to be pulled, Johnson tries the shot, but this one deviates just a little to beat the bat, and hit the stumps

MG Johnson b BAW Mendis 7 (9m 11b 0x4 0x6) SR: 63.63

BAW Mendis to Johnson, 2 runs, the googly, which Johnson reads and cuts this towards sweeper-cover. Chandimal over-runs it initially, but makes a desperate dive to prevent this boundary
BAW Mendis to Johnson, 4 byes, That's a valuable shot for four byes! Johnson looks for the reverse-lap, blind-sighting Sangakkara, the ball beats both the batsman and the keeper. this would have been a wide had Johnson not tried the reverse shot

Thirty-five required off the last three overs. Ajantha Mendis to bowl out

17 | 7 Runs | AUS: 123/6 (35 runs required from 18 balls, RR: 7.23, RRR: 11.66)

  • Cameron White28 (26b)
  • Mitchell Johnson5 (8b)
  • Jeevan Mendis4-0-23-0
  • Ajantha Mendis3-1-11-5
BMAJ Mendis to White, FOUR runs, the slog-sweep from White, beats deep midwicket. White keeps Australia alive
BMAJ Mendis to Johnson, 1 run, googly again, too obvious, hit down to long-off for one
BMAJ Mendis to Johnson, no run, another googly, pushed back to Mendis
  • Mendis developing new delivery

    Ajantha Mendis has said that he is in the process of developing a new delivery that he hopes to unveil in the near future

  • Spin to make life difficult, says White

    Australia's limited-overs and Test cricketers will be under no illusions about the difficulty of the task in Sri Lanka after the Twenty20 team was swept 2-0 via the spin of Ajantha Mendis

  • Ajantha Mendis spins Sri Lanka to 2-0 win

    Ajantha Mendis turned tricks beyond the grasp of six Australian batsmen as Sri Lanka completed an eight-run victory for a 2-0 sweep of the Twenty20 internationals against Australia at Pallekele

  • Lessons aplenty for the visitors

    Australia needs to show the capacity to learn quickly from the reverses of the first match, while Sri Lanka seek to extend a psychological advantage

Australia 2nd innings Partnerships

71SR WatsonDA Warner
2DJ HusseyDA Warner
0SE MarshDJ Hussey
2DJ HusseyCL White
38CL WhiteSPD Smith
0BJ HaddinCL White
16MG JohnsonCL White
2CL WhiteSNJ O'Keefe
13CL WhiteJW Hastings
5B LeeJW Hastings