1.30pm The match has been called off. The inevitable has happened. Weather has won the day. The series is drawn. Not sure if we'll have some kind of a presentation ceremony, just as a formality. If there is, we'll get you the details. If not, it's sad to bid goodbye. It's been a terrible five or so days, but here's hoping for a better time in the ODIs. See you then, Adios.

12.20pm The cut-off time, we're being told now, is in fact 1.30pm. So a bit of a lifeline for this match, but the situation still hasn't changed.

12pm: "Nothing has changed here," remains the status. If the situation doesn't improve in another 30 minutes, there won't be any action.

11.21am: Another update from Andrew. Nothing new. "Nothing's changed here. Rain is still coming down. Covers are on. Skies are overcast."

9.50am: Andrew Fernando, who's writing the bulletin for this game and taking in all the fun in Pallekele, sends us this: "It's alternated between rain and drizzle all morning, and the skies are very overcast. No signs of clearing. Match will be called off at 12:30 if there is no improvement."

9.35am local time: Hello and welcome to the coverage of the fifth day's play of this absolutely riveting Test series. With a result guaranteed on the fifth day, we can be sure of some enthralling cricket. Okay, enough. The fact is that it's drizzling still in Pallekele, and it rained through the night. The ground is under covers on the final morning as well, and chances of any play are bleak. We'll give you an update as soon as we have one. But the covers are out, it's very overcast. There is action in a different part of the world, though, and it's shaping up as a huge challenge for the hosts. Australia are being hit around by Kevin Pietersen, who's on the verge of a double-century. Meanwhile, in Pallekele, it's a horrible state of affairs. See you when we have an update.

West Indies 1st innings Partnerships

1st0CH GayleDS Smith
2nd115DS SmithDM Bravo
3rd27S ChanderpaulDM Bravo
4th99S ChanderpaulBP Nash
5th1BP NashDJ Bravo
6th10BP NashCS Baugh
7th1CS BaughDJG Sammy
8th21SJ BennDJG Sammy
9th29SJ BennKAJ Roach