1st ODI (D/N), Napier, Mar 3 2010, Australia tour of New Zealand
(49.2/50 ov, target 276)
New Zealand won by 2 wickets (with 4 balls remaining)
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New Zealand win by two wickets with four balls remaining. The pressure was on him towards the death and Styris comes through with a fantastic innings under pressure. Styris was a late inclusion when Daniel Vettori had to pull out with a neck complaint and he has justified his selection with a match-winning 49 not out off just 34 balls.

New Zealand always looked on target for victory with Ross Taylor at the wicket but when he was out from the bowling of Watson at 204 for five in the 39th over, New Zealand needed an old hand to stand up.

Australia's bowlers fought hard right to the end, with Bollinger taking the wickets of McCullum and Broom to give the visitors a real sniff. When Southee was run out at 246, New Zealand needed 30 off 22 deliveries. Bond joined Styris and Bond hit the boundary when required but it was Styris who will take all the accolades on an evening he will never forget.

Ponting felt his team didn't score enough runs due to the fact that nobody went on to make a big score after making a start. It is the first loss for Australia in their last 13 ODIs and Ponting is disapppointed but well aware they need to bounce back quickly for the match in Auckland on Saturday.

New Zealand's stand in captain Ross Taylor can't believe the position he is in, when at the start of the day he had no idea he would captain the side. He heaps praise on all of his players, especially Styris. The loss of Oram made it difficult for him rotating his bowlers however he did an admirable job by all accounts.

Ross Taylor also picks up the Man of the Match award for his run-a-ball 70 which anchored the chase. Styris will feel a little aggrieved for not picking up the award himself but I'm sure he will take enough from the match as it is.

New Zealand take a 1-0 series lead and we head to Auckland for game two on Saturday which starts at 1200 local time and 2300 GMT on Friday night.

Thanks for joining us today and tonight. On behalf of the crew here at Cricinfo, I would like to say goodnight and we look forward to next time. Bye for now.

Bollinger to Styris, SIX runs
length ball from Bollinger and Styris just hits through the line and over mid off for six! What a finish and what an innings from Styris!
Bollinger to Styris, no run
Bollinger goes yorker length but it's down leg and it takes Styris on the pad and goes to short fine leg and they can't get a single
end of over 4911 runs
NZ: 275/8CRR: 5.61 • RRR: 1.00 • Need 1 run from 6b
Shane Bond11 (8)
Scott Styris43 (32)
Shane Watson9-0-47-1
Doug Bollinger9-0-52-2
Watson to Bond, FOUR runs
fullish and Bond sits back and plays off the outside half through backwars point for four
Watson to Styris, 1 run
good length and Styris plays to point and they take a single. Watson and the Australian's appeal as it has taken the pad first and that was a very good shout for LBW but not given
Watson to Bond, 1 leg bye
angled into the pads and Bond is outside leg anyway, it takes him on the pads and runs into the off side and they take a leg bye. Great scenes from the crowd who are exceptionally loud!
Watson to Bond, no run
slower ball and Bond forces to Ponting at point
Watson to Bond, FOUR runs
helf volley outside off and Bond throws the kitchen sink at it and it races away for four through point
Watson to Styris, 1 run
good length and Stryis drives on the up with no timing into the off side and with the field on the edge of the ring there is an easy single on offer
end of over 488 runs
NZ: 264/8CRR: 5.5 • RRR: 6.00 • Need 12 runs from 12b
Scott Styris41 (30)
Shane Bond3 (4)
Doug Bollinger9-0-52-2
Ryan Harris10-1-57-1
Bollinger to Styris, 1 run
yorker played well by Stryis as he drives to long on to retain the strike. With two overs to go, New Zealand need 12 to win with two wickets in hand. Jacob Oram will bat if required but has injured a tendon in the field
Bollinger to Styris, FOUR runs
full and wide and Styris slashes it just over the head of White at short third man and it runs away for four valuable runs
Bollinger to Bond, 1 run
yorker driven to mid off and he calls yes and dives at the bowlers' end, the throw misses but Bond was home safe no matter what
Bollinger to Bond, no run
great channel from Bollinger and that's too good for Bond as he looks to play to third man but misses
Bollinger to Styris, 1 leg bye
slower ball is short and Styris tries to whip it through the leg side but misses and it takes him low on the body and they take a run
Bollinger to Bond, 1 run
full from Bollinger and Bond slays it over backward point to third man for a single to get Styris on strike
end of over 4712 runs • 1 wicket
NZ: 256/8CRR: 5.44 • RRR: 6.66 • Need 20 runs from 18b
Scott Styris36 (27)
Shane Bond1 (1)
Ryan Harris10-1-57-1
Mitchell Johnson10-1-46-1
Harris to Styris, FOUR runs
full and wide and Styris waits on it, plays it late and drives through point in the gap for four
Harris to Styris, FOUR runs
half volley and Styris gets underneath it and hits it beautifully straight over the bowlers' head for four
Harris to Bond, 1 run
short in at the hip and Bond works it behind square for one
Harris to Styris, 1 run
149 kph, yorker driven to long off for a single
Harris to Styris, 1 run, OUT
149 kph, low full toss and Styris drives is straight down the ground and he calls immediately for two, Southee looks and says no but Styris is committed and South sacrifices himself at the bowlers' end
TG Southee run out (White/Harris) 2 (7m 3b 0x4 0x6) SR: 66.66
Harris to Southee, 1 run
yorker and Southee digs it out to Clarke at cover and calls yes, Clarke picks it up and misses and Southee was well short
end of over 4610 runs
NZ: 244/7CRR: 5.3 • RRR: 8.00 • Need 32 runs from 24b
Scott Styris26 (23)
Tim Southee1 (2)
Mitchell Johnson10-1-46-1
Ryan Harris9-1-45-1
Johnson to Styris, FOUR runs
147 kph, Styris sits back and pulls/heaves over mid wicket for four as Harris can't run it down from mid on
Johnson to Styris, FOUR runs
147 kph, bumper from Johnson with mid on and mif off up inside the circle and Styris pulls through wide mid on for four, good stroke
Johnson to Styris, no run
short ball and Styris tries to pull but gets it off the edge into his front pad