6.55pm - Match Abandoned Well, there it is, the news none of us wanted. A real shame as this game was looking really good. What it does mean however is that on Tuesday we will have a winner takes all clash in Napier.

Thanks for joining me, Alan Curr, for what was so nearly a great game. Still, we have a little piece of history after the knock by Martin Guptill and New Zealand will certainly be happy with the contribution of him, Ross Taylor and Neil Broom, while Lionel Baker and Chris Gayle were the pick for West Indies.

Until next time, good evening.

6.35pm Covers are still on I'm afraid and not much happening out there. It's dark, wet and a little miserable.

6.15pm This really is rather irritating, the game is set up so nicely, Gayle is batting like a King, and we're all sat watching the rain. It doesn't look great out there either.

Oh dear, that didn't last long. the players have left the field again as the rain returns.

So, 17 runs from those 11 balls will have done West Indies no harm at all, they will be worried by this weather though. Updates as they come

Southee to Gayle, SIX runs, there he goes again, Gayle has smashed it straight this time and it's another six
Southee to Gayle, FOUR runs, smashed off the back foot over extra-cover and away for another Gayle boundary
Southee to Gayle, no run, driven on the off side

Southee into the attack now

10 | 6 Runs | WI: 54/0 (181 runs required from 29.3 overs, RR: 5.40, RRR: 6.03)

  • Chris Gayle36 (34b)
  • Sewnarine Chattergoon17 (26b)
  • Mark Gillespie5-1-23-0
Gillespie to Gayle, 1 run, full toss on leg stump and just clipped to deep square for a single
Gillespie to Gayle, no run, short again and Gayle just moves his head out the way
Gillespie to Chattergoon, 1 run, short again and he pulls it through midwicket. Didn't quite get hold of it and is picked up on the rope
Gillespie to Chattergoon, no run, that comes back into him and it falls harmlessly on the off side
Gillespie to Chattergoon, no run, short again and he gets out the way this time
Gillespie to Chattergoon, FOUR runs, short and Chattergoon has picked that up well off his hips and it beats Flynn on the boundary

9 | 4 Runs | WI: 48/0 (187 runs required from 29.3 overs, RR: 5.33, RRR: 6.03)

  • Chris Gayle35 (32b)
  • Sewnarine Chattergoon12 (22b)
  • Kyle Mills5-0-30-0
Mills to Gayle, no run, pushed to mid-off

The fielding side have also taken a power play

Mills to Chattergoon, 1 run, guided down to third man

5.40pm OK, word is play will start at 5.50pm, so that's ten minutes away, and we will have a 40 Over match. I'll let you know the target when I hear.

West Indies will need to score another 188 in 31.2 overs, so that's a total of 235 in 40 overs.

5.30pm Still not much to report I'm afraid. I, like everyone else, am still waiting to hear something. You'll know as soon as I do.

5.05pm It's still raining quite heavily I'm afraid, and the covers won't be coming off any time soon. Fingers crossed this blows over because this match is looking very good right now - there will almost certainly be a reduction of overs however.

4.45pm Well, it looks like more than just a shower right now, it's coming down pretty hard. I'll keep you updated as things develop.

And off they go. The Umpires have decided the rain is heavy enough to take the players off, lets hope this is just a shower.

Mills to Chattergoon, no run, defended back to the bowler once again
Mills to Chattergoon, no run, full and defended