Player of the Match
Player of the Match

28 | 10 Runs | AUS: 133/5 | RR: 4.75

  • Michael Clarke38 (60b)
  • Brad Haddin5 (6b)
  • Lasith Malinga7-2-18-2
  • Seekkuge Prasanna6-1-32-3

This is Abhishek Purohit signing off. Join us for the final ODI on Monday at 2.30 pm local time. Cheers

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Clarke: "Great performance with the ball, Marsh won the game pretty much on his own, he played the two T20s, was training really hard, faced a lot of spin in the hands, and deserved his chance. Doherty was fantastic, Lee took four as well. Another game for Australia [coming up], and we would like to finish 4-1."

Xavier Doherty is the Man of the Match. Doherty: "Obviously coming from Australia, was looking forward to bowl in these conditions, was nice to get some wickets today after getting a bit of tap in the previous game. Just [looking] to focus more on one-day cricket, so far so good."

Dilshan: "We cannot get out for 130, we bowled well, cannot ask bowlers to defend 130 against a strong batting line-up. I think Prasanna has a good future for Sri Lankan cricket. Clarke batted really well."

Kumar Sangakkara gets a memento for playing 300 ODIs

Australia have back-to-back series wins in Sri Lanka, they won here in 2003-04 as well. It was a pretty safe chase till Marsh's dismissal led to two more wickets in the same over from debutant Prasanna. Sri Lanka's thin batting line-up caved in cheaply after Sangakkara fell, and there was no getting back from that.

Ahmed: "I assume this is the first time that 2 brothers got out to the same bowler in same match in same over with some score on board & scoring same number of runs."

ryan: "ah D.Hussey's failure taken in isolation is nothing, but really has he played a substantial innings yet for australia? More tothe point he looks out of depth, bring on Ferguson!"

Malinga to Clarke, 4 leg byes, full down the pads and he gets it away fine on the leg side, that will do for Australia
Malinga to Haddin, 1 run, eep, that was fired in and headed high and full for Haddin, but dipped on him late and he got it towards square leg off the thigh pad
Malinga to Haddin, FOUR runs, slings it full and wide, and Haddin goes after it, gets it high in the air but it clears the infield and trickles in to the deep cover boundary
Malinga to Haddin, no run, another yorker, a bowling machine could have deviated but not Malinga, on off stump and he digs it out
Malinga to Haddin, no run, almost sneaked through, tails in full on off stump with unfailing certainty, Haddin gets some bat on it, he was late in getting down on it
Malinga to Clarke, 1 run, coming in late and goes down the pads full, Clarke picks it away to long leg

Punter Fan: "What the???? Well I did tell you Haddin would be coming in - only 10 runs - can we make it?" Malinga is back, Sri Lanka need five wickets, Australia ten runs, slip in place

27 | (wicket maiden) | AUS: 123/5 (10 runs required from 22 overs, RR: 4.55, RRR: 0.43)

  • Brad Haddin0 (2b)
  • Michael Clarke37 (58b)
  • Seekkuge Prasanna6-1-32-3
  • Shaminda Eranga4-0-16-0
Prasanna to Haddin, no run, drives a tossed up delivery to mid on, and brings to an end an over that Prasanna will never forget
Prasanna to Haddin, no run, tossed up slowly on middle and leg stump, he comes forward to defend

Haddin gets a bat as well

Prasanna to DJ Hussey, OUT, three in four, that is a nothing shot, Hussey trying to cut off the back foot, one that was tossed up full on a length, it carries on to strike off stump, absolutely ordinary from Hussey, no way he can go back to that one

DJ Hussey b Prasanna 0 (1m 2b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0.00

Prasanna to DJ Hussey, no run, tossed up in to leg stump, pushed away to silly point off the front foot

On a hat-trick on debut, three men around the bat

Prasanna to MEK Hussey, OUT, two in two for Prasanna and Sanga, Hussey is gone first ball, presses forward as this one turns away from him, and Sanga snaps up another edge

MEK Hussey c †Sangakkara b Prasanna 0 (1m 1b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0.00

Prasanna to Marsh, OUT, Prasanna gets his first ODI wicket, Marsh backs away and tries to dab one sliding flat across him towards third man, gets an edge on its way to Sanga

SE Marsh c †Sangakkara b Prasanna 70 (108m 80b 11x4 1x6) SR: 87.50

26 | 7 Runs | AUS: 123/2 (10 runs required from 22 overs, RR: 4.73, RRR: 0.41)

  • Michael Clarke37 (58b)
  • Shaun Marsh70 (79b)
  • Shaminda Eranga4-0-16-0
  • Seekkuge Prasanna5-0-32-0
Eranga to Clarke, no run, fires it in full around leg stump, Clarke flicks to midwicket
Eranga to Clarke, FOUR runs, Clarke takes the slower and fuller one on, gets forward and lofts it cleanly over mid off
Eranga to Clarke, 1 wide, tries the short ball, and he allows it go past him close to off, called wide for height
Eranga to Marsh, 1 leg bye, shuffles and nudges one off the pads behind square leg
Eranga to Marsh, no run, cuts one leaving him with the angle but straight to point
Eranga to Clarke, 1 run, uses the angle to work a back of a length ball in front of square leg
Eranga to Clarke, no run, pushed off the front foot towards mid off

25 | 8 Runs | AUS: 116/2 (17 runs required from 22 overs, RR: 4.64, RRR: 0.68)

  • Shaun Marsh70 (77b)
  • Michael Clarke32 (54b)
  • Seekkuge Prasanna5-0-32-0
  • Lasith Malinga6-2-12-2
Prasanna to Marsh, no run, pushed back down the track
  • Batsmen lacked application - Atapattu

    Sri Lanka's batting coach Marvan Atapattu has blamed a lack of application from the Sri Lanka batsmen for the team's poor performance in the ongoing ODI series against Australia

  • Marsh learning to read Mendis from the hand

    Shaun Marsh's innings of 70 in the fourth ODI, during which he saw off Ajantha Mendis, could have earned him a spot in the Test side

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  • All-round Australia take series with big win

    Thanks to some fine bowling from Xavier Doherty and Brett Lee, a calm innings from Shaun Marsh, and a couple of brain explosions from Sri Lanka's batsmen, Australia secured the series with a match in hand, courtesy a five-wicket win in the fourth ODI

  • And the band played on

    ... while the Titanic sank. If only Clarke had won the toss, things would have been so much better for this Lanka fan

Australia 2nd innings Partnerships

26SR WatsonSE Marsh
0RT PontingSE Marsh
97MJ ClarkeSE Marsh
0MEK HusseyMJ Clarke
0MJ ClarkeDJ Hussey
10BJ HaddinMJ Clarke