2nd Test, Durban, Dec 26-30 2009, England tour of South Africa
(50 ov)
343 & 133
England won by an innings and 98 runs
Player Of The Match
SA 2nd Innings
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end of over 504 runs • 1 wicket
SA: 133/10CRR: 2.66 
Makhaya Ntini1 (3)
Graeme Swann21-3-54-5
James Anderson8-2-24-1

It's been a fantastic Test and I hope you enjoyed the coverage. That's all from Kingsmead from me, Sahil Dutta, and from Andrew Miller. South Africa are a proud sporting nation and will fight back at Cape Town, I hope you'll join us on January 3 at 10.30 am (8.30 am GMT) for what should be a great occasion. For now, all that is left to say is have a very happy new year.

Andrew Strauss describes this as the best performance by an England side away from home he's witnessed. He commends under-pressure batsmen Cook and Bell and again Swann. He thanks the England fans for their support and, as ever, urges England to keep their feet on the ground, saying there is a long way to go in the series. But Strauss will be absolutely thrilled as his careful construction of a world-beating team goes a small step further.

Graeme Swann wins his second successive man of the match award, after he won it at Centurion. He chuckles and looks chipper, describing his year as a dream come true.

Graeme Smith says the collapse was caused by the constant pressure England exerted throughout the game. He believes batting first was the right option, but his side didn't bowl well enough and left South Africa chasing the game from then on. Defending the batsmen, he says the top-six have done the job for a while, and credit should be given to England for being so decisive. Intriguingly, Smith says the right selections need to be made for the next Test.

Andrew Miller's bulletin is ready for you to chew on as we wait for the presentation ceremony.

The England players huddle, woop, highfive, and embrace, but the damage was done yesterday so there is a sense of more quiet satisfaction today.

England win by an innings and 98 runs. A sensational spell last night turned this match, making today almost a formality. 1964 was the last time England beat South Africa by an innings, and after Centurion, where they almost snatched defeat in a crazy spell on the final day, England have been utterly dominant here.

Swann to Steyn, OUT
that's it! Gone! England have won a remarkable victory, Swann has five as Steyn is struck bang in front!
DW Steyn lbw b Swann 3 (37m 25b 0x4 0x6) SR: 12.00
Swann to Ntini, 1 run
Ntini plays this neatly, opening the face and guiding it to third man for one
Swann to Steyn, 1 run
pushed into space away for a single to bring Ntini on strike
Swann to Steyn, no run
slightly shorter and Steyn gets back to defend
Swann to Steyn, 2 runs
nicely played, floated up outside off, and driven firmly through the covers
Swann to Steyn, no run
Swann looking for five, but Steyn defends easily enough
end of over 49Wicket maiden
SA: 129/9CRR: 2.63 
Makhaya Ntini0 (2)
Dale Steyn0 (20)
James Anderson8-2-24-1
Graeme Swann20-3-50-4
Anderson to Ntini, no run
swinging in from a full length, but it starts wide of off and Ntini leaves alone
Anderson to Ntini, no run
oh, shaping away nicely, far too good for Ntini who plays and misses

England one wicket away now, the Barmy Army are trying to generate some verve and atmosphere. Here comes Makhaya Ntini, for the final time in a Test? They should play a few shots here.

Anderson to Harris, OUT
the full ball does the trick, in the softest of ways. Harris was deep in his crease and ended up chipping it slowly to mid on - Broad - who takes the easiest of catches
PL Harris c Broad b Anderson 36 (57m 50b 5x4 0x6) SR: 72.00
Anderson to Harris, no run
back of a length again, which seems strange for a man hanging on his crease, and defended easily enough
Anderson to Harris, no run
outside off again, and left alone, worryingly for England, umpire Saheba has just checked the light
Anderson to Harris, no run
good start, shaping away and Harris, hanging back as usual, fences needlessly outside off

Anderson will replace Broad, who won't, it seems, get a chance to pick up a fifth wicket

end of over 485 runs
SA: 129/8CRR: 2.68 
Dale Steyn0 (20)
Paul Harris36 (46)
Graeme Swann20-3-50-4
Stuart Broad17-3-43-4
Swann to Steyn, no run
on off stump again, and Steyn is a picture of defiance, blocking resolutely
Swann to Steyn, no run
Swann over the wicket now, Steyn waits, and defends from the crease
Swann to Harris, 1 run
nicely pushed out into the off side, to bring Steyn on strike
Swann to Harris, no run
clipped into the leg side but straight to short midwicket
Swann to Harris, FOUR runs
good shot, he does look clumsy at the crease but this is well played, couple of steps down the track, meets it on the pull and bunts it firmly down the ground for four
Swann to Harris, no run
here is Swann, pushing it across Harris who defends

Rishi wants to ruffle some feathers, and who am I to stop him, "To me, Swann is a better bowler than Harbhajan. Bajji's performance is solely dependent on the surface whereas, I find Swann more intelligent and is able to extract something out of even a flat surface." Ouch.

end of over 47Maiden
SA: 124/8CRR: 2.63 
Dale Steyn0 (18)
Paul Harris31 (42)
Stuart Broad17-3-43-4
Graeme Swann19-3-45-4
Broad to Steyn, no run
nicely fielded by a diving gully, squirted off the outside edge from another fullish delivery
Broad to Steyn, no run
pitched fuller and it does indeed find some in-drift, but it starts too wide of off stump to interest Steyn
Broad to Steyn, no run
outside off stump this time, too short to swing in, and Steyn shoulders arms
Broad to Steyn, no run
back of a length, Steyn stays from the crease, and defends
Broad to Steyn, no run
dug in short again, it won't swing from there, Steyn looks uncomfortable fending off into the leg side but keeps it down
Broad to Steyn, no run
Broad has an over against Steyn here, and starts on off stump, Steyn defends well
end of over 464 runs
SA: 124/8CRR: 2.69 
Paul Harris31 (42)
Dale Steyn0 (12)
Graeme Swann19-3-45-4
Stuart Broad16-2-43-4
Swann to Harris, no run
past the edge again, excellent bowling, Harris prods forward and the quicker ball whistles past the edge