2nd Test, Nottingham, Jul 29 - Aug 1 2011, India tour of England
221 & 544
(47.4 ov, target 478)
288 & 158
England won by 319 runs
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INDIA 2nd Innings
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Nasser Hussain to lead the presentation ceremony. Rightly, he thanks the groundstaff for producing a pitch that has provided exceptional entertainment for four days. Then we go through the medallions for the umpires, Rauf has really earned his again.

"Those 100 really mattered when we were bowling and when we were batting we were four down but couldn't see that new ball through," says Dhoni. "I felt the bowlers were tired but their batsmen played some great shots. It is a bit of a concern that we haven't made 300 and it's a continuation of the series in West Indies, we haven't really had a gap, where we were struggling.

"Right now Zaheer is out there practising but I don't really know where he is with his fitness. Injuries happen in the game but when you go down to three bowlers it's hard work on the bowlers. My form is a concern because if you are the leader you need to perform. But you have to look at your preparation and if that is right and the processes are right the form will follow.

"Inside I felt none of us felt right about it [the Bell run out]. That's what really matters, not the rules, not the spirit of the game. You want to feel good about what you've done when you go back to the dressing room. We had something similar with Laxman in the West Indies and didn't want to be in revenge for that or anything.

"Well of course we can turn it around. You have to have belief in yourself and the team."

Andrew Strauss looks plenty happier: "There have been some outstanding performances in the two Test matches," he smiles. "It was a fantastic turnaround and I'm very proud on what we've done this week. Bresnan was unlucky not to be playing in the first Test match and he keeps putting his credentials in place making it harder and harder to pick the team.

"I didn't tell Swann and Broad to do anything other than play their natural games. Bell was outstanding. To score that freely in tough conditions was outstanding. He's in the form of his life.

"It was very commendable of Dhoni, he has set a great example to myself and other captains. I like to think I would have done the same in similar circumstances.

"We don't know at this stage about Trott's fitness he's gone for a scan. The primary goal is just to win the next Test match, we'll let everything else look after itself."

Stuart Broad is named man of the match "We're delighted to go 2-0 up. It's pleasing to pick up some wickets after they were harder to come by earlier in the season. My and Swanny never need encouragement to have a bit of a slog. Of course I've now found a fuller length and it's paid off but I tend not to look back and worry. We have a lot of depth and a lot of confidence in our unit."

Righty, that's all from me, Sahil Dutta, and from Liam Brickhill, Nitin Sundar, Sidarth Monga, Siddharth Ravindran and George Binoy. We have a break before the third Test, please join us then to see if India can come back


England win by 319 runs From a first innings where England were 124 for 8 and India 267 for 4, England have ended up winning by a distance. Staggering performance, really.

What a match Stuart Broad has had. 64 to rescue England with the bat, 6 for 46 to rescue England with the ball and the last wicket as well. It might get forgotten after everything that followed but almost as good as Broad's effort was Rahul Dravid, whose first-innings century in tough conditions against a strong attack was remarkable. England's No. 3, Ian Bell, then matched Dravid's performance with a sublime century to set up the match before the bowlers finished it emphatically today. In a while, George Binoy will have a report that will explain it all, but for now check out our gallery of the day's best images.

Broad to Sreesanth, OUT
that's it! 2-0 England! Broad is the right man to finish it off, England would have been out of this match without him. As it is, he completes a crushing victory with a yorker into the base of middle stump as Sreesanth backed away. That is an immense performance from a very good side indeed. They can't lose the series now
S Sreesanth b Broad 0 (11m 8b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0.00
Broad to Sreesanth, no run
bouncer to Sreesanth but again the batsman eases out of the line
Broad to Sharma, 1 run
having just said that Ishant flaps at this short one and it loops over short le again
Broad to Sharma, no run
Ishant's defiance continues. Easier now, of course, but he has dealt with the short stuff better than Raina
end of over 473 runs
INDIA: 157/9CRR: 3.34 
Sreesanth0 (6)
Ishant Sharma7 (23)
James Anderson17-3-51-3
Stuart Broad14-5-29-1
Anderson to Sreesanth, no run
bouncer from Anderson and Sreesanth for once sticks to convention and gets out the way
Anderson to Sharma, 1 run
'catch!' was the cry from the bowler but no, it skews off the outside edge and over mid-off as Ishant aimed a rare swish down the ground
Anderson to Sharma, no run
back of a length and rising on Ishant outside off but he pops up on his toes and steers away very effectively
Anderson to Sharma, no run
more solid and secure defence from Ishant around off stump

"Not to pre-empt things, but Bresnan in tests is played 7, won 7. This is only his eighth." Bresnan has been quite under-rated thus far, but he's a good - and rapidly improving - all-round cricketer.

Anderson to Sharma, 2 runs
flicked through midwicket, Ishant doing a good job of keeping England waiting
Anderson to Sharma, no run
slower ball from Anderson but Ishant's shot is the same as all his shots. Hanging back and trying to put his bat in line
end of over 461 runs
INDIA: 154/9CRR: 3.34 
Sreesanth0 (5)
Ishant Sharma4 (18)
Stuart Broad14-5-29-1
James Anderson16-3-48-3

"Not very sensible this, surely India should be digging in for the night and hoping for rain?" Indeed, Colin, the forecast for tomorrow is not very good at all.

Broad to Sreesanth, no run
almost it for Broad and England. Yorker slipped past the leg stump as Sree mowed away