3rd Test, Napier, Mar 22-26 2008, England tour of New Zealand
253 & 467/7d
(118.5 ov, target 553)
168 & 431
England won by 121 runs
Player Of The Match
NZ 2nd Innings
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Everyone shakes hands and Sidebottom and Panesar take a stump each as they all head off to warm applause, met at the boundary edge by the New Zealand side. Southee finishes unbeaten on 77 off 40 balls with nine sixes - only four men have hit more in a Test innings.

As England get back inside their dressing room it's more relief than out-and-out celebration at the series win. But the beers came out and the smiles gradually start to show.

Presentations to follow when everyone has got their breath back ... and while we wait, congratulations to Jenny Thompson who was getting married while that onslaught was taking place.

Man of the Match is Ryan Sidebottom ... and also Man of the Series for his 24 wickets at 17.08, more than double the next highest wicket-taker. Sorry about the lack of comments etc but the host broadcaster has decided not to cover them so we cannot hear what is being said!

From Martin Williamson and Andrew McGlashan, it's good afternoon and thanks for joining us. We will be back in six weeks time for the resumption of the England-New Zealand Tests at Lord's on May 15.

Sidebottom to Martin, OUT
full and speared in through a non-existent defence, the off stump goes cartwheeling and that's the end of a thoroughly entertaining post-lunch half hour and of the match
CS Martin b Sidebottom 5 (35m 21b 1x4 0x6) SR: 23.80
Sidebottom to Martin, no run
again he is beaten outside the off stump. Martin is like a moth to a flame, he simply cannot resist the urge to nibble even though her knows no good can come of it
Sidebottom to Martin, no run
too wide and left

Sorry about not publishing feedback but it's as much as I can do to keep up!

Sidebottom to Martin, no run
back of a length outside off, Martin spars and misses

"Wow! Southee now has more runs than Martin in Test cricket - and he's played one Test to Martin's 40!" mails Troy.

Everyone comes in for the less able Martin ...

Sidebottom to Southee, 1 run
yorker driven with an open face on the bounce to Panesar at long-off

England are not seeing the funny side of this ... Panesar is hit out of the attack.

end of over 11814 runs
NZ: 430/9CRR: 3.64 
Tim Southee76 (39)
Chris Martin5 (17)
Stuart Broad32-10-78-2
Monty Panesar46-17-126-6
Broad to Southee, 1 bye
down the leg side, a good slower ball, he misses and the plan is shredded because Ambrose lets the ball through his legs and they run the bye

Everyone saving the single ...

Broad to Southee, no run
Southee heads to square leg, Broad follows and the ball thuds into the batsman's pads way outside the marked crease
Broad to Southee, 1 wide
very very short, not even Southee tries to hit it and it's a wide

This is utterly remarkable ...

Broad to Southee, SIX runs
half volley on leg stump and it's deposited onto the roof of the stand beyond midwicket
Broad to Southee, no run
short outside off, Southee leans back to swipe it over the slips and misses
Broad to Southee, no run
good slower ball, Southee's predetermined slog misses and it bounces over the stumps

It's being referred ...and it's a six!!

Broad to Southee, SIX runs
he moves to leg, Broad follows and he heaves it over wide midwicket for a four ... almost a six as well ...

Five overs since lunch .,.. and 56 runs. The hapless Anderson is sent packing and Broad returns. Time to end the carnage ...

end of over 11717 runs
NZ: 416/9CRR: 3.55 
Tim Southee64 (33)
Chris Martin5 (17)
Monty Panesar46-17-126-6
James Anderson17-2-99-1
Panesar to Southee, 1 run
swung into the leg side and the man at deep square leg fields

And Panesar's figures are being shredded. The close men have surrendered and headed out ...

Panesar to Southee, FOUR runs
wide and slashed over point, yet another four
Panesar to Southee, 2 runs
a slog goes high into the covers and falls inches beyond the chasing Vaughan
Panesar to Southee, FOUR runs
wide , he still looks to hit it but gets a thick edge and it flies over the slips and another boundary

NZ's fastest Test fifty.

What a fifty ... 29 balls and seven sixes!

Panesar to Southee, SIX runs
two steps and heaved high over midwicket
Panesar to Southee, no run
A swing and a miss ...

Lots of men have gone deep.