Player of the Match
Player of the Match

So, England will have to score 250 for victory here. Fantastic bowling from Chris Woakes who has finished with 6 for 45 - the second-best figures ever in ODIs for England. Not bad for a bloke in his second one-day international!

It was a funny sort of innings, Watson and Haddin looked like setting a good platform, as did Hussey and Clarke later on. But batsmen kept getting out after making starts. It should be a very interesting chase. Join us for the England innings in half an hour.

Ian Hale writes in: "I'm presuming the best England ODI figures are Colly against Bangladesh, where he took 6 for 30-something and got a century? What a legend that man has been for us over the years."

Quite right, Ian. Those are the best figures for England.

Trott to Smith, 1 run, OUT, Smith swings hard, pulls it to deep midwicket and they come back for two runs, Dougie's dive at the non-striker's end is in vain - he's short as Trott takes the throw and breaks the stumps. Australia are all out for 249.

DE Bollinger run out (sub [Wright]/Trott) 6 (6m 4b 1x4 0x6) SR: 150.00

Trott to Bollinger, 1 run, crunched out to deep cover for one run, to give Smith the strike
Trott to Bollinger, FOUR runs, Bollinger begins with a boundary! He's cut hard and thereare men up in the circle at backward point and fly slip - this pierces the gap

Right. So, Jonathan Trott, with figures of 1-0-8-0, comes on now to bowl the 50th over. At least he's not bowling to Smith.

49 | 10 Runs 2 Wkts | AUS: 243/9 | RR: 4.95

  • Doug Bollinger1 (2b)
  • Steven Smith23 (24b)
  • Chris Woakes10-0-45-6
  • James Anderson10-1-42-1
Woakes to Bollinger, 1 run, good yorker gives Woakes a chance, but Bollinger keeps it out and picks up a single

Woakes has one ball now to become the first England player to take seven wickets in an ODI. Can he do it?

Woakes to Bollinger, no run, bouncer from Woakes, and Dougie ducks under it
Woakes to Smith, 1 run, driven away to point

That last ball was a no-ball, but not a front-footer - they had one too few fielders in the circle. So this next ball is not a free hit.

Woakes to Smith, (no ball) SIX runs, oh, well played Steven Smith! Another slower ball from Woakes, and Smith has waited on it, driving inside out over cover and clearing the boundary, great stroke

Doug Bollinger comes out now, and with three balls left in the over, it's really important that the Australians survive, because then they will get six balls to face Jonathan Trott's mediums, most likely.

Woakes to Lee, OUT, Woakes has six! And the 50th over may not be required after all. Lee has cut hard but in the air and third man takes the catch, it's the substitute fielder Luke Wright down there

B Lee c sub (LJ Wright) b Woakes 0 (2m 1b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0.00

Woakes to Smith, 1 run, another slower delivery and Smith throws the kitchen sink at this, slapping a single down to long-off
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England 2nd innings Partnerships

1st20AJ StraussMJ Prior
2nd0AJ StraussIJL Trott
3rd2KP PietersenIJL Trott
4th73IR BellKP Pietersen
5th3IR BellEJG Morgan
6th5PD CollingwoodIR Bell
7th25PD CollingwoodCR Woakes
8th0A ShahzadCR Woakes
9th17JM AndersonA Shahzad
10th53JM AndersonST Finn