Player of the Match
Player of the Match

That's it from us for this game. Join us for the 2nd ODI from Harare at 9.30 am local time (1.30 pm Bangladesh time). This is Abhishek Purohit signing off for the moment. Cheers

Brian Vitori is Man of the Match on debut. Vitori: "I had seen these guys in the Test so I had an idea of how and where to bowl. I found that these guys like to play the heaves a lot, so I was trying to mix things up. I am enjoying it."

Brendan Taylor: "We would have loved to finish it three or four down. Vusi put his head down and batted through and Brian was brilliant upfront. We thought we might something out of the wicket upfront, which Brian did, I would not have been disappointed to bat first on that wicket as well. We saw Rubel reverse the ball well."

Shakib Al Hasan: "We have to bat better, I thought 250-260 would have been a good total. The batsmen need to step up and put on a good show."

Brian Vitori and Vusi Sibanda starring for Zimbabwe, Vitori ran through Bangladesh with a four-wicket burst at the start, and Sibanda was all dancing feet and flashing blade against the left-arm spinners despite the early loss of Taylor. They could have so easily got bogged down, but he saw them through despite a stirring display of swing with the oldish ball from Rubel. They would have liked to be more clinical in the chase, but after having faltered so often against the Bangladesh slow left-armers in the past, the win will be satisfying.

Vusi Sibanda: "It's just the confidence that I have to take it in to the one-dayers. It's always the key (taking on the Bangladesh spinners) as you cannot let them settle down."

Abdur Razzak to Mutizwa, FOUR runs, Zimbabwe get it done with finally, to lots of applause, he gets it away to the third man boundary
Rubel Hossain to Chigumbura, OUT, Zimbabwe are taking an age to get home, now Elton goes, Rubel has his fourth, tries to smoke a full delivery over mid on but cannot clear the man

E Chigumbura c Tamim Iqbal b Rubel Hossain 3 (17m 12b 0x4 0x6) SR: 25.00

Rubel Hossain to Sibanda, OUT, Sibanda has thrown away the hundred, he hasn't been in control of the pulls off Rubel, is hurried for pace with another well-directed short one, and hits it straight to square leg as he arches back too much, tame end to a superb knock, he has shown Zimbabwe how to tackle the slow left-armers

V Sibanda c Mahmudullah b Rubel Hossain 96 (134m 102b 8x4 2x6) SR: 94.11

Karthik: "Talented quicks, one left and one right armer - check; dashing openers - check, accurate spin bowlers - check, daring, innovative and effective captain - check; smart coach - check; Now if only Ervine finds some form and they get a reliable no.6, they will start challenging the likes of WI, Pak, NZ and wait for it..India."

Abdur Razzak to Mutizwa, FOUR runs, Mutizwa gets one away this time, gets down the track, makes some room and puts him well over mid on
Sohrawordi Shuvo to Sibanda, SIX runs, high and mighty goes Sibanda, advances down the track, and lofts him way over the straight boundary,
Rubel Hossain to Sibanda, FOUR runs, that will help Zimbabwe, short and wide, Sibanda cracks the cut through point, in between the two men around that region
Rubel Hossain to Ervine, OUT, and another one, Bangladesh sneaking back in, Ervine hangs the bat out limply at one leaving him outside off on a length, and feathers it on its way to the keeper

CR Ervine c †Mushfiqur Rahim b Rubel Hossain 0 (1m 1b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0.00

Rubel Hossain to Taibu, OUT, right through him, Taibu's middle stump is uprooted, Rubel lets it rip from wide of the crease and it comes in off a length, Taibu is very tentative in the crease and cannot get the bat down in time

T Taibu b Rubel Hossain 0 (5m 2b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0.00

Mahmudullah to Sibanda, SIX runs, lovely use of the feet, couldn't get better than this, slithers down the track, and lofts with the turn well over long on
Shakib Al Hasan to Masakadza, OUT, that is gone, that is completely needless, running headlong in to trouble, worked to midwicket and Sibanda takes off, Masakadza is hesitant and trots outside his crease, now Sibanda stops, and Masakadza feels the need to take the run and rushes down the track, midwicket rips the throw to Rahim who catches Masakadza well short as he tries to come back

H Masakadza run out (Mahmudullah) 41 (58m 58b 1x4 1x6) SR: 70.68

Shakib Al Hasan to Sibanda, FOUR runs, smashing shot, shot of the innings, down the track as he sees a bit of flight, and drives with the turn, big flourish as the ball disappears to the extra cover boundary, in the air for a while but safe all the time
Sohrawordi Shuvo to Masakadza, FOUR runs, crack! short, wide, flat, sitting up, bashed off the back foot through cover
Shakib Al Hasan to Masakadza, SIX runs, drops it short, and the strategy has been clear, use the feet to anything that is not short, and if it is short, just rock back and have a go, as Masakadza does this time and whacks it over deep midwicket
Abdur Razzak to Sibanda, FOUR runs, now the sweep, another boundary, fires it in on the pads, and he gets down to hit it wide of short fine leg
Abdur Razzak to Sibanda, FOUR runs, another fine shot, flighted delivery around leg, he gets to the pitch, they have used the feet well, and times it past mid on
Abdur Razzak to Sibanda, FOUR runs, this is not an easy shot, but he has done it twice, down the track, to the pitch and lovely followthrough as he gets the drive straight down the ground
Abdur Razzak to Sibanda, FOUR runs, that will help zimbabwe, he was in control of the shot as he came down the track, got to the pitch and drove straight past the non-striker
Shakib Al Hasan to Taylor, OUT, bowled 'em, Shakib does it for Bangladesh, it went straight on, tossed up on a length, from wide of the crease, he pushed forward for the turn, there was none, and the ball clattered in to the stumps, sneaking in to the substantial gap between bat and pad

BRM Taylor b Shakib Al Hasan 10 (16m 17b 1x4 0x6) SR: 58.82

Shafiul Islam to Sibanda, FOUR runs, they are going hard at the top, full and wide outside off this time, he gets forward on a knee and goes for it, getting it over backward point
Shafiul Islam to Sibanda, FOUR runs, full in to the pads, and he uses the angle to whip wristily over square leg
Rubel Hossain to Taylor, FOUR runs, there goes Taylor with the cut, in front of point as usual, and in to the gap, short and wide and he pounced on it
  • Vitori and Sibanda sink Bangladesh

    Zimbabwe chased a below-par total with relative ease after Brian Vitori sliced through the Bangladesh top order to become the first Zimbabwe bowler to take five wickets on ODI debut

  • Vitori dazzles on debut

    Brian Vitori ran through Bangladesh's top order to become the first Zimbabwe bowler to take five wickets on his ODI debut

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Zimbabwe 2nd innings Partnerships

1st26V SibandaBRM Taylor
2nd86H MasakadzaV Sibanda
3rd12T TaibuV Sibanda
4th0V SibandaCR Ervine
5th51V SibandaF Mutizwa
6th7E ChigumburaF Mutizwa
7th4P UtseyaF Mutizwa