55 | (maiden) | Sssx: 190/9

  • Robin Martin-Jenkins45 (87b)
  • Jason Lewry8 (24b)
  • Anil Kumble20-4-57-3

A cracking end to the first tour game. Sussex declared sportingly in the first innings to spice the game up and bowled well to push India on the back foot. India lost wickets in a clutch and couldn't force the pace as a result. Finally, the declaration came. The bowlers tried to push for a result and pushed Sussex to the precipice but Robin Martin-Jenkins stood between them and victory.

Kumble to Martin-Jenkins, no run, And Robin saves the day for Sussex. A very gritty effort from him. Kumble ripped a fullish one, going for the blockhole, Robin leant forward, made sure the front leg was not pressed fatally across and jabbed it away.
Kumble to Martin-Jenkins, no run, slider on the middle, Robin leans forward, brings his bat in front of the pad to keep it out
Kumble to Martin-Jenkins, no run, full and on the middle, Robin leans forward to defend down the track
Kumble to Martin-Jenkins, no run, topspinner on the middle, Robin pushes at it, gets an inside-edge past short leg
Kumble to Martin-Jenkins, no run, lands on a length, just outside the off stump, rushes on straight and Robin lets it go
Kumble to Martin-Jenkins, no run, huge huge shout for lbw. It was full in length, on the middle and slides in. Robin leans forward and is beaten on the forward prod. That looked out. Would have taken out the leg stump. Close call. . Five to go now.

The last over of the day. India need a wicket, Sussex just need to see off these deliveries from Kumble. Cracking finish to the tour game.

54 | 5 Runs | Sssx: 190/9

  • Jason Lewry8 (24b)
  • Robin Martin-Jenkins45 (81b)
  • Sreesanth14-3-47-2
Sreesanth to Lewry, no run, Full, straight, fast but it's a low full-toss on the middle stump line, Lewry leans across, pushes it out to the off side. Lewry has done his job. Over to Robin.

leg gully, short leg and short cover in as well.

Sreesanth to Lewry, no run, full and on the off and middle line, from round the stumps, Lewry gets his bat in line and pushes it out to the off side
Sreesanth to Lewry, no run, Again Lewry backs away , Sreesanth bangs it in short and it sails chest-high, over the stumps. Two balls left in this over
Sreesanth to Lewry, no run, Here comes the attempted yorker. Again, Lewry backs away to the leg side and jabs it away to the on side. Robin goes over to have a chat with Lewry

Three slipis and two gullies in place

Sreesanth to Lewry, FOUR runs, Lewry backs away again and cuts a length-delivery on the off and middle and edges it over the slips
Sreesanth to Lewry, no run, low full-toss on the middle, pushed back down the track
Sreesanth to Lewry, 1 no ball, It landed on a length, on the middle and off and moved towards the stumps. Lewry had backed away outside leg stump and didn't offer a stroke. The ball just about climbed over the middle. Perhaps, Lewry heard the no-ball call. Perhaps, it was just yips.

12 legal deliveries to go. Can Sussex hold out? Sreesanth comes on. From round the stumps.

53 | (maiden) | Sssx: 185/9

  • Robin Martin-Jenkins45 (81b)
  • Jason Lewry4 (17b)
  • RP Singh11-4-28-2

Over to Lewry who has been stubborn in his defense.

Singh to Martin-Jenkins, no run, RP stays round the stumps. Full and on the middle and off, Robin defends on the front foot.
Singh to Martin-Jenkins, no run, This one slips down the leg side. Robin is happy not to have to play a stroke at it.

Robin stands defiantly between the Indians and a victory

Singh to Martin-Jenkins, no run, fuller, straighter, on the middle and Robin calmly plays it towards the on side .
Singh to Martin-Jenkins, no run, closer to the off stump and Robin defends on the back foot.
  • Once again, stung by the tail

    India's tour-opening draw against Sussex was marked by the familiar inability to finish off the tail and win the match

  • Sussex fight out tense draw

    A day of several twists and turns saw the match going down to the wire and 17 wickets falling but the Indians would have been sorely disappointed at not being able to pick up that one last wicket to win their tour opener

  • Fighting Sussex frustrate Indians

    The Indians dominated the first two days of their warm-up match but Andy Hodd led a stubborn fightback on the third as Sussex, and rain, ensured that the chance of a result was rather unlikely

  • Dravid backs Laxman to score big

    Rahul Dravid has backed VVS Laxman to compensate for past failings in England and produce a big series this time round.

  • Indians on top after Sussex stumble

    The Indians ended the second day of their warm-up match against Sussex in a strong position at Hove, but not without moments of uncertainty and drama

Sussex 4th innings Partnerships

1st1RR MontgomerieCD Nash
2nd17RR MontgomerieMH Yardy
3rd28RR MontgomerieCD Hopkinson
4th50RR MontgomerieMA Thornely
5th10RR MontgomerieAJ Hodd
6th14RSC Martin-JenkinsAJ Hodd
7th3RSC Martin-JenkinsOP Rayner
8th29Saqlain MushtaqRSC Martin-Jenkins
9th21RJ KirtleyRSC Martin-Jenkins
10th17JD LewryRSC Martin-Jenkins