Player of the Match
Player of the Match

Sri Lanka have completed a clinical nine-wicket win here. Zimbabwe have only themselves to blame for their appalling batting display, and will hope to come back strongly in the next match.

Prosper Utseya: "We wanted to bat first after we batted well in the first 15 overs of the previous game. We need to do our homework, and we hope for a better performance in the next game"

Mahela Jayawardene: "This was a much improved performance from our last game and it was good to see our fast bowlers coming to the party this time."

Ajantha Mendis is the Man of the Match for his haul of 4 for 15.

That's it folks! Thanks for joining us today and lets all hope for a more exciting fixture on the 24th when these two teams meet again. Until then, it's goodbye from Siddhartha Talya on the commentary and Chaminda D'Silva on the scoring desk. Adios!

Mpofu to Tharanga, FOUR runs, That's it! it's all over! that was full on leg stump, whipped away off the pads wide of mid wicket, and Sri Lanka have won this game comprehensively

just one run needed now

Mpofu to Sangakkara, 1 run, full on middle and leg, pushed wide of mid on for a quick single
Mpofu to Sangakkara, FOUR runs, shot! that was short of a length outside off, Sangakkara steps down the track and swats that wide of the bowler to the long off boundary
Mpofu to Sangakkara, FOUR runs, short outside off, Sangakkara wants to finish this off early, tries to cut it over point, gets an outside edge wide of third man for a boundary

It's started raining in Harare now. What a twist to the tale

17 | 6 Runs | SL: 58/1 (10 runs required from 32.2 overs, RR: 3.41, RRR: 0.30)

  • Upul Tharanga25 (56b)
  • Kumar Sangakkara19 (22b)
  • Elton Chigumbura5-0-25-0
  • Prosper Utseya2-0-4-0
Chigumbura to Tharanga, no run, full on middle and off, tries to drive it down towards mid on, gets an inside edge onto his pads
Chigumbura to Sangakkara, 1 run,
Chigumbura to Tharanga, 1 run, back of a length outside leg stump, flicked away to fine leg
Chigumbura to Tharanga, no run, pitched short of a good length outside leg stump, walks across to glance it towards fine leg, clips the pads on the way to the keeper
Chigumbura to Tharanga, FOUR runs, shot! that was full, just slightly outside the off stump, Tharanga plants his foot forward and drives that beautifully wide of a diving mid off for a boundary
Chigumbura to Tharanga, no run, good length outside off and swinging away, left alone

The Sri Lankan innings set to resume

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