2nd ODI, Hobart, Jan 18 2009, South Africa tour of Australia
(50 ov, target 250)
Australia won by 5 runs
Player Of The Match
SA Innings
Full commentary
end of over 5011 runs
SA: 244/6CRR: 4.88 
Mark Boucher37 (32)
Albie Morkel11 (5)
Ben Hilfenhaus10-2-60-2
Nathan Bracken10-0-38-0

What fun. Australia look relieved. South Africa look miffed. Hilfenhaus bowled a tidy last over, despite the six, but he can credit plenty to that man Bracken. The players all shake hands. This was a tense match. Hats off to Australia. South Africa, like the home side earlier in the day, simply lost steam. Australia, led by Bracken, curbed the runs and took wickets.

At one stage it appeared that Australia would have only themselves to blame. They were 1 for 131 half way through their innings, and 300 was on the cards. Even after half-centurions Marsh and Ponting departed in relative succession, surely Australia should have got 280 from there. But South Africa took five wickets for 53 runs in the last 10 overs, and 7 for 92 in the last 20. It was a tremendous comeback to restrict Australia to 249, but there was never a sense of urgency in their chase and they ended up losers. Kallis and de Villiers were batting decently but like Marsh and Ponting, they were separated and the chase lost steam. Credit to Bracken and Hilfenhaus and Harris.

Well folks, its been a terrific match. We will just get you the Man of the Match.

It is Shaun Marsh, who backed up his 79 in Melbourne with 78 as Australia secured an important victory.

So thats all we have today, hope you've had fun. Come back and see us for the third match from Sydney on January 23 at 14:15 local local. Until next time, goodbye!

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Hilfenhaus to Boucher, 1 run
well bowled, full and wide from Hilfenhaus in front of his home fans, Boucher just slaps it to extra cover for a single, so Australia have won a humdinger by five runs to level the series 1-1 after two games

Only the single given. They need six to win. Boucher on strike. Hilfenhaus looks to have sealed it. Ponting has another conference. Everyone on their feet at Bellerive Oval.

Hilfenhaus to Morkel, 1 run
well bowled, full and wide and Albie can only steer it to deep point

South Africa need two boundaries. Ponting and the bowler discuss. White and Bracken join in. The crowd is abuzz. Deep square leg comes in. No one from fine leg to deep midwicket. A big risk.

Hilfenhaus to Boucher, 1 run
very full on leg stump and now he clips it past midwicket for one
Hilfenhaus to Boucher, SIX runs
Boucher! Boucher! He just clears the leg and swings that over long-on, and the fielder back pedals to see the ball sail over his head, its a six
Hilfenhaus to Boucher, no run
good delivery, and that should do it, a slower ball, very full and just outside off stump to fox Boucher as he swings and misses