Player of the Match
Player of the Match

That's it from Edgbaston, where the draw leaves England with their 1-0 lead heading to Leeds for the fourth Test beginning on Friday. For now from myself Brydon Coverdale, and Will Luke, it's goodbye.

Here's the presentations. Andrew Strauss: "We're pretty disappointed. We came to the ground this morning with pretty high hopes. All credit to Marcus North and Michael Clarke, they batted exceptionally well." Strauss is optimistic that Flintoff will be fit for Friday's third Test at Headingley.

Ricky Ponting: "The North and Clarke partnership today was something pretty special. It was good for us to get through the way we have."

The Man of the Match is Michael Clarke, for his unbeaten match-saving century. Well played that man. "The wicket played much better than I expected it to today. There was a bit of spin but it was consistent spin."

Clarke raises his bat and takes the applause, and the captains have agreed that is the end of the game. What a super innings from Michael Clarke, he and Marcus North came together with Australia far from safe in this match and they killed off England's hopes of victory. The rain, of course, was the deciding factor earlier in the match. Handshakes all round.

Bopara to Clarke, FOUR runs, there it is, Clarke swivels a pull behind fine leg to the boundary and that's his 12th Test century
Bopara to Clarke, no run, yes? No? Pushes it towards mid-on and thinks of a run, but sends Manou back

112 | 4 Runs | AUS: 371/5

  • Michael Clarke99 (190b)
  • Graham Manou13 (28b)
  • Paul Collingwood2-0-8-0
  • Ravi Bopara8-1-40-0

Right. That's it from me. Here's Brydon for the last rites. See you on Friday. T'ta

Collingwood to Clarke, 3 runs, flicked to leg and he'll take three

This is almost a stalemate. Don't really understand what Clarke's tactics are here, whether he's just trying to inflict some pain on England and make them wait and wait

Collingwood to Clarke, no run, Clarke comes forward and defends on the front foot
  • North aims for consistency

    Marcus North wants his vital 96 on the final day at Edgbaston to be the innings that kick-starts a run of consistency and eliminates all doubt over his position at No. 6

  • Are you England in disguise?

    The 2009 Aussies have not just been a pale shadow of their brilliant predecessors - they're so pale, they have a distinctly Pommie tinge

  • Flintoff's fitness under the spotlight again

    As Australia's batsmen rumbled onwards against a toothless, swing-less attack, the state of Andrew Flintoff's fitness became a significant cause for concern

  • Australia's new working-class hero

    Michael Clarke, the flashy millionaire who grew up playing all the shots, fine-tuned his working-class values to secure a relieving draw for Australia

  • Johnson comes out of his shell

    Mitchell Johnson delivered on a promise to team-mates to "puff my chest out" against England on Sunday despite his series-long struggles with the ball

Australia 3rd innings Partnerships

1st47SM KatichSR Watson
2nd5RT PontingSR Watson
3rd85MEK HusseySR Watson
4th24MEK HusseyMJ Clarke
5th185MJ NorthMJ Clarke
6th29GA ManouMJ Clarke