Player of the Match
Player of the Match

I need a breather and a nice stiff drink. Wow. If you thought the last match was a humdinger, well I'll tell you, this was something else. Bracken just lost the plot in the last over, offering a bleeding full toss to McCullum, a man whose reputation as a last-ditch scrapper has skyrocketed. What an innings he played, an unbeaten 86 from 91 deliveries, partnering the never-say-die McMillan in the partnership of the match.

McMillan....well, he needs a special mention. From 41 for 4, with the solid Peter Fulton for support to begin with, he slammed the fastest ODI hundred by a New Zealander. He showed his belligerence in the CB Series and in the last match, but today he took it up a notch and then some. A fabulous innings from him, a day he wont forget any time soon. McMillan, Fulton, McCullum and that man Mark Gillespie, who kept everyone on their toes with a 15-ball 28, mastering the art of the inside-edge and french cut to perfection.

Spare a though for Mike Hussey, who hasnt won a game as captain. He had a depleted side, but then like they say, you put your best team forward. New Zealand too were without their two best bowlers, Shane Bond and Daniel Vettori, and it showed as Matthew Hayden led a fine onslaught to carry Australia to 346. He carried his bat, and braved a fractured foot to score an unbeaten 181, the highest score by an Australian. Unfortunately, he didnt take the field and ended up on the losing side. His injury will monitored very closely leading into the World Cup in three weeks.

For those interested in stats, today's match had 26 sixes - yes, 26 - to equal the record set during that 438 match at Johannesburg last year.

So New Zealand sweep the 2006-07 Chappell-Hadlee Series.

Well, thats all we have for you. This was the last official ODI ahead of that little tournament the ICC have lined up next month. We will definitely see you there. This is Jamie Alter signing off with a hearty cheers until the World Cup!

Bracken to McCullum, FOUR runs, thats four, and New Zealand have whitewashed, blackwashed, whatever you wanna call it - they've beaten Australia 3-0! McCullum slashes another low full toss, one-handed, smack in the gap behind backward point and since everyone was up, that ball was destined for the ropes!
Bracken to McCullum, no run, full and he drives that back to the bowler

everyone comes in...tension, tension...

Bracken to McCullum, SIX runs, would you believe it? Bracken! He bowls a knee-high full toss on the stumps and McCullum slams that superbly over deep fine leg for half a dozen! What a game this is!

Seven needed from six. Dont say a word. McCullum on strike. Here's Bracken.

49 | 4 Runs 1 Wkt | NZ: 340/9 (7 runs required from 6 balls, RR: 6.93, RRR: 7.00)

  • Brendon McCullum76 (88b)
  • Jeetan Patel0 (0b)
  • Shaun Tait10-0-60-2
  • Nathan Bracken9-0-34-1
Tait to McCullum, 1 run, full in the blockhole, McCullum looks to club it, mistimes it to the off side, sets off, Tait and cover swoop in and fire a throw but McCullum is safe

Last wicket remaining.

Tait to Gillespie, OUT, run out! Tait bowls a great, low delivery outside off stump, Gillespie squeezes the bat down it to steer it to backward point, crosses for one and then as he turns for the second, has to head back as a very good throw comes in from Voges to get him inches short of his crease

MR Gillespie run out (Voges) 28 (20m 15b 3x4 0x6) SR: 186.66

Tait to McCullum, 1 run, full and wide, he makes room and square-drives past backward point, thought about the second but thinks better
Tait to Gillespie, 1 run, short of a length, a bouncer, but Gillespie gets up on the toes and runs that in the gap at gully for one down to third man
Tait to McCullum, 1 run, good ball, in the blockhole, McCullum hammers it wide of mid-on for a quick single
  • Hussey 'demoralised' by series defeat

    A demoralised Michael Hussey has admitted it will take him a while to recover from his Chappell-Hadlee Trophy experience

  • Gilchrist tour snub upsets Crowe

    Martin Crowe, the former New Zealand captain, believes Adam Gilchrist's comments that Australia did not want to tour for the Chappell-Hadlee Trophy were "disrespectful"

  • Hayden's toe has time to heal

    Matthew Hayden is hopeful the broken big toe he suffered while scoring an Australian-record 181 will heal in time for the World Cup

  • McMillan rides high to World Cup

    Craig McMillan said New Zealand could go to the World Cup without fearing any target

  • Stunning McMillan seals whitewash

    Craig McMillan and Brendon McCullum blasted New Zealand to another massive run-chase as they negated Matthew Hayden's 181 and inflicted a cleansweep on Australia at Hamilton. The home team flew to 350 on the back of McMillan's 117 and his 165-run partners

New Zealand 2nd innings Partnerships

1st23SP FlemingL Vincent
2nd11L VincentLRPL Taylor
3rd4SB StyrisLRPL Taylor
4th3SB StyrisPG Fulton
5th75CD McMillanPG Fulton
6th165CD McMillanBB McCullum
7th4JEC FranklinBB McCullum
8th18DR TuffeyBB McCullum
9th36BB McCullumMR Gillespie
10th11BB McCullumJS Patel