Player of the Match
Player of the Match

Harbhajan Singh: "This was probably a better wicket than Nagpur.. We played fantastic cricket , the way we bowled on the first day and the way we batted. Today we just bowled with three bowlers but have done the job. Eden has been special to me. I don't know what it but I have done well here always. We wanted to be at the top of the table; we know we got the players to keep being No 1. We are very happy and it's fantastic to win the way we did. The heart was pumping in the end! My sister is getting married and so I won't be playing the first two ODI games. I want to wish my team well."

Hang on for quotes from the post-match ceremony

Graeme Smith: "It would have been terrific if we had hung around. England did it couple of times against us but credit must be given to MS an his boys. We should have batted better in the first innings. We then came and dropped a few catches. You have to give credit to all the boys for trying. The pitch (here) was still good. Batting on last day in India was always going to be difficult. Special words to Amla .. he has been outstanding through the series. He is become our glue at no 3. I don't think any of us have seen him play better. He has a calm mind and has been working very hard. Great to see it coming together for me. The last two trios to India ... I can't complain. We have drawn the series.. not every team can say that. Hopefully next time we come out here, we can go one step forward. But next India will be coming to South Africa later this year. They will want to win at our home and we want to do well. I would like to thank the crowd for all the support."

Man of the match and the Man of the series is Hashim Amla:: "I am feeling tired. I am very disappointed in losing this game. Me and Morne were just having some fun out there. He played really well and so did Parnell earlier. Fortunately, Morne and Parnell are decent batsmen and took lots of pressure of me. I am being just grateful that I have had a good tour. I have now the one-days to look forward to .Unfortunately we have lost the game ... It was a very good wicket. we could have saved it; there wasn't' anything unplayable from the wicket."

MS Dhoni: IT was important for us to bat just once and four of us got hundreds. The bowlers were great. The wicket did nothing on the first day but Bhaji and mishy bowled well. Then today we didn't have Zaheer and the bowlers bowled really well. The amount of effort the three bowlers put in today, we desperately wanted to be on the winning side. In Indian cricket you are always under pressure. Ishant is getting rhtyhm back, Mishra too bowled very well. And Harbhajan too .. after Anil bhai's retirement, there is lots of pressure on him and he bowled really well."

Both Smith and Dhoni accept the cup and pose for the pictures.

And please do read the The Bulletin by Sidharth Monga.

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Harbhajan Singh to Morkel, OUT, Eden Gardens has gone mad as Harbhajan Singh, the man under immense pressure after a lackluster performance in Nagpur, does it for India in his favorite Eden. Hashim Amla is devastated. What a moment this. Trapped in front. Eden Gardens has gone wild. They are screaming their heads off. It landed on the middle stump line and just about straightened, Morne pushed slightly outside the line, and the ball hit the pad in front of middle ..middle and leg. It would have hit the leg and middle stump. Gone! The fatal finger goes up! India remain no 1. Harbhajan leads the celebratory run to nowhere. He screams and screams as he looks at the crowd and is mobbed by his team-mates. The Indians quickly break away to run and congratulate Amla on an outstanding innings. They couldn't get him out at all but they have taken out the rest. It will go down as one of the most memorable games played on this hallowed venue.

The appeal was typically Indian. Harbhajan was back--pedaling even as he shouted out an huge appeal. Every close-in fielder jumped up to scream and everyone in the crowd were obviously appealing. The umpire Steve Davis thought about it for a moment before ruling it, correctly, out. As the finger moved, Harbhajan turned and dashed for his run. And the crowd began their typical R O A R.

M Morkel lbw b Harbhajan Singh 12 (76m 60b 3x4 0x6) SR: 20.00

Harbhajan Singh to Morkel, no run, lands on the leg stump line, straightens to hit the pad ...

And the crowd ... boy are they into the game or what,. Tremendous noise being generated. Claps, shouts, screams and a relentless roar

Harbhajan Singh to Morkel, no run, on the middle stump line, defended to silly point....

131 | (maiden) | SA: 290/9

  • Hashim Amla123 (394b)
  • Morne Morkel12 (57b)
  • Amit Mishra40-12-78-3
  • Sachin Tendulkar1.5-1-1-0

And the plan continues. You face one over, I face the other. It's working like a treat. Morne is playing the innings of his life. Super support under immense pressure

Mishra to Amla, no run, googly on the middle and leg, pushed without any fuss past short-leg
Mishra to Amla, no run, the slider on the middle and off, it skids on quickly but Amla has picked it; he goes back to defend
Mishra to Amla, no run, flighted leg break around off stump, Amla gets forward to push it out to cover.
Mishra to Amla, no run, goes well back inside the crease to keep this one out.
Mishra to Amla, no run, leg break just outside off, Amla leans forward the defend, the ball dips, grips, turns and gets the edge and rolls to gully
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South Africa 3rd innings Partnerships

1st36GC SmithAN Petersen
2nd18HM AmlaAN Petersen
3rd57JH KallisHM Amla
4th47AG PrinceHM Amla
5th6HM AmlaAB de Villiers
6th8HM AmlaJP Duminy
7th8HM AmlaDW Steyn
8th70HM AmlaWD Parnell
9th14HM AmlaPL Harris
10th26HM AmlaM Morkel