4th ODI (D/N), Auckland, Mar 11 2010, Australia tour of New Zealand
(31.1/34 ov, target 200)
Australia won by 6 wickets (with 17 balls remaining) (D/L method)
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Australia take the series 3-1 with one game remaining with another comprehensive win here in Auckland.

Ponting played a great innings under pressure and basically counter-attacked the New Zealand attack when Bond was fired up at the top of the innings, with 50 off just 35 deliveries.

Cameron Whites deserves a lot of praise for bringing the game home with 50 not out and his amazing summer continues. Hussey and Voges played important innings too.

New Zealand simply did not score enough runs, once again, and the Duckworth/Lewis system actually gave them a greater chance of winning, unlike five days ago during the second ODI.

McCullum struck the ball cleanly for 61 but he didn't receive enough support at the top of the innings to allow New Zealand to build a sunstantial score.

Nathan Hauritz made the important breakthroughs, nabbing McCullum, Stewart and Franklin in a spell that squeezed the life out of the New Zealand innings. Watson, again, provided the crucial partnership-breaking wickets and finished with for two for 24.

New Zealand captain Daniel Vettori is disappointed in both the batting and bowling. His batsmen didn't socre enough runs, being 120 for one before collapsing to be all out for 238, and his bowlers weren't consistent enough to create enough pressure.

Ponting is rapt with the team effort and heaps praise on most of his players.

Cam White is named Man of the Match and he's happy to see it through to the end for the second game in a row. His game plan is to hit long and straight and it's obviously working pretty well for him. It's his first Chappell-Hadlee series victory in New Zealand so he is a very happy man.

The fifth and final ODI is in Wellington on Saturday March 13 at 2pm local time, that's 1am GMT. Join us in a couple of days time as New Zealand look to salvage some pride, while Australia will look to finish the series in style.

On behalf of the crew here at Cricinfo, this is Marc Ellison signing off. Bye for now, see you in two days time.

Southee to Hussey, FOUR runs
full delivery on middle and Hussey drives powerfull past mid off for four and Australia win the match by six wickets and the series!
end of over 319 runs
AUS: 198/4CRR: 6.38 • RRR: 0.66 • Need 2 runs from 18b
Michael Hussey24 (16)
Cameron White50 (57)
Daniel Vettori7-1-29-2
Tim Southee5-0-51-0
Vettori to Hussey, 1 run
quicker down leg and Hussey clips it fine to long leg
Vettori to Hussey, no run
slower and Hussey goes back and plays into the leg side
Vettori to Hussey, FOUR runs
arm ball defeats Hussey, it takes the outside edge and runs fine through third man for four
Vettori to Hussey, 2 runs
shorter and flatter and pulled through square leg to Bond, the sweeper, who can;t prevent the second
Vettori to White, 1 run
low full toss driven to mid on to bring up his half-century, well played Cameron White
Vettori to Hussey, 1 run
around the wicket to Hussey and he sweeps through forward square leg to the sweeper
end of over 3013 runs
AUS: 189/4CRR: 6.3 • RRR: 2.75 • Need 11 runs from 24b
Cameron White49 (56)
Michael Hussey16 (11)
Tim Southee5-0-51-0
Shane Bond6-0-28-1
Southee to White, FOUR runs
low full toss and White gets low and underneath it and hits it over mid wicket for four
Southee to White, FOUR runs
full and clubbed over mid wicket, Vettori runs back and tries to keep it inside the rope but can't pull it back in time
Southee to Hussey, 1 run
yorker driven to long off, Hussey just looks at ease
Southee to White, 1 run
full again and played to cover for a quick single
Southee to Hussey, 1 run
yorker driven to long off
Southee to Hussey, 2 runs
low full toss and Hussey drives in the air to Taylor at long off, he can't quite get underneath it in time and the batsmen take two, Southee is visibly disappointed
end of over 299 runs
AUS: 176/4CRR: 6.06 • RRR: 4.80 • Need 24 runs from 30b
Michael Hussey12 (8)
Cameron White40 (53)
Shane Bond6-0-28-1
James Franklin3-0-26-1
Bond to Hussey, 1 run
good length angled across the left hander and he plays late off the front foot to Guptill at backward point who fields well but can't prevent the single