Player of the Match
Player of the Match

England surge to victory by an innings and 14 runs, Tremlett leading them from the field with souvenir stump in hand. Sri Lanka just completely lost it after tea, their composure falling away completely as they imploded to lose 8 for 49 in just over 12 overs since tea. What an incredible finish, we're all still catching our breath here.

Tremlett started the slide with two wickets before the break and a third immediately upon the resumption to reduce Sri Lanka to 33 for 3. It was one-way traffic from there, Swann coming to the fore after the initial damage had been done to claim four quick scalps and Broad returning to finish things off. Sri Lanka were completely blown away.

"Please give Senor Kidger a nod for getting it spot on," writes Luke. "What I took for either overconfidence in England's bowling or underconfidence in SL batting, may have been both or neither but he saw a possibility where i certainly saw none."

Mayur: "After witnessing what just happened. The picture of the england slip cordon in the cricinfo gallery for this match sends shivers down my spine. This team may very well be on their way to be number one. Watch out India. Theyre coming. From an indian fan."

Dilshan is disconsolate in the post-match interviews, Strauss is beaming and happy. Neither man thought a result was possible today. Dilshan, who has the shellshocked look of a man who cannot quite believe what has just happened, backs his team, and his two great batsmen Mahela Jayawardene and Kumar Sangakkara, to rise to the occasion at Lord's. Understandably, he wants his team to forget this day and simply move on. Strauss points out that England were on the receiving end of a collapse like this in Adelaide four years ago. Jonathan Trott is the Man of the Match, but he points out that apart from his "dull hundred" there were two good knocks by Cook and Bell. "Just keep believing," says Tremlett, when asked what the chat in the England dressing room during the tea interval was about.

Andrew McGlashan has been tapping feverishly at his keyboard for some time to bring you his summation of the remarkable events of this evening in his bulletin. There will also be a gallery to peruse shortly, and you can head to our Facebook page for some celebratory gloating/defeated lamentations, depending who you were supporting today.

Stuart Broad has already mentioned the win on Twitter: "That's the most unbelievable Test win I've played in! Sat in the changing room for 3 days and sneaked a win!" Well, quite. That's all from a stunned ESPNcricinfo office for now. Join us on Friday time for the second Test at Lord's, where the first ball will be bowled at 11.00am BST. Liam Brickhill, Andrew McGlashan and Sahil Dutta were your commentators for this match, goodbye from us all.

Broad to Lakmal, OUT, that's it! Gone! How have England pulled a win out of this game? Incredible stuff. Dug in again by Broad, Lakmal just couldn't deal with the bounce and the ball looped easily to Cook in the slips to complete the victory

RAS Lakmal c Cook b Broad 0 (1m 2b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0.00

Broad to Lakmal, no run, that could well be Broad's fastest ball of the game, really hurling it down at pace. Defended from the crease
Broad to Perera, OUT, what a catch! That is a stunning effort at short leg, and Perera is gone. He flapped at another short ball, the ball pinging lamely off the bat and Bell leaping forward to clutch the catch inches from the turf. England surge towards a win!

NLTC Perera c Bell b Broad 20 (32m 17b 4x4 0x6) SR: 117.64

Just two slips for Perera

Broad to Mendis, 1 run, short and rising, fended to fine leg. A leg slip would've made things interesting there

Three slips, gully and short leg in place

24 | 8 Runs | SL: 81/8

  • Ajantha Mendis11 (17b)
  • Thisara Perera20 (16b)
  • Graeme Swann7-1-16-4
  • Stuart Broad7-1-20-0
Swann to Mendis, 1 run, chipped uppishly through midwicket, the ball evades a diving fielder and there's almost a mix-up between the batsmen! Tense times out there
Swann to Mendis, FOUR runs, swept hard down to fine leg, an easy boundary once the shot was connected as the field is right in for Mendis. England lead by just 16 now
Swann to Mendis, 2 runs, this delivery holds its line outside off, squirting off a thick edge and running down to third man
Swann to Perera, 1 run, punched down the ground for one
Swann to Perera, no run, leading edge! Perera was looking to work to leg but was done by the flight, the ball looping into space in front of point ...

Richard: "@Jon, it's the same for us South Africans - Centurion and Cape Town 18 months ago. Go Sri Lanka!"

Swann to Perera, no run, driven hard but straight to the extra cover fielder

Swann to continue, slip and short leg in place, deep midwicket, deep square and long-on out

23 | 1 Run | SL: 73/8

  • Ajantha Mendis4 (14b)
  • Thisara Perera19 (13b)
  • Stuart Broad7-1-20-0
  • Graeme Swann6-1-8-4
Broad to Mendis, no run, good length on off stump to end the over, but Mendis leans forward and presents the full face of the bat to defend
Broad to Mendis, no run, Mendis yanks his bat inside the line to leave this one alone, as a length ball holds its line outside off
Broad to Mendis, no run, past the inside edge! Broad gets one to nip in off the seam, cutting the batsman in half
Broad to Perera, 1 run, a life for Perera! And Bell is down. It was another short ball, Perera not even nearly in control of it and it lobbed up temptingly ... Bell rushed back, substitute fielder Stewart Walters ran in, and it landed just between them, Walter's knee digging into Bell's chest and winding him. He's up and fine now. That was so close
Broad to Perera, no run, short again, a true bouncer this time and Perera is in a tangle! He didn't know much about that, the ball rushed on for him and a one-handed flail sends the ball just past Bell at short leg

Vishal: "Had no interest in this match with a weak SL bowling unit plus the rain but boy have things livened up or what - now i am hooked watching every ball like a hawk. WOW - long live test match cricket!!"

Broad to Perera, no run, dug in quite short, fending defence off the back foot

Change in the attack, Tremlett is taken out and Broad comes back to try and get rid of Perera

22 | 8 Runs | SL: 72/8

  • Ajantha Mendis4 (11b)
  • Thisara Perera18 (10b)
  • Graeme Swann6-1-8-4
  • Chris Tremlett10-2-40-4
Swann to Mendis, FOUR runs, driven through cover with great confidence. As far as the two men at the crease are concerned, all is not yet lost. That's a fine shot
Swann to Mendis, no run, turn and bounce for Swann! The ball spins in sharply to strike Mendis on the thigh
Swann to Mendis, no run, nudged away, for some reason they seemed to be contemplating the single there
Swann to Mendis, no run, straighter, turned defensively to leg
Swann to Mendis, no run, defended into the off side
Swann to Mendis, 4 byes, that's a horrible delivery, it slips out of the hands and flies down the leg side, Prior can't do anything to cut it off

Prior, slip, leg slip, silly mid-off and short leg make Mendis feel welcome at the crease ...

21 | 12 Runs | SL: 64/8

  • Thisara Perera18 (10b)
  • Ajantha Mendis0 (5b)
  • Chris Tremlett10-2-40-4
  • Graeme Swann5-1-4-4
Tremlett to Perera, FOUR runs, full and driven through cover ... the ball is escorted all the way to the boundary by the fielder, England wanting to get Perera off strike

Sri Lanka 3rd innings Partnerships

1st1TM DilshanNT Paranavitana
2nd9TM DilshanKC Sangakkara
3rd23DPMD JayawardeneKC Sangakkara
4th3TT SamaraweeraKC Sangakkara
5th7HAPW JayawardeneKC Sangakkara
6th0HAPW JayawardeneMF Maharoof
7th0HAPW JayawardeneNLTC Perera
8th9HMRKB HerathNLTC Perera
9th30NLTC PereraBAW Mendis
10th0RAS LakmalBAW Mendis