1st Test, Ahmedabad, Nov 16-20 2009, Sri Lanka tour of India
(129 ov)
426 & 412/4
Match drawn
Player Of The Match
INDIA 2nd Innings
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end of over 1291 runs
INDIA: 412/4CRR: 3.19 
VVS Laxman51 (160)
Sachin Tendulkar100 (211)
Chanaka Welegedara21-1-76-1
Rangana Herath40-6-97-2

So that is that. In five days we've had 21 wickets and seven centuries. Two of them came today and those helped India save this Test. Gambhir and Tendulkar batted well to save this match. Tendulkar is applauded and back-slapped as he heads into the pavilion. He and Gambhir were superb in application today. Sri Lanka were rather flat on an unresponsive track. Hopefully the Kanpur track will be more productive.

Stay with us if you'd like for the post-match presentation.

Sangakkara: "A bit disappointed but a few surprises. The Jayawardenes, Dilshan and Samaraweera played well. We showed a lot of fight and spunk. It was a pretty flat track. We were thinking positive and needed something to go our way today but that didn't happen. But we're not too disappointed. Welegedara having to step in on the morning of the match, did fantastically. Prasad showed a lot heart to bowl at 140 plus with a hamstring. It's nice to see people put their hands up."

Dhoni: "We had to handle our nerves and that's what showed. We're proud of this achievement. The series will go close. We can bowl more disciplined lines, but apart from that the bowlers bowled their hearts out. It wasn't easy. We're not worried about the batting. We expected the track to have a bit more bounce for the spinners, but it favored the batsmen."

Mahela Jayawardene is the Man of the Match for his 275, his 27th Test century: "All the batsmen could have done that. The last time I toured India I had a few fifties; it is always a challenge coming here. I got good support on the way and all in all it was a great Test match."

So that is that, folks. Thanks for your company over the past few days. On behalf of Kanishkaa and the rest who chipped in on commentary, this is Jamie Alter signing off. The second Tests starts on Tuesday. Bye for now!

Welegedara to Laxman, no run
glances the ball to square leg and that is the end of the Test
Welegedara to Laxman, no run
back to business, Laxman leaving alone outside off

Patient innings that has helped India draw this match.

Welegedara to Tendulkar, 1 run
finally gets there, tapping the ball back past the bowler and setting off immediately, mid-off runs in but cannot prevent Tendulkar's 43rd Test century, one celebrated with a whoop and a big pump of the arms
Welegedara to Tendulkar, no run
tries to flick a full ball outside off but mistimes it back to the bowler

Feedback of the day from the cryptic yyyyu: "jgjgg". Yup, that's how I feel too.

Welegedara to Tendulkar, no run
pitches on a length and he defends ever to watchfully to cover
Welegedara to Tendulkar, no run
angles it across and he shoulders arms to that one

Discussion between captain and fielder, batsman and batsman. For what, God knows. The field is spread around the circle to try and stop the single.

end of over 1281 runs
INDIA: 411/4CRR: 3.21 
VVS Laxman51 (158)
Sachin Tendulkar99 (207)
Rangana Herath40-6-97-2
Chanaka Welegedara20-1-75-1
Herath to Laxman, no run
drives inside-out to extra cover, making room to take the floated dipper on the rise
Herath to Tendulkar, 1 run
now he stabs at one and it rolls away to the leg side, Laxman sees it and calls for the single that takes Tendulkar to 99
Herath to Tendulkar, no run
more of the same, spins in from well outside and no shot offered
Herath to Tendulkar, no run
again outside leg stump so he kicks it away
Herath to Tendulkar, no run
goes for a sweep to one tossed up down the stumps and misses
Herath to Tendulkar, no run
tossed up into the rough and he pads it away to the off side where the umpire Harper picks it up and throws it back to the bowler ... its all happening