Player of the Match
Player of the Match

It's been an intriguing, low-scoring Test and New Zealand have held the advantage, although very slight at times, all the way through. Jayawardene's decision to bat first and Vettori's defiant fifty proved crucial to the final outcome. New Zealand's 52-run lead in the first-innings was invaluable.

Sri Lanka had their moments too, Muralitharan's four wickets in the first innings and Kumar Sangakkara's outstanding century on the third morning. However they just didn't score enough to stretch New Zealand to the limit.

It's been a fascinating Test and I've enjoyed bringing it to you. My favourite oddity from this Test was Craig Cumming being caught thrice of no-balls. That's about it from us at Cricinfo, your commentators for this match have been Binoy George, Sajan Nair and George Binoy. Do join us for the second Test at Wellington beginning on December 15. Cheers.

Muralitharan to McCullum, FOUR runs, and that's it that, McCullum settles the score in style, that pitches on leg and McCullum moved his front foot out of the way and slog sweeps over midwicket, New Zealand have won a tight Test by five wickets

New Zealand need just five more runs. McCullum is in a hurry to get it over with.

Maharoof to McCullum, FOUR runs, dropped a frction short and it's not that wide but McCullum frees his arms and lashes it through cover point for four
Muralitharan to McCullum, SIX runs, shot! McCullum gives Murali the charge and lofts over extra cover for six runs, awesome shot and that reduces the runs needed to 10
Muralitharan to Astle, OUT, Astle goes off the first ball he faces after tea, that one pitched around off stump and straightened, Astle played forward but down the wrong line, he got hit in front of middle and that was pretty plumb, almost identical to his dismissal in the first innings

NJ Astle lbw b Muralitharan 24 (50m 39b 3x4 0x6) SR: 61.53

Vaas to Oram, FOUR runs, full ball angling into the pads on off and middle stump, Oram walks across and tries to flick, he gets an inside edge onto pad and the ball runs down to fine leg for four
Vaas to Astle, FOUR runs, lucky runs - good length delivery outside the off stump. Astle drives on the up - ball clips the inside edge and races away past the diving keeper. All but over now.
Malinga to Astle, FOUR runs, short ball on the stumps. Astle quickly gets into position and pulls it away to the midwicket fence - meaty blow

Malinga back on

Vaas to Astle, FOUR runs, good length delivery on the middle and off stump line and Astle drives it straight back down the track to the long-off fence. Good shot under pressure

Scinclair was never in control of the shot and that's wicket number two for Murali

Muralitharan to Sinclair, OUT, Sinclair goes! flat delivery on the stumps - when in doubt sweep and that's precisely what Sinclair did but he failed to keep it down. Sangakkara at square leg dived across to his left and took it with both hands. This game is wide open now

MS Sinclair c Sangakkara b Muralitharan 4 (22m 18b 0x4 0x6) SR: 22.22

The line and length was once again perfect and Fleming was caught in two minds. With Fleming gone for a duck, this game is evenly poised

Vaas to Fleming, OUT, game on! good length delivery on the middle and leg stump line, hint of swing there - Fleming pushes forward to defend but fails to make contact and the ball hits the pad right in front of the stumps. Lound appeal and up goes the finger

SP Fleming lbw b Vaas 0 (5m 3b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0.00

Vaas to Cumming, OUT, Vaas strikes! short of a good length delivery, perfect line and lenght and Cumming had no option but to play at it - feather edge straight to the keeper

CD Cumming c †HAPW Jayawardene b Vaas 43 (66m 57b 4x4 2x6) SR: 75.43

Vaas to Cumming, FOUR runs, full ball, swinging late into the right-hander, the lin ended up on Cumming's pads and he flicks superbly through midwicket
Muralitharan to How, OUT, that's plumb in front! Murali tosses it up on off stump, How moves across and plays back, the offspinner hits him in front of middle and leg and he was playing right back in his crease

JM How lbw b Muralitharan 11 (54m 31b 0x4 0x6) SR: 35.48

Malinga to Cumming, SIX runs, short ball, far too short, and this time it isn't a no-ball and this time Cumming doesn't mis-hit it, he connected powerfully and sent it high over the deep square leg fence
Maharoof to Cumming, FOUR runs, bit of extra bounce there - Cumming goes for the drive, ball clips the edge and flies down to the third man fence
Muralitharan to Cumming, SIX runs, fulltoss on the middle and leg stump line - that's a gift and Cumming slogs it over the midwicket fence - good positive start this from New Zealand. Sri Lanka badly need a breakthrough here
Malinga to Cumming, FOUR runs, short ball down the leg side and Cumming pulls it away to the fine leg fence
Malinga to Cumming, FOUR runs, short and wide outside the off stump - cut away sharply to the backward point fence
Malinga to Cumming, 5 wides, short ball on the stumps - Cumming goes for the pull and the ball sails past the keeper

New Zealand 4th innings Partnerships

1st58CD CummingJM How
2nd8MS SinclairCD Cumming
3rd0SP FlemingMS Sinclair
4th2NJ AstleMS Sinclair
5th35NJ AstleJDP Oram
6th16JDP OramBB McCullum