5th ODI (D/N), Wellington, Mar 13 2010, Australia tour of New Zealand
(46.1/50 ov, target 242)
New Zealand won by 51 runs
Player Of The Match
New Zealand
AUS Innings
Full commentary
end of over 470 runs • 1 wicket
AUS: 190/10CRR: 4.11 • RRR: 13.56 • Need 52 runs from 23b
Doug Bollinger1 (2)
Shane Bond9.1-1-26-4
Daniel Vettori10-1-39-1

New Zealand take the game by 51 runs but Australia claim the all important Chappell-Hadlee Trophy 3-2. Tim Southee claims the Man of the Match award for his four wickets and his superb bowling during the Power Play.

The series now heads into the Test matches which starts at the Basin Reserve on Friday. Join us at 11am local time or 10pm (Thurdsay) GMT.

This is Marc Ellison saying thanks for joining us this series and see you again soon. Bye for now.

This weekend also sees the start of the 2010 Formula One season. For live commentary, analysis, reports and photos, check out our sister site ESPNF1.

Bond to McKay, OUT
Bond goes full and McKay lofts a drive over the off side field, Southee moves in from the boundary and comes forward to catch the ball low down in front of his body and New Zealand claim the dead-rubber by 51 runs
CJ McKay c Southee b Bond 2 (7m 6b 0x4 0x6) SR: 33.33
end of over 464 runs • 1 wicket
AUS: 190/9CRR: 4.13 • RRR: 13.00 • Need 52 runs from 24b
Clint McKay2 (5)
Doug Bollinger1 (2)
Daniel Vettori10-1-39-1
Shane Bond9-1-26-3
Vettori to McKay, 1 run
tossed up and McKay uses his feet and chips it towards long off
Vettori to McKay, no run
flatter and driven off the back foot to cover
Vettori to McKay, 1 wide
angled just down the leg side and called wide, Hopkins collects and takes the bails off but McKay never left the crease
Vettori to Bollinger, 1 run
slower and Bollinger moves back and clips it through forward square leg to the sweeper
Vettori to Bollinger, no run
flat and cracked to Southee at cover who does well to save the single