4th ODI, Lord's, Sep 11 2011, India tour of England
(48.5/48.5 ov, target 271)
Match tied (D/L method)
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That's it, it has finally ended, in a stalemate. This is Abhishek Purohit signing off, along with Liam Brickhill, who is having a silent chuckle somewhere in ESPNcricinfo Towers in London. Thanks for all the frenzied feedback folks. Cheers and stay away the rain.

Suresh Raina: "I was batting well but not getting big scores. My game plan is simple, when I get the ball in my areas, I play my game. Disappointing for Ravi to not have got the 100."

Ravi Bopara: "Not an ideal way to clinch the series, with the rain around, we did not know when to accelerate. Should I knock it for ones and twos, or go for the big shots, once Swann got out I thought we should really go for it towards the close. Last couple of games have been nice for me, long way to go ahead."

Joint Men of the Match today, Suresh Raina and Ravi Bopara.

Alastair Cook: "It was touch and go towards the end, we ended up batting for D/L, being more defensive knocking off the singles, not sure when the rain was coming. Tie was a fair result. Great to see Bopara delivering on the big stage to get us a tie. We tried everything earlier but that partnership (between Dhoni and Raina) was fantastic. If we had kept them to 250, we could have got there comfortably. Possibly we missed Dernbach. We will know on Broad in 48 hours."

MS Dhoni: "I will not crib about the tie. Jadeja is doing his job brilliantly. In conditions like these, it is hard for the part-timers. Today when the ball got wet, we had enough resources. We know Raina has fair amount of firepower and if he gets going can destroy any attack in the world. We have not won anything. It has been a long tour, we have one more game, we will give it our best."

Karthik: "@Prateek: Without the catch by Jadeja on the last ball we would have lost."

Abedi: "No body is giving credit to Munaf for his excellent last 5 balls that convert a Loss for India to a Tie at least."

Prateek: "Oh Jadeja! What was that inexcusable, needless throw at the striker's end for?!"

Julia: "Whoa this has been more dramatic than a Bollywood movie."

6.25 pm With the covers firmly on at Lord's, the game has been called off. It is a tie, the second one in the previous five games between England and India. The home team have taken the series with the final game in Cardiff to go. Bit of a letdown actually, what with all the frenetic momentum shifts towards the end.

Rohit: "Did England just do a South Africa?"

The umpires will wait till 6.30 pm before calling the presently-tied game off.

Nauman: "Pardon me for being too judgmental, but seriously. Did england invent the game of cricket? really? Had they, then it would have been an indoor game."

amit: "You may find the indian team being invited to play in some drought affected areas. They seem to attract rain."

And fittingly, it will be a tie if the game is called off here. Just been too much of ebb and flow in this game for both sides

They are going off again for rain, it had been pouring all over the helmets of the batsmen but the umpires had been gritting their teeth and hanging in there, just got too heavy for comfort now

MM Patel to Bopara, OUT
Munaf does it for India again, and Ravi Bopara falls at the doorstep of glory, it is Ravindra Jadeja who redeems himself at the deep midwicket boundary with a well-judged leaping high take, Bopara had bent the knee and swung Munaf high over midwicket, but found Jadeja, India are rejoicing in the huddle, they have come back from the brink, they had almost fallen off, a dejected Bopara has to walk back, tragic end to a brave innings
RS Bopara c Jadeja b MM Patel 96 (137m 111b 6x4 0x6) SR: 86.48
MM Patel to Swann, OUT
Munaf has run out Swann in pouring rain! drama at Lord's, Swann danced down the track, but could not get hold of this one, it trickled on to the pitch, Munaf charged for it even as England scampered for the run, got to the ball right under Swann's nose, wheeled around and fired in the throw at the non-striker's, he even hit
GP Swann run out (MM Patel) 31 (26m 23b 3x4 0x6) SR: 134.78
MM Patel to Bopara, 1 leg bye
Munaf screams out the appeal, but this ball was headed well down leg as Bopara missed the swing
MM Patel to Swann, 1 run
pushed in to the off side for a single
MM Patel to Swann, 2 runs
and then he chips down the track and dinks a fullish one in front of long on, bopara will scamper back for the second, Swann is such a combative presence to have at this moment

With the rain coming down, Swann withdraws late from his stance, wasting some time

end of over 484 runs
ENG: 266/6CRR: 5.54 • RRR: 6.00
Graeme Swann28 (20)
Ravi Bopara96 (109)
RP Singh9-0-59-3
Munaf Patel9-0-51-0
Singh to Swann, 1 run
RP ends a fine over with another short ball in to Swann, who cannot get hold of the pull as he is not in the best of positions for the shot, squirts it infront of square leg
Singh to Bopara, 1 run
Bopara gets across and outside the crease, flicks a very full delivery, square leg puts in the slide to his right, single already taken
Singh to Swann, 1 leg bye
in to the pads from a fuller length, Swann lines up to swing it over square leg, misses and it rolls away on the leg side
Singh to Swann, no run
sharp short ball, right in to Swann, who spots it late and just about gets the head down in time

Shiraz: "I'm not an English fan but I have to admit England seems to have a man for every occasion if it's not Bresnan it's Swann, if it's not Bell it's Bopara one or the other person steps up for every occasion." Ravinder Singh is the man today

Singh to Bopara, 1 run
too much with the angle on the pads, and tickled square for the single
Singh to Bopara, no run
dot ball, oh well, a rarity, RP angles it in just short of a length, Bopara plays all around it and misses

sayantan: "at the begining of the match someone had argued in favour of not picking aaron..reasons,can he bowl yorkers,slower etc..bowling fast is not anough...just curious to know how many yorkers and slower ones munaf and RP has bowled so far in this series..."

RP and Munaf are having a discussion. RP from round the stumps

end of over 4710 runs
ENG: 262/6CRR: 5.57 • RRR: 4.90
Graeme Swann27 (17)
Ravi Bopara94 (106)
Munaf Patel9-0-51-0
RP Singh8-0-56-3
MM Patel to Swann, FOUR runs
Munaf serves up a low full toss, Swann exposes the stumps and carves him way over extra cover, in to the boundary, England cantering now
MM Patel to Bopara, 1 run
Bopara walks down the track and works a length ball towards midwicket, this time long on charges in to keep him to one
MM Patel to Swann, 1 run
makes room again for the big drive, Munaf goes full on the stumps, and Swann manages to squeeze it out to extra cover
MM Patel to Swann, 2 runs
walks down the track, Munaf drops it shorter, slower, Swann chips it softly towards midwicket, soft enough to bring two
MM Patel to Bopara, 1 run
full toss from Munaf now, Bopara turns it through midwicket for a single
MM Patel to Swann, 1 run
gets outside leg and scythes the length ball from middle down to long on

29 off 24. Looks like a steal

end of over 4610 runs
ENG: 252/6CRR: 5.47 • RRR: 6.70
Graeme Swann19 (13)
Ravi Bopara92 (104)
RP Singh8-0-56-3
Munaf Patel8-0-41-0
Singh to Swann, 1 run
RP goes for the yorker, Swann makes some more room and carves him between cover and point, not much on the shot this time though
Singh to Swann, 2 runs
short ball now but Swann swings it through square leg, the man from deep midwicket bounds across, but slips even as he puts in the slide
Singh to Swann, FOUR runs
there is the boundary, Swann has made some room and drilled the full delivery between extra cover and mid off, Munaf chases it all the way to the ropes