Player of the Match
Player of the Match

153 | 4 Runs 1 Wkt | SA: 459/10

  • Makhaya Ntini2 (29b)
  • Nathan Hauritz43-13-98-3
  • Peter Siddle34-9-81-4

The Australians go up to congratulate Duminy and as he walks towards the boundary, the MCG rises to cheer him. The applause is stirring. It's been a stellar effort that has rescued South Africa from the depths of trailing by 196 with three wickets in hand. They now lead by 65 runs. If you said you thought it would come to this at the start of the day, you'd be lying. Australia will have a few tricky overs to see off before stumps.

Hauritz to Duminy, OUT, and he's been caught! Duminy tries to sweep once again from outside off but gets a top edge that lobs up towards Siddle at short fine leg, he's gone for 166, I'll stick my neck out and say it's probably the best innings he'll ever play!

JP Duminy c Siddle b Hauritz 166 (448m 340b 18x4 0x6) SR: 48.82

Hauritz to Duminy, no run, Duminy defends on the off side
Hauritz to Duminy, FOUR runs, Duminy gets down on one knee and sweeps powerfully towards the deep square leg boundary, he's placed it wide of the fielder at long leg
Hauritz to Duminy, no run, defended on the leg side
Hauritz to Duminy, no run, Duminy gets down on one knee and sweeps behind square
Hauritz to Duminy, no run, Duminy cuts off the back foot towards cover

"There is no way Smith should declare now. If not already, SA need to bat Aus right out of the game. I reckon there will be a few sleepless chaps in the Aus camp tonight. This fightback shows SA's shedding the monkey of previous tours. Great stuff!" says Dave.

152 | (maiden) | SA: 455/9

  • Makhaya Ntini2 (29b)
  • Jean-Paul Duminy162 (334b)
  • Peter Siddle34-9-81-4
  • Nathan Hauritz42-13-94-2
Siddle to Ntini, no run, good length outside off stump, Ntini lets it go through to Haddin
Siddle to Ntini, no run, Ntini manages to keep out another yorker by playing it towards midwicket
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