Player of the Match
Player of the Match

2 | 4 Runs | SL: 7/0

  • Lahiru Thirimanne4 (6b)
  • Tharanga Paranavitana2 (6b)
  • Nathan Lyon1-0-4-0
  • Trent Copeland1-0-3-0

That's the end of what's been a very good series, though the denouement was farcical today. Full marks to Australia for emerging trumps in these conditions. On behalf of the ESPNcricinfo gang, this is Nitin Sundar signing off. So long, and thanks for all the smart feedback. It was a pleasure!

The Warne-Murali Trophy is an unusual piece of silverware, or should I say woodware. It has two fists gripping balls, and since Murali was such a wristy practitioner, it is tough to say which hand is whose. Neither hand is particularly pudgy either!

Presentations time, then. Haroon Lorgat is one of the dignitaries. Wonder what he thinks of this pitch. Sangakkara gets a special memento for his 100th Test from Lorgat, and another one from the SSC. What a legend!

Clarke is up next to pick up the Warne-Muralitharan Trophy. "Very proud with the way we played this whose tour, the ODIs and the Tests. The new players have made most of their opportunities too, which is pleasing. We will take a lot of heart out of this series, but South Africa will be a completely different challenge."

Hussey is Man of the Match for the third time on the trot, and inevitably the Man of the Series too. What an accomplishment! "Its been a very tough series. South Africa is going to be another tough series and I look forward to it."

Dilshan: "I am happy with the way we played here, we came back strongly. We had a chance to win this one, but they played better cricket to save it and take the series. I am happy with the way Mathews and Thirimanne have come along. Also pleased with the way I found form here."

Mercy on us, the SL openers agree to call the game off at the first opportunity. Australia move to No. 4 in the ICC ratings and SL slip to 5th.

Jason: "Would have been nice to give Hussey the new ball. Never know, SL could have been 6 down already."

Valerio: "Either play to the finish or call the game off as soon as both sides agree they could not be bothered chasing a result. In this match that would have been around Lunch on Day 3. We all could have then moved on with our lives. Oh the frustration of these batting pitches." The game "went the distance" Valerio, so Chris Broad is going to wax eloquent about it in his report. Unlike the Galle wicket, which was a "disgrace".

Lyon to Thirimanne, no run, another leave outside off, Lyon spins the last ball of the series sharply away from Thirimanne's leave.
Lyon to Thirimanne, no run, breaks away from outside off now, Thirimanne lets it go.
Lyon to Thirimanne, no run, speared in on middle and leg, nudged to the leg side.
Lyon to Thirimanne, no run, too short and wide, Thirimanne tries to cut but it if far away from him.
Lyon to Thirimanne, no run, curled in from outside off stump, solidly defended.

Round the stumps now.

Lyon to Thirimanne, FOUR runs, tossed up outside off, Thirimanne opens the face as he steers and gets it away through point for four.

PutMarshy: "See the big picture guys. Why would Clarke have declared earlier and risked Johnson tweaking a hammy? Oh. Hang on. Pup - a word in your ear mate!"

Lyon gets the new ball. Last over of the series?

1 | 3 Runs | SL: 3/0

  • Tharanga Paranavitana2 (6b)
  • Lahiru Thirimanne0 (0b)
  • Trent Copeland1-0-3-0
Copeland to Paranavitana, no run, back of a length and Copeland shapes it away again, Paranavitana lets it go.
Copeland to Paranavitana, 2 runs, Paranavitana guides another length ball into the covers for a couple.
Copeland to Paranavitana, no run, Paranavitana gets bat on it this time, pushing off the front foot towards point.
Copeland to Paranavitana, no run, beaten by a beauty outside off. Paranavitan feels for a ball that wobbles away off the seam and just eludes the outside edge.
Copeland to Paranavitana, no run, opens the face and guides a length ball towards point.
Copeland to Paranavitana, no run, gets this one on a better line, Paranavitana lets it go to Haddin.
Copeland to Paranavitana, 1 wide, short and wide outside off and Dar calls it wide.

Here we go for the fourth innings. What a thriller. Copeland has the ball. Can he pick a fiver? Three slips.

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