1st T20I, Birmingham, Jul 5 2010, Pakistan tour of England
(18.4/20 ov, target 168)
Pakistan won by 23 runs
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The Pakistan team form a huddle near the boundary's edge, great spirit shown by them today. Umar Akmal's inspirational innings gave them a total to defend and the bowlers - Shoaib aside - responded in superb fashion. This is the first time Australia have lost to Pakistan in 13 games, across all formats, and Pakistan have finally broken their Aussie duck, which stretches back to their defeat in the Champions Trophy last September, through the disastrous Australian tour, to the World Twenty20.

The feedback comes pouring in: "When Gul got Hussey, I screamed in my class in excitement," writes Obaid. "Lucky to not get kicked out."

"The last 5 wickets fall in 12 balls: that's a collapse of Bangladeshi proportions!" says Mark Kidger. "Mind you, you won't find to many neutrals complaining that Pakistan have finally broken the hex that Australia have held over them for years. It could be a very interesting neutral series and Pakistan may just give theit fans something to cheer about."

Usman: "Feel so happy, especially after Sydney Test & Semi-Final. Watched the game at work with some other fanatic fans, and all of us were screaming when Hussey's leg stump went cart-wheeling. Great game, lets hope we can repeat this tomorrow and more importantly in Tests."

Unsurprisingly, Umar Akmal gets the Man of the Match award for his awesome knock. Phew, what a game! Read Brydon's bulletin for an indepth look at today's action. That's all from me today folks, but there's no respite as we have a re-match tomorrow! Do join us again for that.

Saeed Ajmal to Tait, OUT
doosra again, Tait doesn't pick it as he charges down the track and Kamran has the bails off in a split second! Pakistan win the first Twenty20, and the crowd are absolutely loving this
SW Tait st †Kamran Akmal b Saeed Ajmal 6 (2m 3b 0x4 1x6) SR: 200.00
Saeed Ajmal to Tait, SIX runs
well, that has flown miles over wide long-on! Ajmal tosses one up on leg stump, Tait comes down the track and just swings through the line - he has no idea which way it's turning - and connects handsomely.
Saeed Ajmal to Tait, no run
too good for Tait, he had no idea at all as Ajmal sent down the doosra. Big swing outside off connects with fresh air
Saeed Ajmal to Johnson, OUT
stumped! Johnson is left lying on the turf as Pakistan celebrate! He jumped out of the crease as Ajmal sent down a quicker one, and just ran past the ball. Kamran completed a smart stumping in a flash, Johnson swung round and tumbled over as he tried to get back to the crease, but to no avail. Just one wicket needed now
MG Johnson st †Kamran Akmal b Saeed Ajmal 3 (2m 3b 0x4 0x6) SR: 100.00
Saeed Ajmal to Johnson, 1 wide
fired down leg, too far and that's called wide

Ajmal to finish up

end of over 184 runs • 2 wicket
AUS: 137/8CRR: 7.61 • RRR: 15.50 • Need 31 runs from 12b
Mitchell Johnson3 (2)
Umar Gul3-0-13-2
Mohammad Amir4-0-27-3
Umar Gul to Paine, OUT
the stumps are shattered! Gul is on fire here, Paine goes across his stumps but Gul spears in an inswinging yorker to send the leg stump spinning! If Australia had a chance before this over, Gul has almost certainly done enough to win this game now
TD Paine b Umar Gul 1 (7m 4b 0x4 0x6) SR: 25.00
Umar Gul to Paine, no run
Paine goes down to scoop over the 'keeper, but Gul sends down a full toss outside off and he can't lay bat on it!
Umar Gul to Johnson, 1 run
gets the yorker just wrong and it comes out a low full toss, which is drilled down to long-on
Umar Gul to Johnson, 2 runs
jams a yorker out to midwicket, they take a sharp second
Umar Gul to MEK Hussey, OUT
cleaned him up! The crowd roar, the fielders mob the bowler! Gul sends down the perfect yorker, and Mike Hussey's leg stump is sent cartwheeling! That's the wicket Pakistan wanted. That should taste real sweet after what he did to them at the World Twenty20
MEK Hussey b Umar Gul 18 (21m 15b 3x4 0x6) SR: 120.00
Umar Gul to Paine, 1 leg bye
Paine shuffles across to off, is struck on the pad as Gul sends one snaking in full. That was slipping down leg though, and they take a leg-bye to get Hussey on strike

Who does Afridi turn to? Gul has two... and yes it will be Gul, which means he will also bowl the last over

end of over 1711 runs • 1 wicket
AUS: 133/6CRR: 7.82 • RRR: 11.66 • Need 35 runs from 18b
Tim Paine1 (1)
Michael Hussey18 (14)
Mohammad Amir4-0-27-3
Saeed Ajmal3-0-19-1
Mohammad Amir to Paine, 1 run
great yorker to start, Paine digs it out to mid-off and takes a single

Tim Paine comes out, he'll have to find some momentum straight away, no time to play yourself in here

Mohammad Amir to Smith, OUT
bowled! Smith goes! That was a horrible, ungainly mow across the line to a length ball, Smith misses completely and the ball smashes into the top of the middle and leg stumps. Does that swing the match for Pakistan? Hussey is the man they want
SPD Smith b Mohammad Amir 12 (8m 8b 2x4 0x6) SR: 150.00
Mohammad Amir to MEK Hussey, 1 run
tip-and-run as he sends the ball to cover. Call came straight away
Mohammad Amir to MEK Hussey, FOUR runs
low full toss from Aamer, Hussey chips it to leg and picks up a boundary at midwicket!
Mohammad Amir to Smith, 1 run
again he sends the front foot to leg, but Aamer goes straighter this time and also pulls the length back, so just the one