Player of the Match
Player of the Match

Marcus North wins the Man-of-the-Match award, and that just about wraps up our coverage of this enthralling match. It goes without saying that you are cordially invited, nay required, to join us - Will Luke and Brydon Coverdale - for the fifth Test a week on Thursday, and do have a read of the bulletin and check the video highlights. Until that fateful day in south London, it's goodbye, and thanks for your company.

More disgraceful booing as Ponting comes for a chat.. This is just not on, I'm afraid. Does he have a message for his booing fans? "Not really. Nope." Good on you, Ponting. "There was a little bit of cloud around and if we bowled well enough, we'd create chances, and we did. Clark was spot on - spinners have found it tricky at Headingley and the four quicks paid dividends for us." Coming together at the right time? "Couldn't have asked more for this game. We've dominated the game from the first ball and won it in two-and-a-half days and some of our guys are getting better and better [in the series]."

Right, here's Strauss: "It's pretty hard to take. We didn't really turn up at this game and we've got to take it on the chin. It's 1-1 in the series and we've got to lift ourselves [for The Oval]. Once you're bowled out for a hundred, it's pretty hard to come back." Any regrets about team selection? "We probably could've done with an extra batter, but we felt taking 20 wickets would be pretty forward." Changes for The Oval? "Depends on Freddie. We'll sit down and not get too emotional about things."

Full refunds for tomorrow, details on Yorkshire's club website and on the reverse of each ticket. "Day five tickets were non-refundable, but holders will be invited to any future Yorkshire game in 2009, which is nice," Andrew offers.

The umpires all go and collect their medals. A smiling nPower girl flashes a smile. Superb action.

2.10pm We'll have some of the post-match interviews shortly

End of match What a comeback by Australia this has been - by Johnson, too. They looked a team lacking direction after Lord's, but two Tests later they've utterly outplayed England from the start, who have been beaten by an innings and 80 runs. That's an emphatic slapping if ever there was one. Crucially, the onus is now on England to win if they're to regain the Ashes. It's beautifully set up - 1-1 with one to play. Ponting waves to the crowd - still a few boos from the crowd, which is now no longer even vaguely amusing, and it's handshakes all round for Australia's players who make their way off the pitch.

Johnson to Onions, OUT, bowled him with a jaffa! Cut back sharply and Onions didn't have an answer. Australia level the series 1-1 and Johnson has five

G Onions b Johnson 0 (8m 7b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0.00

Johnson to Onions, no run, slower ball but way, way too wide
Johnson to Onions, no run, fast, angled across him. Onions swishes and misses

61 | 4 Runs | ENG: 263/9

  • Steve Harmison19 (28b)
  • Graham Onions0 (4b)
  • Stuart Clark11-1-74-0
  • Mitchell Johnson19-3-69-4
Clark to Harmison, no run, and he leaves this alone outside off
Clark to Harmison, no run, full but wide and driven to cover

Poor old Stu Clark's chuntering away. He's not used to conceding so many...

Clark to Harmison, no run, prods and misses outside off

England 3rd innings Partnerships

1st58AJ StraussAN Cook
2nd0RS BoparaAN Cook
3rd9IR BellAN Cook
4th7PD CollingwoodAN Cook
5th4JM AndersonAN Cook
6th8JM AndersonMJ Prior
7th34MJ PriorSCJ Broad
8th108GP SwannSCJ Broad
9th31GP SwannSJ Harmison
10th4SJ HarmisonG Onions