6th ODI (D/N), Nottingham, Sep 17 2009, Australia tour of England and Scotland
(41/50 ov, target 297)
Australia won by 111 runs
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end of over 413 runs • 1 wicket
ENG: 185/10CRR: 4.51 • RRR: 12.44 • Need 112 runs from 54b
Tim Bresnan31 (38)
Brett Lee8-0-48-2
Peter Siddle8-1-22-1

Australia win by 111 runs to take a 6-0 lead in the series. A spineless batting performance from the hosts in their chase of a big score, and they fall to yet another defeat; it's building up to be quite an embarrassment, this.

Hopes: "It was good to get another chance in this series. I was happy I did the job. We already had 200 on the board when I and White were batting, and we decided to play our shots. We've got a very good squad of 15 here, and we're very much looking forward to the Champions Trophy."

The presentation is a short while away. We'll get you the details. Lets see what Strauss has to say. Australia share the No.1 spot with South Africa now. They'll be outright No.1 if they beat England in the next game.

Strauss: "It was a horror show with the bat. The crowd's frustrated, and there's none more frustrated than I am. As your confidence erodes, more errors creep in. You've got to keep playing positive but we haven't done that tonight and we were well beaten. Our performances have been consistently bad, and we have the Champions Trophy with the same squad, so we need to deliver. Graham Onions might play in Durham. It's not a nice position to be in right now, and I hope we realise it's a chance for us to move forward."

Ponting: "Another good performance, the total was always going to be a good one. It was good to see Paine play so well, great to see him get his first century. Hussey, White and Hopes did a good job as well. The idea of Siddle coming in as well as Hopes was to give the guys some time out in the middle ahead of the Champions trophy. We pride ourselves on the fielding, and I was glad it went well today. We're back at No.1, we keep testing and challenging ourselves but we need to win in Durham to stay there."

Paine, unsurprisingly, is the Man of the Match: "It's a dream come true. I capitalised on the start today and I was rapt, though I was a bit of nervous in the 90s.. My job is to bat for long periods and rotate the strike. It always helps to have the experience of Hussey at the other end."

So, that's all we have from today folks. Thanks for tuning in and sending us your feedback. Do join us again on the 20th for the seventh and final ODI of this series to see if Australia make a clean sweep or if England can salvage something out of this. The match bulletin is up, so those of you who've missed some of the action, do read it. Until the 20th, on behalf of everyone at Cricinfo, this is Sid Talya signing off. Goodbye, Adios!

Lee to Anderson, OUT
all over! Fast and furious from round the wicket on the off stump, Anderson has no answer to that one, can't bring his bat down in time and hears the death rattle!
JM Anderson b Lee 1 (6m 7b 0x4 0x6) SR: 14.28
Lee to Anderson, no run
short of a good length on the off, defended to extra cover