Player of the Match
Player of the Match

50 | 3 Runs | NZ: 246/9 | RR: 4.92

  • Mark Gillespie4 (13b)
  • Kyle Mills25 (27b)
  • Luke Wright2-0-8-0
  • Paul Collingwood7-0-40-1

So, justice is served, and for Collingwood, there's a bit of a humiliating postscript as he heads across to shake hands with the New Zealand dressing-room, but is snubbed at the door. Either way, the fans got their money's worth, and some.

So, New Zealand - written off after their Test, Twenty20 and first ODI thumpings - have claimed a 2-1 series lead with only the decider at Lord's to come. A 3-1 victory is once again in their grasp, the same margin by which they won the corresponding series in New Zealand in February. They are never happier than when their backs are against the wall.

"It's a nice feeling," says Kyle Mills, who carried New Zealand home with an unbeaten 25, before Gillespie's nerve-wracking final over. "It was an anxious time for both sides, but that's why we play the game."

"A great game of cricket, in the sunshine, with a bit of controversy. What more could we want?" says Nasser Hussain in the Sky Sports studio, which sums things up nicely.

"In that kind of situation the umpire said 'are you upholding the appeal' and in the heat of the battle you have make a decision," says Paul Collingwood. "In hindsight I might have made the wrong decision, and I'll have to live with that. Apologies to the New Zealand team, but it's great to be able to look back with hindsight."

Now here comes Daniel Vettori. "There was a little bit of raw emotion at the end, so I apologise to Paul and his team. Now he has admitted he was wrong hopefully we can move along and play the next game in the right spirit."

And on the finish he says. "That's about as tense as it gets, especially after those four dot balls in the final over. The composure of Kyle Mills was outstanding at the end."

This will doubtless run and run, but look out for Jamie Alter's bulletin, and Will Luke's reaction piece, which will take the tale into the night. We've been Andrew Miller and Andrew McGlashan, and this has been rather dramatic. Goodnight.

Wright to Gillespie, 2 runs, incredible finish! New Zealand win, but in an unbelievable fashion. Gillespie connected, and the single was a given, but when the shy came in, there was no-one there to back it up! The ball whizzed away for over-throws, and with Daniel Vettori going ballistic on the balcony, there was no stopping them

Incredible, reminiscent of the 1999 semi-final for a split-second there.

Wright to Gillespie, no run, a pre-meditated advance from Gillespie, a baseball-slap from Gillespie, who hits his partner!
Wright to Gillespie, no run, a swing and a miss again! Outside off, too wide for contact, and now what! A tie is suddenly very much on the agenda ...

Just imagine if this was for a million dollars ... Right now, for New Zealand, it's probably worth more than that

Wright to Gillespie, no run, shorter, but arrow-straight. Gillespie defends with a loud 'no!'
Wright to Gillespie, no run, outside off stump, and Gillespie's flat-footed poke finds nothing. Ambrose sprints up to the stumps to save the bye

This over could take an age ... all sorts of manouevring going on out there

Wright to Mills, 1 run, short and a mistimed pull, but it gets Mills off strike ...

49 | 9 Runs | NZ: 243/9 (3 runs required from 6 balls, RR: 4.95, RRR: 3.00)

  • Kyle Mills24 (26b)
  • Mark Gillespie2 (8b)
  • Paul Collingwood7-0-40-1
  • Graeme Swann10-1-49-2

Three to win, and a very aggrieved Mills on strike. Where's your money, as Luke Wright - who manufactured a tie at Napier - comes on for the death over

Collingwood to Mills, 1 run, a slower ball, clipped into the leg-side deep, and one is the call. That's the ticket for New Zealand
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