10.40 am: Find another way to spend your Sunday. The match in Kochi has been abandoned.

It began to rain again and, with all the water already on the field, it was impossible to play. A real shame for the optimistic thousands who turned up at the venue.

We now have a two-ODI series to complement the two-Test series. The next game is in Visakhapatnam on October 20. Do join us then. Cheers.

10.00 am: It's drizzling again and the covers are back on. This changes everything. There won't be an inspection until the rain stops.

This is why I'm a fan of Twitter. Steven Smith (via Twitter, tells us) "Is having a chillout session with Warner. Rain coming down again outside. No game today I don't think." Right from one of the horses' mouth.

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9.50 am: The clouds have returned, but they aren't emptying their contents on Kochi just yet. The teams, meanwhile, are still at their hotel. It's only a short drive to the venue so they haven't been asked to turn up until there's significant improvement.

9.00 am: We've just got word that the next inspection will be at 11.00 am and not 12.00 pm as mentioned earlier.

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8.40 am: The sun's out and Ravi Shastri reckons there are 30,000 people at the venue already. There was a sharp shower at 4.00 am this morning and there's no chance of play anytime soon I'm afraid. Shastri's estimate of a start time is 11.30 am.

The ground staff are mopping up the water on the field with sponges. You'll know of what Chris Broad thinks of the conditions as soon as I do. He is expected to conducted an inspection at 9.00 am.

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8.25 am: There's good news and there's bad news. The good news is that it isn't raining at the moment. The bad news is that there's been enough rain yesterday to delay the toss. The ground is still covered and the ground staff are at work.

Chris Broad, the match referee, is arriving at 9.00 am for an inspection. Brad Hogg, on Neo Sports, reckons there's not going to be much more than a 20-over contest. The bowlers' run-ups are muddy under the covers.

The bad weather hasn't deterred people from turning up though. There's a fearful din at the stadium in Kochi. And all of them are wearing blue t-shirts. All of them.

8.10 am: Good morning and welcome to ESPNcricinfo's coverage of the first of three ODIs between India and Australia. The weather was awful in Kochi on the eve of the game (check out the picture on our homepage, if you haven't already) and I'll bring you news of what it's like today as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, Sriram Veera's said that Michael Clarke will be under pressure as captain in the ODIs, after scoring only 35 runs in the Tests.