2nd ODI, Dhaka, Apr 11 2011, Australia tour of Bangladesh
(26/50 ov, target 230)
Australia won by 9 wickets (with 144 balls remaining)
Player Of The Match
AUS Innings
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end of over 2616 runs
AUS: 232/1CRR: 8.92 
Ricky Ponting37 (42)
Shane Watson185 (96)
Rubel Hossain6-0-57-0
Abdur Razzak7-0-58-0

Watson also scored the most runs in boundaries in an ODI innings. The previous record was Herschelle Gibbs's 126 runs in boundaries during his 175 in Johannesburg in 2006.

Watson scored 185 off 96 balls, out of a total of 232. 80% of the runs. "Made my job easy," Ponting tells Neo Sports. "Just had to get a single to give him strike. No one expected it to get over that fast. I have been lucky to play with some great players, Watto has played some great innings ... this was an amazing innings. Some of those sixes would have cleared any boundary in the world. Probably won't sink into us for a while how good that was ..."

This is also the highest score by an Australian in an ODI. Beating Hayden's 181 against New Zealand.

Shakib looks a little shell shocked at the presentation ceremony. "He batted really well, all the credit goes to him ... We put on a reasonable total, but the way he batted ... when we started with spinners the ball was coming on to the bat nicely, by the time the ball stopped coming on to the bat he was well set and hitting everything."

Clarke: "That's probably the best innings I've seen. Hit the ball so cleanly from the start today ... full credit to Watto." Clarke's also happy with the way his spinners bowled.

Shane Watson is the Man of the Match. Obviously. "Nice day today," he says with a smile. "Everything came off and a little bit of luck as well." Was the sixes record planned? "I had no idea, I was pretty tired and didn't want to run too much. Was pretty hot and humid so I tried to limit my running and it worked out nicely. The ball didn't turn too much today ... made it easier to execute."

That's it from us at ESPNcricinfo for the moment, join us day after tomorrow for the final game of this series. Did I mention that Australia have won it 2-0? I'm off to watch happy animated movies after this violence. Thank you for all your emails today. Cheers.

Rubel Hossain to Ponting, FOUR runs
Ponting has his moment in Watson's sun, pulling the ball through backward square to score the winning runs. Bangladesh's torment is over.

Come on Ponting, leave the winning runs to Watto.

Rubel Hossain to Watson, 1 run
mis-hit through midwicket for a single
Rubel Hossain to Watson, SIX runs
well he's got his 15th!! This time with a cool swing through the line, lofting the ball straight over the fielder on the long-on boundary
Rubel Hossain to Watson, FOUR runs
full toss on middle and leg stump, Watson fails to hit his 15th, managing to swing it through square leg for a measly four.
Rubel Hossain to Watson, no run
full ball outside off, Watson chops own on it and plays towards point
Rubel Hossain to Ponting, 1 run
Ponting drives straight down the ground for a single
end of over 2522 runs
AUS: 216/1CRR: 8.64 • RRR: 0.56 • Need 14 runs from 24 overs
Shane Watson174 (92)
Ricky Ponting32 (40)
Abdur Razzak7-0-58-0
Rubel Hossain5-0-41-0
Abdur Razzak to Watson, SIX runs
yawn. Watson gets down on one knee, swings his bat with the power of a superhuman, and hits his 14th six, over midwicket again, with a slog sweep. This is getting stale now. How about a reverse-sweep for six?
Abdur Razzak to Watson, no run
Watson aims for another leg-side boundary and misses