Player of the Match
Player of the Match

England win by six wickets Another whitewash then as England win the one-off Twenty20. Good game though, in the end India's slump in the second half of their innings cost them. Jade Dernbach was excellent, as was Eoin Morgan but it needed three desperate boundaries from Samit Patel in the final over to get England over the line. Andrew Miller has the report, which will well worth reading. There's a gallery too. Jade Dernbach is named man of the match for his four wickets. Good, bowlers don't get it enough. Anyway, that's the T20 series done, we won't remember it by the morning. Please join us on Saturday for the start of the ODI series.

Vinay Kumar to Patel, FOUR runs, finally Samit times one perfectly and finishes it in style! Down the track and smashes it over cover away for four. Punched the air a good four times, clearly meant plenty to him
Vinay Kumar to Patel, FOUR runs, that will be it! Samit backs away and gets more of this. Squeezed off the top-toe-edge and flew wide of Dhoni and away for four to third man!
Vinay Kumar to Patel, FOUR runs, boundary! Sweet relief but pure luck for England. Samit backed away, bottom edged and it sped past a diving Dhoni away. Five from five!
Kumar to Bopara, FOUR runs, four! Bopara gets the boundary but his heart would have been in his mouth for a moment. Full-toss crunched very hard down to cow corner where Munaf ran in, slid past the ball and it went away for four
MM Patel to Morgan, OUT, well well, what have we here! India are celebrating but Morgan is having none of it. Morgan flashed hard towards point where Rohit dived forward to take what looked like a good catch. Very low but it looks like the fingers are under it. Morgan asked for the umpires to take a look and they have gone upstairs. We know the TV replay is uncertain with these but it looks like a clean catch... OUT. The third umpire had a long look but gave it. Right decision you'd think and a very big wicket, too

EJG Morgan c Sharma b MM Patel 49 (39m 27b 7x4 1x6) SR: 181.48

Ashwin to Morgan, FOUR runs, reverse-sweep! So wristy and daring. Gets this from outside leg stump through third man
Ashwin to Bopara, FOUR runs, finally Bopara finds the middle. Hurries down the wicket and finds a gap wide of long-on by driving sweetly. His first boundary
Kumar to Morgan, FOUR runs, Wonderful from Morgan. Low full toss but he some how has enough power to shove this over mid-off and away for four
Kumar to Morgan, FOUR runs, after all that Praveen starts with a full-toss down leg that Morgan gleefully whips away for four to fine leg

Long break for dew-related footmark issues, gives us all a chance for a breather. Praveen is back

Kohli to Morgan, FOUR runs, that'll do nicely for Morgan. Outside edge speeds past Dhoni and away for four
Kohli to Morgan, FOUR runs, excellent from Morgan. Such clear thinking and confidence to carry off his plan. Gets down early and flips this over his shoulder, past the wicketkeeper and short fine leg away for four
Sharma to Morgan, SIX runs, Morgan gets enough of this. Shoves his foot down and and flays through the line, swinging it rows back into the stands over cow corner
Sharma to Morgan, FOUR runs, short ball punished! Hops back and thrashes it in front of the deep point
Sharma to Morgan, FOUR runs, that eases the pressure slightly. Morgan with that extra-cover drive of his drills this through a fine gap, hard enough to beat the outfielder
Kohli to Pietersen, 1 wide, OUT, how about that for a start! Dhoni, for the first time all summer, is excellent behind the stumps! Shoved down the leg side, Pietersen came too far out his ground and Dhoni had the bails off in a flash

KP Pietersen st †Dhoni b Kohli 33 (31m 23b 5x4 0x6) SR: 143.47

Virat gets a go. Medium pace. His first bowl in T20I

MM Patel to Kieswetter, OUT, gone now! India break the spell of runs. Slightly slower ball duped Kieswetter who punched his drive straight to cover

C Kieswetter c Raina b MM Patel 18 (30m 13b 2x4 1x6) SR: 138.46

Ashwin to Pietersen, FOUR runs, oh dear, that ends an expensive over. Again a touch leg side and Pietersen nailed his sweep shot away for four
Ashwin to Pietersen, FOUR runs, starts a touch leg side and Pietersen sweeps hard over to the fine leg boundary

Here's R Ashwin. Spin or bust by the looks of things for India.

Vinay Kumar to Kieswetter, FOUR runs, Kieswetter ran very far outside leg stump and ended up having to really reach for this outside off. Still he timed it very firmly through the off side and Rohit dives over the ball on the boundary. Not the best piece of fielding
Vinay Kumar to Kieswetter, FOUR runs, ah much better from Kieswetter. Calmer. Gave himself just a little bit of room and punched a drive through the off-side ring
MM Patel to Pietersen, FOUR runs, not a good ball here. Shortish and Pietersen stands still this time and whacks a four to deep square
MM Patel to Kieswetter, SIX runs, wild swish off a medium pacer but still it goes off the edge miles back into the stands for six. Big bats these days
MM Patel to Pietersen, FOUR runs, dropped! Good effort by Parthiv in the outfield I suppose. Pietersen flayed wildly and it looped out towards Parhiv. He hared in, well, he tried to, managed to get his hands under it but spilled it diving forward. Worse still it bobbled away for four
Kumar to Pietersen, FOUR runs, oh dear. Inside edge gets Pietersen four but he knew nothing about it. The batsman shuffled outside leg, got back in line, swung wildly and it sped away. Praveen's line didn't vary. Have to love him
Kumar to Hales, OUT, no debut dream for Hales then! Out for a duck second ball! This looked dead straight away and the umpire's finger was up in a no time. Wicket-to-wicket line and Hales played outside of it. Thudded into the pad and it's all over

AD Hales lbw b Kumar 0 (1m 2b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0.00

England 2nd innings Partnerships

1st0C KieswetterAD Hales
2nd58KP PietersenC Kieswetter
3rd3KP PietersenEJG Morgan
4th73RS BoparaEJG Morgan
5th35SR PatelRS Bopara