4th ODI, Chattogram, Dec 10 2010, Zimbabwe tour of Bangladesh
Match abandoned without a ball bowled

Thank you for joining us and thank you for all your feedbacks, do join us again for the 5th ODI on Sunday, December 12th, until then bye from all of us here at Cricinfo.

Rajib: "come on i am running out my pop-corn. start the game please" Now you can take it easy and enjoy your pop-corns.

12:45pm: The outfield is still wet and the conditions have not improved, the umpires have decided to call the match off. The match has been abandoned.

Hussain: "Is there have any good news about this game. I just finished my nap........" We are also waiting and hoping for the best.

12:00pm: The ground staff are doing their work on the ground and the super-sopher is doing its work. There will be an inspection in 30 minutes.

Australia's 3rd Test squad for Ashes: Ponting, Clarke, Beer, Haddin, Harris, Hughes, Hilfenhaus, M.Hussey, Johnson, Siddle, Smith, Watson.

Rashed: "@Shorab, Australia picked Beer who was recommended by Warne! So Warne is not completely overlooked:)"

Inspection is at 12:30pm and the cut off time is 1:47pm, by that time the game should start, if we are to have a match.

Nasir: "@shorab..Shane Warne does not make a mistake like Michael Schumacher..a king should remain as a king forever.. as a fan of Warne at least I don't want that Warne make such a bad move..."

Razzak has 13 wickets for this series so far and he could become the leading wicket-taker in a 5-match series. He could break his previous record of 15 wickets and also that of Mendis who also has taken 15 wickets, both of them against Zimbabwe and Cremer's 15 wickets were against Kenya.

Hussain: "Could you please let us know that anyway match would be start. otherwise , we can go to the bed .........." You can have a good nap till 12:30pm.

Rasel: "If the play start it may be with curtailed overs which will be interesting. Zimbabwe could get the benefit as they have a good number of pinch hitter...."

Shorab: "Off topic: Australia anounces squad for 3 rd test. No Shane Warne." That is interesting :)

10:35am: The weather is clearing up and the pitch is fine, there is a bit of moisture but that will dry soon, the main problem is the outfield which is still soggy. The drainage is not good at Chittagong, hence the super-soper will have to do its work. The next inspection is at 12:30pm. If the game does not start by 1:47pm, the match will be called off.

Shamsssmc: "Hey rain come here (@dhaka), leave Ctg, it will be great to see the match staying under blanket!"

10:25am: We have some news at last and it is not good. The umpires have done an inspection and the ground is still unplayable. The next inspection is at 12:30pm.

Tamim: "I think Pacers will get extra benfit due to this wet weather. However Bangladesh should seal this series to victory today. Hope this wont be another one man show. everyone should perform."

10:15am: The umpires are having an inspection of the ground at the moment.

Zaman: "Can't wait to see another "RazzaK Show," but what a "Rain-Drama" !!!"

10:10am: There is still no official news about the game starting, so we will continue with some interesting feedbacks."

Ripon: "I'm worried about Chittagong weather. All the series in Chittagong are affecting by rain. Thinking if there is any rain in Chittagong during Worldcup, which could be big issue! 'SAY NO TO RAIN DURING WC'."

Shariful Islam: "Bangladesh certainly will have to improve in the batting department to make any significant improvements in the world cup. Our bowling has always been impressive comparing with the batting. Top and Middle order batsman must contribute along with Sakib as we can't depend only on players like him alone."

bch: "I think pacers can also make significant impact considering today's weather and pitch condition apart from the spinners." The teams will be thinking on those lines too.

Emran: "@ Wasim Ashraful got plenty of chances, He is got nothing to show for it. Its time they focused on those who are actually performing or showing glimpse of their capability, they should get more chances."

Rana: "eagerly waiting in dhaka for a match in the holiday morning. please weather, don't ruin my holiday." We are also waiting.

Wasim: "Ashraful should be given a chance again, because if Bangladesh wants to do well in world cup, inform ashraful will be the greatest weapon. Think about the last world cup match against SA. He should be supported by Siddons, Shakib and others, which is not happening now."

09:30am: There is no news on the exact time when the game will start or how long it will take. As soon as we have any news, we will get you all the updates.

Jawad Khan: "Maybe Zim will catch on to the trick; play more specialist spinners. Not that Mpufo is bowling bad or anything, but desperate times calls for desperate measures."

08:55am: The covers are on, a soggy outfield, not a great sight. The super-soper is doing its work on the covers. The sun would help in drying the ground but we are still awaiting the sun. We will be back as soon as there is any news on play starting, stay tuned.

A different ground and a different pitch, can Zimbabwe level the series? Or can Bangladesh seal the series? A good contest on the cards.

08:35am: There has been rain for the last couple of days and the outfield is wet and it is unlikely that we will be starting on time. There is a bit of drizzle at the moment.

Bangladesh lead the series 2-1, the game now shifts to Chittagong. Hello and welcome to Cricinfo's live coverage of the 4th ODI, I am Binoy George and along with Sanjay will bring you the action.