2nd ODI (D/N), Melbourne, Feb 6 2009, New Zealand tour of Australia
(48.5/50 ov, target 226)
New Zealand won by 6 wickets (with 7 balls remaining)
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Australia have slid to their fifth consecutive defeat, that too at home. 226 was a competitive target on a slow pitch but New Zealand paced their innings brilliantly. They started patiently and McCullum was involved in two 40-plus partnerships with Fulton and Taylor to ensure his team didn;t lose early wickets. Taylor then added 72 with Elliot, but despite his dismissal, New Zealand were always in the hunt. Broom gave good support to Elliot, who made an unbeaten 61, and helped see his team through to a victory and a 2-0 lead.

Michael Clarke is the Man of the Match for his 98.

Clarke: "We fell a few runs short. The wicket was a little slow, and the spinners bowled pretty well, and I think I could have scored a little bit quicker. Our bowlers did a pretty good job, but we couldn't tighten them up in the middle overs. We need to close these games off, and be a little more positive and go for wickets than just try to contain them."

Vettori gets a huge cheer. "We've bowled exceptionally, especially Kyle Mills. Ross Taylor and Elliot batted superbly, so did Neil Broom and the fact that the youngsters are doing well shapes up really well for New Zealand cricket."

I know its Broom and not Warner. Sorry for the typo there, and thanks for pointing it out. Anyway, its been an exciting match and hopefully the next one in Sydney, on February 8, will be just as good. Australia have to win that to stay in the series. Until then, it's goodbye from all of us here at Cricinfo. Adios!

Hilfenhaus to Elliott, FOUR runs
That's it, all over! Short on middle and thats dismissed to the deep square-leg boundary

Just one hit needed from here

Hilfenhaus to Elliott, no run
bouncer on middle, goes for the pull, misses
Hilfenhaus to Broom, 1 run
low full toss on middle, he tries to drag it away wide of square leg but James Hopes fields well there to keep the batsmen down to a single
Hilfenhaus to Broom, no run
yorker on middle, well bowled, dug out back to the bowler
Hilfenhaus to Elliott, 1 run
full outside off, tries to drive through the line, gets an inside edge onto his pads and they take a quick single

6 needed off two overs

end of over 489 runs
NZ: 220/4CRR: 4.58 • RRR: 3.00 • Need 6 runs from 12b
Neil Broom25 (19)
Grant Elliott56 (72)
James Hopes10-1-30-2
Ben Hilfenhaus9-1-52-0
Hopes to Broom, FOUR runs
Australia are on their way to being down 2-0 here, short on middle and off, he steps out and slogs that over mid-on for a boundary
Hopes to Elliott, 1 run
short of a good length outside off, pushed wide of cover for a quick single
Hopes to Elliott, no run
bouncer banged in short on middle, Elliot ducks and thinks it deserves to be called a wide as its a touch too high, the umpires don't think so
Hopes to Broom, 3 runs
excellent fielding but they still get there, bowled full outside leg stump, he's already made some room, gets under it and drives it wide of Mitchell Johnson at mid-on, he gives his chase and dives full length to drag it back inside the ropes
Hopes to Broom, no run
short on middle, misses out on a pull, is struck on the thighs
Hopes to Elliott, 1 run
short of a length outside off, comes down the track and cuts it away to deep point

New Zealand have way too many wickets in hand to finish this off. This pair has put on 35 in 33

end of over 478 runs
NZ: 211/4CRR: 4.48 • RRR: 5.00 • Need 15 runs from 18b
Neil Broom18 (16)
Grant Elliott54 (69)
Ben Hilfenhaus9-1-52-0
James Hopes9-1-21-2
Hilfenhaus to Broom, no run
full outside off, makes room and digs it out to short cover
Hilfenhaus to Elliott, 1 run
gets on the front foot and drives that to mid-on for a quick single
Hilfenhaus to Elliott, no run
full on the off stump, pushed back to the bowler
Hilfenhaus to Elliott, 2 runs
full on middle and leg, worked away between midwicket and square leg for a couple more
Hilfenhaus to Broom, 1 run
short on middle and leg, gets a single towards midwicket
Hilfenhaus to Broom, FOUR runs
lucky but effective, short of a length on the off stump, he charges down the wicket to swat it over mid-on, got a thick outside edge that flew off the bat to the third-man boundary

23 needed off 24 now. Hilfenhaus into the attack

end of over 465 runs
NZ: 203/4CRR: 4.41 • RRR: 5.75 • Need 23 runs from 24b
Neil Broom13 (13)
Grant Elliott51 (66)
James Hopes9-1-21-2
Nathan Bracken9-1-34-1
Hopes to Broom, 1 run
short of a length on middle, pulled away towards deep midwicket for a single
Hopes to Elliott, 1 run
missed opportunity there, slapped to mid-off where Hilfenhaus misfields, had he picked that up cleanly and hit the stumps, Elliot may well have been short at the non-striker's end
Hopes to Elliott, no run
pushed off the back foot to mid-on
Hopes to Broom, 1 run
short on middle, tries to swing it away over midwicket, gets a faint inside edge short of Haddin and they get a single as he fumbles
Hopes to Elliott, 1 run
fifty for Elliot, full outside off and squeezed through to third man. Excellent knock, played well with Taylor, and is now heading this partnership with Broom
Hopes to Broom, 1 run
short of a length on middle, Broom mistimes a pull to mid-on but manages a quick single

Hopes, easily the best bowler for the hosts today, comes on

end of over 456 runs
NZ: 198/4CRR: 4.4 • RRR: 5.60 • Need 28 runs from 30b
Grant Elliott49 (63)
Neil Broom10 (10)
Nathan Bracken9-1-34-1
Mitchell Johnson10-0-43-1
Bracken to Elliott, no run
good length on middle and leg, pushed off the front foot to midwicket