Player of the Match
Player of the Match

Time for the post-match presentation
Ricky Ponting: "It's been a good series, and we have been a very good one-day team in the last few series. We have got a lot of belief in the team, when you have got that belief, it's easy for the guys coming in to do well. Looking back, that bad run of injuries in India gave these young guys chances, and they have taken them with both chances."

Mohammad Yousuf: "They were better than us in all areas, they were the better team. We played really well today, came close, but Ponting and Hussey batted well. They are a really professional side, they don't take pressure, they make good plans, and execute them."

The Man of the Series is Ryan Harris, who wouldn't even have played but for an injury or three. "A month ago I was doing rehab for my knee injury, so I am pretty surprised. I am pretty close to being my best. It's good to be around with the guys. The move to Gabba has helped me, but it's not the sole reason for my being picked. It's pretty hard to break into this side, and I saw the first two match, and though, 'Gee it's good to be out here.'" Man of the Series, and had played just three games. Good on ya Ryan

The Man of the Match is Clint McKay for his 4 for 35. He says: "Definitely representing your country is what you grow up dreaming about. So I am enjoying being with the team, and hope it lasts for a bit."

What a match we have had, the best of the lot in this series. One of the best ODIs of late, just goes on to prove what fun a low-scoring close ODI can be. Better than a 414 v 411 for me. And as usual Hussey saw Australia home here, despite Pakistan putting up their best 50 overs of the series in the defence of 212. They were aggressive, they were positive, they were hustling, they were clear-headed. And cheers to Australia, who absorbed it all, and still crossed the line to hand Pakistan a 5-0 drubbing.

Adam Gilchrist hands over the winners' trophy to Ricky Ponting and delighted Australia team. Time for me, Sidharth Monga, to say good bye.

Iftikhar Anjum to Harris, 1 no ball, it's a beamer, what drama, surely yorker gone wrong, lobs straight to mid-off, Afridi catches and appeals, but Asoka calls it a no-ball, just above waist, so fair call. Just wondering if the modern fashion of wearing trousers low would help getting such calls in your favour

all fielders stopping one now

Iftikhar Anjum to Harris, 2 runs, Harris can't do no wrong, don't shake his hand if you are in Perth, you might just turn to gold. He just saw a length ball, and swiped it over midwicket, gets two, scores level

Ryan Harris is the new man in, what's he going to do, Hussey right in his ear, full of instructions. Five men saving the single

Australia 2nd innings Partnerships

1st21BJ HaddinSE Marsh
2nd33RT PontingSE Marsh
3rd19RT PontingCL White
4th49RT PontingAC Voges
5th17MEK HusseyAC Voges
6th11MEK HusseyJR Hopes
7th28MEK HusseyMG Johnson
8th32MEK HusseyNM Hauritz
9th3MEK HusseyRJ Harris