3rd Test, Perth, Jan 16-19 2008, India tour of Australia
330 & 294
(86.5 ov, target 413)
212 & 340
India won by 72 runs
Player Of The Match
AUS 2nd Innings
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Fantastic scenes at the WACA, as the Indians get into a raucous huddle, the national flag waving high above spirited shoulders. What a fantastic advertisement for Test cricket this match has been. India beat the favourites inside four days, one to rank as one of their most memorable overseas.

India become the first side to beat Australia in Australia for over four years, since their win in Adelaide in 2003. And the first to beat Australia in Perth for ten years.

Where to begin? Whew. Its been a gripping, emotional four days of cricket from both sides, sessions swinging one way, then the other, but not once has the quality of cricket been anything but endearing. Some great batting, some exceptional bowling, some stunners held and some gone begging. India can feel very proud of this win, coming here as underdogs and expected by many to struggle on what was labeled a fiery Perth pitch.

But as at Trent Bridge and Johannesburg, their seamers excelled and set up this victory. Not to forget the contributions from VVS Laxman, Sachin Tendulkar, Rahul Dravid, and a few cameos here and there. Sehwag's two wickets today, Irfan Pathan's stellar performance, coming into the side and scoring 74 runs, starting off twice at the dying stages of the day, and five wickets. RP Singh's first-innings bowling, the excellent display from young Ishant Sharma. All helped in halting Australia's quest for a record 17th consecutive win. Like India did in 2001.

The visitors have come back into the series to make it 2-1 going to Adelaide. Australia did well in bursts, and you know they'll come back hard in the fourth and final Test. They were hurt by a slow over-rate and a couple hard decisions today. There were good performances from Mitchell Johnson and Stuart Clark, especially, while Brett Lee was, as always, consistent. The team was let down by the batting, especially in the first innings. Michael Clarke played a good innings today.

Over for the post-match presentation. Ricky Ponting is disappointed but takes heart from "a terrific Test match". He blames the batting and praises India's bowling. He's a bit surprised how the pitch played. Believes there was just enough assistance but maintains his batsmen didn't step up. He backs the decision to play four pace bowlers, despite the flop that Shaun Tait was. Doesn't comment much on the events of the week leading in to this Test, but feels Matthew Hayden could come back for Adelaide.

Now its Anil Kumble, the winning captain. Praises the boys "for a brilliant effort when no one gave us a chance". Appreciates how well the team did under pressure before and during this Test, singling out the batting and the decision to bring on Sehwag today. Thanks his young bowling attack, who performed "with intensity" and controlled their swing, and is glad it was a team effort. Is confident of winning in Adelaide, and says India will go there with all the confidence.

The Man-of-the-Match is deservedly Pathan. A great comeback match for him in Australia, and he's all smiles, just glad he got a chance here. Is pleased with the way he bowled here, and is happy the runs helped. Credits hard work for his return to the side, admits he lost his way with the ball last year, and believes its all coming together well. The mental strength is key, he says, calling himself "a bowler who can bat". Good man, that Pathan.

So that brings us to the end of a fantastic Test. India achieve a back-to-the-wall victory to come back from a tough loss in Sydney.

Thanks for tuning in again and I hope you enjoyed this match as much as I did. Do join us for the fourth Test, starting in Adelaide on January 24 at 10:30 local, 00:00 GMT. On behalf of my co-commentator for the first three days, Jenny Thompson, and all of us at Cricinfo, this is Jamie Alter signing off. Goodbye for now!

Singh to Tait, OUT
all over, as RP finally nails a yorker to beat bat and cannon into middle and off! India have achieved a great Test victory, beating Australia by 72 runs!
SW Tait b Singh 4 (15m 8b 1x4 0x6) SR: 50.00
Singh to Tait, 1 wide
too short and wide outside off stump, Tait leaves and wide called for height

RP changes the angle by shifting around the stumps. Packed slip cordon.

Singh to Tait, no run
short of a length on middle and leg, Tait makes room and pokes to point
Singh to Tait, FOUR runs
short one, Tait takes evasive action and just edges wide of gully and the slips to get off the mark
Singh to Johnson, 1 run
well played Johnson, steering one wide of backward point to raise a maiden Test fifty, a classy innings under immense pressure and the WACA applauds
Singh to Johnson, 2 runs
short of a length on middle and leg, worked wide of short fine leg, he wants two and Ganguly cant prevent it, despite a decent throw back to RP
end of over 865 runs
AUS: 332/9CRR: 3.86 
Shaun Tait0 (5)
Mitchell Johnson47 (78)
Irfan Pathan16-2-54-3
RP Singh21-4-87-1
Pathan to Tait, no run
goes across him off a shorter length and he withdraws the bat in time
Pathan to Tait, no run
stands and pokes at one going across him, edging along the ground to the right of Dravid at third slip

There's swing, if you hit the right areas. Tait takes guard, leg stump. The field is up.

Pathan to Johnson, 1 run
stands his ground and drives in the air, to the man at long-off
Pathan to Johnson, FOUR runs
lovely golf shot, a tee-off to one in the slot, hit through the line, down the track